Data Loss Facts & Statistics

Have you noticed that how many people are losing their data per day? Now unexpected data loss is happening to users all the time. The accident can be caused by various reasons and make people lose files like family pictures & videos, working documents, emails, etc on their computers or other storage devices. It’s really a nightmare especially when there is important information in the lost files.

In this case, data recovery becomes an important job for users who suffers from data loss disaster. But, actually, it is not an easy task for ordinary users with little professional knowledge or data recovery experience. So, there are so many users asking for help about data recovery in forums.

The video below shows common reasons for data loss disaster, and highlights some additional data loss facts & statistics. Come on and watch this video to learn more about data loss, preventing yourself from being a victim of data loss.

Check more details from data loss and recovery infographic

Now you've learned some facts of data loss from our video. Some of the causes can be prevented upfront, some of them cannot. One of the safest way to protect data, as we all know, is to create a backup for the whole hard drive upfront, or to save important data to cloud. If data loss does happen to you before you make any backups, you can turn to data recovery service or get yourself a data recovery software.

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