Video Black Screen with Sound on Windows 10/11 [Fixed]

A black screen may occur unexpectedly when you playing a video on your Windows computer. Use a free video repair tool to fix corrupted videos that lead to a black screen. Or take some effective solutions to repair black screen video.

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Overview of the Black Screen Video Problem

Video black screen is the error in which your screen turns black for some time while watching a video on the media player, YouTube or Netflix. Interruption in the videos can be quite annoying. In this type of issue, you can't see the display of the screen but may hear the audio running in the background. If your screen completely turns black, then are possible changes of corruption of the video file.

This article will list the possible reasons behind this error and let you know how to deal with video black screen. Additionally, we are also going to recommend you an amazing video repair tool. By using it, you can continue watching your favorite videos without any disturbance.

What Causes Black Screen When Playing Videos

There can be multiple reasons behind black screens when playing videos. We have listed the most reported reasons for you:

  • A black screen can be caused by a poor connection. Make sure your device is connected with a smooth internet connection while watching a video.
  • Usage of an Adblocker. It is the plugin used to block the ads.
  • Watching inappropriate or illegal videos can also turn your display black.
  • When the storage of your device is full, it will not allow you to play a video as it can overburden the system.
  • Any defect of hardware. Your system might not be functioning properly.
  • Your device may contain corrupted data.
  • Some plugged-in unnecessary accessories like a headset, cables, Wi-Fi antenna, sound cards, or graphic cards can be the reason behind this issue.   
  • The video might contain a virus. It's always a good idea to scan all your videos with anti-virus software while downloading them.
  • The display adapter of your system might be damaged.
  • You might have changed the format of the video, hence leading to the problem.

Make sure these possibilities are ruled out when you face a black screen issue.

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Fix Black Screen Video with a Free Video Repair Tool on Windows 10/11

Downloading software and repairing your black-screen videos would be your best solution. With the EaseUS RepairVideo, you can repair any corrupted file or any other error. The process is quite easy, just upload your video, repair the parts that were troubling you, download it back to your system.

Why choose EaseUS RepairVideo?

  • 100% free 
  • Support all the common video formats
  • Takes care of the privacy of your file or video
  • Repair video from all storage devices, including HDD, USB flash drive, SD card, pen drive, external hard drive as well as mobile devices

So, aren't these reasons good enough? Download it and have a look for yourself.

Step 1. Upload your video with the corruption issue. You can click the Upload Video button on the left to select a video file, or simply drag and drop the video to the area on the right.

repair video step 1

Step 2. Enter your email address and click the Start Repairing button to instantly start the repair. Here, you must make sure the entered email address is valid to send and receive email messages over the Internet. EaseUS VideoRepair will send you a confidential extraction code to the provided email address. You can only download the repaired video by applying the code you received. 

repair video step 2

Step 3. The uploading and repairing process goes. You don't necessarily stay all the time waiting because once the session reaches 100% compeletion, you'll receive the extraction code in your mail.

repair video step 3

Step 4. In your mail, check the message sent by EaseUS. There you'll remember the extraction code (just leave the page open so you can return to check). Click the View Your Repair button and you'll be guided to the website. Click the Download Video button, then enter the code that is exclusively generated for you, and click OK.

repair video step 4

Other Ways to Fix Black screen While Playing Videos

If your video files are intact, but you still encounter the back screen issue when playing videos, you can try these solutions to solve the problem. 

Fix 1. Run the Video Playback Troubleshooter:

Follow these step-by-step guidelines to run the video playback troubleshooter:

Step 1. Use the Windows+ X keys of your keyboard and then choose ''settings'' or ''control panel''.

Step 2. Find ''Troubleshooting'' by using the search bar on the control panel.

choose troubleshooting

Step 3. Under the option of Troubleshoot computer problems hit the option of hardware and devices.

hardware and sound

Step 4. Now, choose "Video playback".

video playback

Step 5. Select the "Advanced" tab and then select "Run as Administrator".

Step 6. Hit the "Next" button and then fix your video using the on-screen instructions.

fix video in video playback

Fix 2. Clear Your Cookies

The following guides show you how to clear cookies and browser history in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge:

Step 1. Go to the small gear icon at the top right corner of your browser. Select "Internet options".

internet option

Step 2. Mark the tick on the empty box of "Delete browsing history on exit".  Then hit the "Delete" button

Step 3. For deleting cookies, select the option of "Cookies and website data". 

Step 4. Lastly, click on the "Delete button" in the Delete browsing history dialogue.  To finish the procedure, choose the "OK" button.

delete browsing history

You can also clear cookies and browser history in the control panel:

Step 1. Firstly, go to the control panel. Select the option of "Network and Internet".

fix video in video playback

Step 2. On the next screen, choose "Internet Options". Then, click on the option "Delete browsing and cookies" and click ''OK''.

delete browsing history on exit

Fix 3. Reinstall the Display Drivers

Follow these steps to uninstall and reinstall the display drivers.

Step 1. To start the process, use the Windows + X keyboard keys and choose "Device manager".

Step 2. Find the option of "Display Adapters" and double-click on it.

dispaly adapter

Step 3.  Select "Update driver adapters" by using right-click.

update driver

Onscreen instructions will help you while preceding the rest process of updating the drives. Once the process is completed, reboot your system as soon as you can. You are suggested to install the latest display drivers if the same problem still exists.

Tips to Avoid the Black Screen Video

Here are some simple tips you can follow to avoid the video black screen issue. 

1. Go for a better internet connection

Try to make the connectivity of the internet better. Refresh the page and check if the problem is resolved. If the error still occurs then try to switch to a good internet connection.

2. Take away Adobe Flash Player

If Adobe Flash Player is the reason behind black screening, you have to uninstall and then reinstall the application.

3. Log out from your Google account

When you log out from your Google account check if the error is gone. If it’s still there the same problem watch that video in incognito window. You can open the incognito window by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N. You can also open private sessions in Firefox. For opening in it, press CTRL+SHIFT+F.

4. Disable all unnecessary extensions

All types of extensions can cause black screening. You can open your browser, and disable the extensions one by one until you find the problem.

5. Disable Adblocker

The Adblocker is a useful plugin but it can be the reason for black screening on your system. It would be helpful for you to disable that extension temporarily or permanently. Follow the step-by step-guidelines:


The issue of black screening in the middle of the video can be very annoying. It can divert all of your attention. No matter the video was informative or for entertainment purposes, the interruption can be irritating. In this article, we covered up the reasons behind this issue and multiple tips to fix this error.

There is no doubt in accepting that the EaseUS RepairVideo tool is a great and quick solution to black screening. Rather than doing multiple experiments, we suggest you using the EaseUSRepairVideo tool at once. The other methods of fixing this issue that we mentioned above, are also effective but going for the option of a tool is more reliable and time-saving.

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