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How to repair MP4 videos? How can I free download the Stellar Phoenix MP4 video repair tool? If you can't find the Stellar Phoenix video repair tool, you can also run the alternative - EaseUS RepairVideo to repair MP4, MOV, MKV files for free.

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Updated by Dany on Aug 08, 2023
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The most common practice in the modern era is to record videos and post them on social media. There might have been a time when you had trouble playing a video, either the video got paused or couldn't play. Perhaps you needed to fix that, but fixing a video seems like a lot of effort. Additionally, you have no idea what the best tools are for fixing this issue easily.

This article will explain the best available tools for video repair with a step-by-step guide. In the end, you’ll choose the best and free tool you should consider for repairing your videos. We will suggest you a tool that is the best alternative to Stellar Phoenix Video Repair.

Overview - Stellar Phoenix MP4 Video Repair

An expert video repair program, Stellar Phoenix Video Repair, helps you to fix your videos. You can use this software to fix corrupted, damaged, or unplayable videos. It also fixes videos shot with any other camera, including Canon, Samsung, Nikon, GoPro, Fuji, and Black Magic. It works with almost all types of devices.


Below are the key functions of stellar phoenix video repair.

Functions of Stellar Phoenix Video Repair

  • It is compatible with all types of storage media including USB, hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, and external drives.
  • Ensures that nearly all video problems are fixed, including out-of-sync, grainy, and frozen videos
  • Ensure the safety and security of your data 
  • Multiple videos can be repaired at once
  • Quick video scanning
  • Enables you to preview videos before saving them
  • Provide video repair support for windows and MAC
  • Saves repaired video with original name, date, and time
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Maintains original video quality after repair

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair software is not available for free. Stellar phoenix's free version is limited in features. It will not let you save the repaired video. The full functionality is only accessible after purchase. With the demo version, you will only be able to preview a video of no more than 10 MB in size.

Stellar Phoenix Alternative - EaseUS RepairVideo

EaseUS RepairVideo is a free and online video repair tool. This tool allows you to repair corrupted, broken, unplayable, distorted, out-of-sync videos.  All you need to do is just upload, repair, and download the fixed version.  The useful features of this tool are explained below

  • User-friendly interface
  • All video formats supported
  • Ensuring data security & protection
  • Available online for free
  • Fast and dependable video repair software

EaseUS RepairVideo is a free and easy-to-use alternative to the Phoenix Video Repair application. It is available for download from the company's official website.

How to Repair Video with Stellar Phoenix

To repair the video through the Stellar Video Repair tool below is the step by step guideline:  

Step 1. Purchase, download, and install the Stellar Phoenix on your system.

repair video with Stellar - 1

Step 2. From the home screen select the file location from your system. Choose the file that needs repair. Click the "Add" option. You can choose multiples files as well.

Step 3. Select the file to repair.

repair video with Stellar - 3

Step 4. You can review the file before repairing it by clicking on the "preview" option.

repair video with Stellar - 4

Step 5. Click on the "repair" option. The software will repair the video in some time.

repair video with Stellar - 5

Once the repair is done the software will show the repaired version.

Step 6. Click on the "Review" option to see the repaired file before saving it.

repair video with Stellar - 6

Step 7. Review and save the file on the desired location in your system. Your corrupt video is fixed!

repair video with Stellar - 7

How to Use EaseUS RepairVideo Tool for Online Repair

We will describe how to use the EaseUS RepairVideo tool for online repair. Begin with opening the website of EaseUS RepairVideo. The tool is accessible online. Therefore, you do not need to download it.

Next, drag and drop a video from your system. It can be a video captured with a camera, a phone, a CCTV, or any other video device. Upload the video to EaseUS RepairVideo. To ensure the safety of your data, EaseUS asks for your email address. when the repaired video is ready you will be notified by email. Press the start repairing button. After the video is repaired, you will receive an extraction code. Only you can access the data you uploaded. Simply enter the extraction code and download the repaired video.

Step 1. Add Damaged MP4 Video

Go to the official site of EaseUS RepairVideo. Click "Upload video" or drag the MP4 video directly.

upload broken MP4 video

Step 2. Enter the Email Adress

Input the right email adress to make sure that you can receive the extraction code. Then, click "Start Repairing".

enter the email adress

Step 3. Repair Damaged MP4 Video

EaseUS RepaiVideo starts the repairing process automatically. If your MP4 file is very large, it would take some time. You can close the site, and EaseUS will inform you through the email.

wait for the repairing process to complete

Step 4. Download the MP4 Video

When the repairing process completes, click the "Download Video" button and enter the extraction code from your email. Then, you can get the repaired MP4 video.

download the repaired video


If you are seeking a quick fix, the Stellar Phoenix Video Repair tool is excellent. You can purchase, download, and start repairing your corrupted video files now. You can, however, download EaseUS RepairVideo as an alternative to this tool. It's worth considering. It is available online and supports almost all formats. Video fixes are now hassle-free. It's that easy! You just download the tool, upload your video, repair it and you're done!

Software Platform Repair Support File Type User Friendly Trial Price
Stellar Phoenix MP4 Video Repair Window MAC All video error MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, etc. Yes Yes $69
EaseUS RepairVideo Window MAC All video error MP4, MOV, MKV, MPG, MPEG, etc. Yes Yes Free

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