Easy Steps to Fix 3GP Videos Not Playing

3GP videos not playing is not a big issue. But before that, you need to know the probable reasons for 3GP videos not playing. Then, run EaseUS RepairVideo to fix a video that cannot be played. The complete solution to this issue is given below.

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Many users used the 3GP video format in earlier days. This format is very successful in 3G cell phones. Now smartphones come in every hand, and the video format has been changed. This happens many times in videos where you play any video, and it shows an error message. That means that the video is in 3GP format. In this article, we will learn how to fix 3GP video errors with the help of free 3gp video repair software. So read it carefully. 

Causes - Why Are 3GP Videos Not Playing

We know that 3GP video formats files are also used to watch videos on mobile, but it is not being used because some bugs are present in this format. So, the reason behind the 3GP video not playing is given below.

  • Malware invasion
  • The loss of the device energy at the recording time
  • The size of the file is too large
  • Electromagnetic interference
  • Codec issue 
  • Freezing 
  • Blank/Black screen

How to Fix 3GP Video Not Playing with Video Repair Tool

EaseUS RepairVideo is the most effective solution that helps to repair the 3GP video files. It is a complete solution of audio and video repair from damage or the presence of any kind of format. 

If we discussed the security issue, then EaseUS RepairVideo is the same and free tool. This online software is tested on the safety and issue, then 100% positive result release. 

  • It supports a video file format in all types of scenarios.
  • It's totally free and you don't need to pay for it.
  • The repair process is super easy, all you need to do is uploading your corrupted videos.

Run EaseUS RepairVideo to repair 3GP videos for free.

Step 1. Upload your video with the corruption issue. You can click the Upload Video button on the left to select a video file, or simply drag and drop the video to the area on the right.

repair video step 1

Step 2. Enter your email address and click the Start Repairing button to instantly start the repair. Here, you must make sure the entered email address is valid to send and receive email messages over the Internet. EaseUS VideoRepair will send you a confidential extraction code to the provided email address. You can only download the repaired video by applying the code you received. 

repair video step 2

Step 3. The uploading and repairing process goes. You don't necessarily stay all the time waiting because once the session reaches 100% compeletion, you'll receive the extraction code in your mail.

repair video step 3

Step 4. In your mail, check the message sent by EaseUS. There you'll remember the extraction code (just leave the page open so you can return to check). Click the View Your Repair button and you'll be guided to the website. Click the Download Video button, then enter the code that is exclusively generated for you, and click OK.

repair video step 4

Free 3GP Video Repair Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I fix a corrupted 3GP file?

There are various methods to fix your corrupted 3GP file, such as changing the file format, using Right Codes, VLC Media Player, and EaseUS RepairVideo format detailed information on this software is given above.
2. How can I fix a corrupted video file online?

The user can fix all the files with the help of the EaseUS RepairVideo tool. Within the three-step user can easily repair corrupted video. Users need to follow the steps that are given below. 

  • Users need to open the EaseUS RepairVideo (https://repair.easeus.com/.)
  • Add the correct Email address.
  • Wait till the repairing video process is done and Enter the Extraction Code.

3. How do you delete 3GP videos?

If users need to delete, they can delete the same video from your computer drive. But you can access the video from the email any time just after entering the extraction code. 

4. Is 3GP and MP4 the same?

No, they are not the same, but these are the video file format. Those are to be used for watching videos. 


With the help of this article, we are going to learn about free 3gp video repair software. On behalf of that, various types of third-party tools are available that help converts and repair 3GP video to any format. But EaseUS RepairVideo is the best and online tool that can resolve our issue with a few steps.

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