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How to Quickly Convert YouTube Playlist to MP3 for Free

Isla updated on Oct 13, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

YouTube Studio is the central place where creators upload their videos. The interface also offers a Playlist feature where creators can group their videos into categories. We all know that download YouTube Videos is easy and straight forward, but what if you want to download a bunch of videos which are in the Playlist. That is where the YouTube playlist converters come into the picture. These tools can download all the videos available on the YouTube Playlist to MP3 and save on the computer. In this post, there is one software for Windows, one for MacBook, and an online YouTube playlist converter

How to Quickly Convert YouTube Playlist to MP3 on PC

There is two software we can use to convert YouTube Playlist to MP3—EaseUS Video Editor and Allavsoft. Each software has its way of downloading and converting, so make sure to choose according to the features. Once downloaded, you can listen to your favorite music in MP3 without the internet. Here is more about the YouTube Playlist Downloader software.

#1. EaseUS Video Editor (Our Recommend on Windows)

EaseUS Video Editor is a professional video editor that can help you edit videos available in the YouTube Playlist and then convert it. The software supports a wide variety of video formats, such as converting WMV to MP4, and more, so the converted videos can be played on almost any device. And you even can use this software to convert youtube to mp4 or other file formats for free.

The software is highly recommended as it is straight forward to use, offers edge-cutting tools to create cinematic videos and support for social media websites such as Facebook. Here is the list of features available with EaseUS Video Editor:

  • Convert to multiple video format, and upload to social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube
  • Features like blur face, crop, speed up, and slow down adds up to create an even better video.
  • Conversion presets for iPhones, YouTube, Facebook, and other social networking sites.
  • Over 300+ visual and transition effects which include text, filters, overlays, transitions, elements, background music, and so on

The only major drawback of the software is that it is not available for macOS

If you are interested in this software, why not click the following link to download and try it for yourself. Trust me, you will love it! 

Here are the steps of converting YouTube Playlist to MP3:

Step 1. Launch the software, and you will be prompted to choose an aspect ratio for your project. Choose any one from the three options available on your screen.

Choose video aspect

Step 2. On the following screen, you need to add the video file that is to be converted to MP3. Click on the "Import" option at the top and select Import file.

Import video

Step 3. Navigate to where your video is saved and select it. Right-click on your video and select "Add to Project". It will be added to your current project.

Add video to project

Step 4. Click on the Export option at the top to export your video as an MP3 file.

Export video as Mp3

Step 5. On the screen that follows, click on the Audio tab and then select MP3. This is the format that the software will convert your video to. Then, click on Export to save the converted file to your computer.

Export video to Mp3

#2. Allavsoft (macOS)

It is an offline software that can download a single YouTube video or convert YouTube Playlist into MP3 files. Apart from YouTube, it can also download videos from video sharing websites like Facebook, Dailymotion, eHow, and more than 100 video sharing sites.

Here is the list of features

  • Convert the downloaded video to popular video formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, etc.
  • Download in 4k, 3D, HD and other possible resolution
  • Extract audio from video files
  • Preview and playback downloaded video files.

Allavsoft YouTube PlayList Mp3 Downloader

Steps of converting YouTube playlist to MP3:

Step 1: Open the software and switch to the download section. Here it offers a text box where you paste the URL or the YouTube Playlist

Step 2: Next, select the download quality, destination folder, and the video format which should be MP3

Step 3: Lastly, click on the download button, and it will start converting all the videos in the Playlist to MP3 files. It will prompt if you want to download only the first video or all of them. Select all.

How to Download YouTube Playlist to MP3 Online

If you do not want to download or install any software on your computer, why not try some online tools? Here are the best three online programs that allow you to download the Playlist to MP3 for free. You can save them on the computer and play them with your favorite music player.

#1. YouTubePlayList.CC

It's a popular online tool to convert any YouTube Playlist into an MP3 file, and it's fast. The best part is that it gives a detailed preview of each video, allows you to select the MP3 format, quality, and then choose to download it. You can bulk download the files.


  • The default mode is a video format, and you will have to change it every time.
  • Some videos cannot be downloaded unless you upgrade

Here is the steps of how to download YouTube playlist as MP3 file:

YouTube Playlist to MP3 Downloader

Step 1: Open the website and paste the URL of the Playlist in the text box. You will have to signup before you can convert.

Step 2: Once the tool shows the preview, you can choose which videos will be converted into MP3. You can either select all or individuals. Make sure to change the default from video to MP3.

Step 3: Click on Download all or click on the individual download to save them as an MP3 file into your computer.

#2. YTBMP3

It's another online tool that makes it easy to download all the videos to MP3 format. All you need do is paste the YouTube Playlist URL, and click on Convert video and download the MP3 button. You can then individually download them as an MP3 file.

YTBMP3 Downloader Mp3 from YouTube PlayList


  • The bulk download is missing
  • No preview available in one go
  • Downloading happens in multiple steps, which is annoying.

Here are the steps to download an individual or Playlist from YouTube as MP3:

Step 1: Open YTBMP3 in any browser and paste the URL in the text box. Then click on the download MP3 box.

Step 2: Once all the videos are fetched and displayed along with the MP3 file, you can then click on the individual file to download as MP3.

Step 3: When you click on the download link, it will reveal more details about the video, along with a preview, and give you the option to download.

#3. ConverterBear

Just like the above two websites, this allows you to paste the YouTube Playlist URL and then download them as an MP3 file. The best part of using this online tool is you get a preview right away along with size, option to download, duration of each video in the list.

ConvertorBear MP3 YouTube Playlist


  • No bulk download
  • Too many steps to download individual files

Here are the steps to download the MP3 playlist using ConverterBear:

Step 1: Open the ConverterBear website and paste the URL you want to download as an MP3 file.

Step 2: Click on the Convert Playlist button and wait for the videos to be listed. You will have the option to preview the files.

Step 3: Click on the Go to Download button next to each URL to open the download page. Click on the Download MP3 button to start downloading the file.


There are multiple ways to download YouTube Playlist as an MP3 file. While the online tools work well, it is best to choose software over everything. There are multiple reasons. Tools like EaseUS Video Editor offer more than just conversion of a YouTube Playlist into MP3. It can enhance the audio experience by adding more audio files or background music and with the option to change speed and increase volume. If you want to find a powerful YouTube Playlist to MP3 converter for free, EaseUS Video Editor will be the best choice. Don't hesitate, just do it!

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