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Top 10 Photo Video Makers for Windows, macOS, and Mobile Phones

Tracy King updated on Dec 11, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

Picture Video Maker is a software or online tool that can create videos from images. If you have many pictures from your childhood or a holiday, and you want to make some fantastic memorable videos, these tools come in handy. Here is the list of things you can do with a picture video maker which you should find in the top ten photo video makers

  • Create a video with effects and transitions for free
  • Add background music to the images
  • Create slideshow with images
  • Add overlay effects such as photo frames, filters to add vintage and more
  • Export in multiple formats and social media

Top 10 Photo Video Makers for Windows, macOS, and Mobile Phones

  1. EaseUS Video Editor
  2. Windows Photos App
  3. Photo Slideshow with Music
  4. iMovie
  5. QuickTime Player
  6. AdobeSpark
  7. VivaVideo
  8. Image to Video
  9. Kizoa
  10. Kapwing

1. EaseUS Video Editor

When it comes to editing images, videos, and creating videos from photos, this video editor has it all. It offers a non-linear timeline where you can add your pictures, adjust the length, add music to video without watermark, and export the video. That is how easy it is to create a video using pictures. Here is the list of all the features available related to editing images and making a video.

Key features:

  • Image editing features include rotate, flip, adjust contrast, saturation, brightness, tones
  • Add Motion effect such as move left, up, zoom out, zoom in, and so on
  • Crop image if it is too big or if you want to focus on the part of the image
  • Over 300+ effects, transitions, filters, elements, text, and overlays
  • Video editing includes split, trim, shorten the length, and anything that applies to images is also applicable to videos
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Steps to create a video using images

Step 1. Open the editor, and then add all photos to the media section or directly to the timeline. You can then adjust the image length as required and remove anything extra.

Create video from images with EaseUS Video Editor

Step 2. You can then choose what kind of effects that go well with the images and add background music. If you want to add another image in between an image, use the split feature.

Add effects to images

Step 3. The final step is to export the video in MP4 format. It is supported widely in most of the devices. During export, make sure to choose the best quality for both audio and video.

Export video created with images


  • Free effects to create a climatic video using the photos
  • Supports all types of pictures including PNG and JPEG
  • User-friendly interface for beginners with almost zero learning curve
  • All basic trimming features such as split, merge, cut, trim is available for videos and images both
  • Full-fledged image and video editor that offers over 50+ transitions, 40+ filters, and 30+ overlays
  • Export videos in multiple videos and audio formats including social media support
  • Easy to make a boomerang video


  • Only for Windows users

2. Windows Photos App

Windows 10 Photos App offers a native video and image editing software. You can use this app to create a slideshow, photos using all your images, and mix videos in between. While the app is easy to us, the timeline is very confusing as it offers a segmented timeline, which creates more segments when you split the video.

The best part of using the photos app is you can edit the images before making a video, especially using the Paint 3D app, which can add 3D effects. Then you can use those images into the video editor to create videos.

Create a video using Windows Photos App


  • Edit images, and add effects right in the timeline
  • Use the 3D objects to enhance the final video
  • Copy, cut, paste one, or multiple photos
  • Add text, filters, motion, and 3D effects
  • Add background music or custom audio
  • Apply Themes


  • There is no way to place images on top of each other because of the linear timeline
  • You can only export in MP4 format

Download: The software comes built into Windows 10

3. Photo Slideshow with Music

Available in the Microsoft Store, the software offers some exciting features which you can apply to images to express even more. You can use stickers such as Emojis to make it look funny. Once you have added all images, applied effects, export it into MP4 format, and you have your video from the photos.

Create Slideshow from Photos in form fo videos


  • Easy to use
  • The effects are basic but adequate
  • Add filters, transition, music, frame, stickers, and duration


  • The free version is limited, and too many ads
  • No timeline which makes it hard to manage the images

4. iMovie

If you have a MacBook, you are in luck. macOS comes iMovie video and image editor comely free, and it's full of features. It is a complete video editor that offers free templates to create fantastic videos from images.

The best part is that it provides a non-linear timeline where you can add pictures and overlay on each other. Added transitions, it can create some fantastic photos. It then allows you to add effects, transitions, adjust colors, and more. It comes with ten cinematic filters such as monochrome, vintage, fresh blue look.

Create videos from images on macOS with iMovie


  • Easily rearrange images, and change their length
  • Drag and drop feature allows you to adjust pictures on top of each other easily and mix it with videos
  • Free for all macOS users with the ability to export in HD and even 4K format
  • Change the brightness and contrast, adjust saturation for one or multiple images
  • Supports cropping and keen burns for images


  • Only available for macOS users

5. QuickTime Player

Apple offers an incredibly useful movie player—QuickTime Player—for its macOS users. Not only it allows you to edit videos, but it can also be used to create a video using images.

Once you import all the pictures into the player, you can choose to change resolution, set frame rate, and encode into H2.64 or HEVC or ProRes format. If you have taken many images in a set period, you can create an amazing time-lapse.

Create timelapse from images using QuickTime Player


  • Share videos directly to YouTube, Facebook, and other services
  • Supports exporting in 4K/1080/720/480P resolutions
  • Create time-lapse or movie from images


  • There is no way to places image on top of each other there is no timeline
  • It is not possible to change or correct image colors as it only creates a video from images
  • Free for macOS users but paid for Windows

6. Adobe Spark

While it is known for creating some fantastic thumbnails, it also allows you to create videos using images on your phone. You can either use your pictures or download them by searching them in the app. The next step is to create a collage and add effects and music in the background.

Create videos and creative with Adobe Spark


  • Available for Desktop and Mobile
  • Free background music, effects, transitions, and more
  • Collage support with effects is perfect for creating videos
  • Multiple combinations of color formats


  • Best if you only want to develop collage-like video from images as there is no timeline

7. VivaVideo

It's a popular editor for smartphones, which is better than Adobe Spark as it offers a timeline on a smartphone. Once you have added the images, switch to music, and you can add voice over and add sound effects. You can also apply filters, text effects, edit. Lastly, you can tap on share to choose an export size in HD format.

Mobile Video Editor with timeline


  • Linear timeline on smartphone
  • Add background music or voice over
  • Export videos in HD format
  • Add filters, themes, text, and effects


  • No option to create image collages for videos
  • No support for social media aspect ration

8. Image to Video

It is an online service available for free to convert a set of pictures into videos. The online editor lets you add any number of pictures and then create collages, video, slideshow, add text, 3D transition effects, and more. It also allows you to create a comic strip.

Once images are uploaded, you can choose to add audio, and then convert it into a video.

Make images to videos


  • Straightforward to use
  • Allows you to upload custom audio


  • No timeline or image editing
  • Privacy issues

9. Kizoa

It offers a feature-rich video creator with the feature available in many software. It allows you to add transitions, effects, text, music, and other rich formats to images. It is a complete move maker solution available online.

Moivie make online to edit images and make video


  • One of the best movie maker available online
  • Add multiple photos, and directly share the video to Facebook or Email
  • Add GIF to video
  • A lot of free music, effects, and templates


  • Slow and poor interface

10. Kapwing

If you are looking for a power online photo video maker, Kapwig is what you need. It offers all tools required for compelling video making from images. You can upload multiple photos together, and then edit them individually. Editing images include adding text, scenes, audio, subtitles, and more.

Kapwing Image to Video


  • It takes a little time to learn all the features
  • Supports high-quality output as GIF or MP4
  • Professional editing features
  • Formatting can be duplicated for all images
  • Set standard aspect ratio for final output


  • When importing multiple photos, it becomes difficult to arrange them as they overlap each other
  • Privacy concerns make it hard to use personal images


If you are looking for desktop software on Windows to create video from the photos, EaseUS Video Editor is an excellent choice. It offers professional-level editing features which are not just limited to images, but also for videos. You get free background music, effects, and tools to create the best video from photos.

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