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How to Resize Video on Windows/Online

Isla updated on Sep 16, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

When you upload your video to the video platform, your video with an incorrect aspect ratio to this platform, which led the video not to play or lost some video content. Now you may need a powerful video adjusting tool to resize your video. Next, I will introduce to your three excellent video editing apps to solve this problem.

Part 1. How to Resize Video on Windows

If you want to find a powerful video editing software, EaseUS Video Editor will be your best choice. This app is designed for Windows beginners. And this app is easy to operate, and you just need to click some buttons that you can edit a perfect video. This app provides a lot of video editing tools, such as adjusting video size, converting video or audio formats, adding text effects, add music to video without watermark, and so on.  These tools can satisfy your video editing needs.


  • Support adjusting video size
  • Support 300+ effects and transitions
  • Support free download
  • Support adding music


  • Only support Windows users 

How to resize video using EaseUS Video Editor:

Step 1. Select the Correct Aspect Ratio

Launch EaseUS Video Editor on your computer, you will see three aspect ratio that you can choose. Select the one you need, and click it.


Step 2. Import Video

Click the "Import" button to import your video, and then drag it into the timeline.

import video

If the aspect ratio your first choice is not fitting your need, you also can click the "Files" button on the left top of the main screen to resize your video. And then, click "New project", you will see some aspect ratio such as 16:9, 9:16, 4:3, and others, select the one you need and reimport your video.

reimport video with other aspect ratio

Step 3. Export Video

When the process finishes, click the "Export" button to export and save your video. And you also can share your video on the video platform.


If all the aspect ratio in the program is not fit for you, you also can use the crop function to crop your video.

Part 2. How to Resize Video Online

In this part, I will introduce to you how to resize a video online.

1. Animaker

Resize Video is a free online video resizing software. This app has got thousands of companies' trust, such as AOL. FedExpress, Uber, and so on.  Using this app, you can resize videos form Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more, and Rapidly resize videos with prepared sizes and super simple resizing tool.


  • Support adjusting the video size
  • Support all video formats
  • Support free to use
  • Support changing the background color


  • Limit upload 20GB video files
  • Need to create an account to use

How to resize video using Resize Video:

Step 1. Open this website, you can see many video size templates. The aspect ratio you can choose from popular social media platforms, and click it.

resizevideo mainscren

Step 2. Click the "Choose your file" button, drag-and-drop your video file from your local computer.

resizevideo import video

Step 3. Click the "Download" button to download and save your video, and you also can share it with 20+ social media platforms.

resizevideo download video

2. Kapwing

Kapwing is an exhaustive online video editing software.  This online program needs you to create an account that you can use it. With this app,  you can add music, add zoom-in function, adjust the video size, change the background color, and other editing operations. If you want to find a free online program, this app will fit for you.


  • Support MP4, ANI, MOV, and many other video formats
  • Support adjusting the video size
  • Support multiple configuration options
  • Support free to use


  • No timeline which makes it hard to manage the images
  • The main screen has too many ads

How to resize video using Kapwing:

Step 1. Click the "Upload" button to import your video. And you also can paste a link to import your video.

kapwing add scene

Step 2. Choose the platform aspect ratio that you need, and you also can edit your video's Zoom and Position.

kapwing resize video

Step 3. Click the "Publish" button to export and save your video.

kapwing get video

Part 4. Conclusion

On this page, we are talking about how to resize video on Windows and Online. Comparing with the pros and cons of these video adjusting tools, EaseUS Video Editor will be the best choice. If you need to resize your video and other video editing operation, you do not miss it!

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