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Best Reaction Video Maker: How to Make a Reaction Video

Jane Zhou updated on Jul 14, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

"I was thinking about starting to make reaction videos on popular videos of different social media platforms. But I don't know how to make it. Can anyone help me please?”

Reaction videos are very popular nowadays because sharing your thoughts or reviewing other people's videos in front of your online subscribers is part of a new trend. People love to share their thoughts on a new video that they have watched online, so recording the first time watching reactions and sharing it with their followers is interesting.

If you also want to start sharing reaction videos online but you don't know how to make a reaction video, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about the necessary things that you need to make a reaction video and how to make a reaction video with some reaction video maker. This is going to be a really helpful article for you if you follow the guideline properly. So let's dig into it!

What You Need to Prepare for Making a Reaction Video

To put it simply, reaction videos are the kind of videos where you watch a famous or trendy or a normal video and record your reaction or thoughts on camera. It's as simple as that, nothing too complicated about making a reaction video. But you must need some important things that will help you make a reaction video and go viral easily. Here is a list of the things you may need:

  • The source video that you want to react on and your reaction video recorded
  • A decent camera to record your reaction
  • A good quality mic to record audio
  • A tripod stand, to hold your camera while recording
  • Most importantly, you need a good quality video editor to edit your video and make it look professional

Best Reaction Video Maker on Windows/Mac

As we have come to the main part of this article, the most important thing that you'll need to make a reaction video is a great quality video editor. We want to introduce you EaseUS Video Editor for Windows computers. that will help you make your videos look more professional and great. Also, another app named iMovie for Mac users that you can use to edit your reaction videos like a pro.

1. EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor is the best video editing tool available on the internet for you. Don't believe us? Well, you can simply try this editor for editing your video and you will see it clear why we are calling it the best. It's easy to use and smart video editor that can help you spread your creative story through videos around the world. You can use this advanced video editing tool with an elegant interface and top-notch features without facing any complication.


  • It allows users to create picture in picture video in a few minutes because the editing process is simple and easy
  • Many advanced options including trim, split, cut, rotate, merge videos, apply stylish video effects, add music to gif, and many more
  • You can produce professional videos using more than 50 visual and transition effects
  • It will allow you to add music tracks and mix them with your video
  • You can record your video narrations by clicking easy buttons
  • It supports all types of files and free video converters for Windows OS

How to Make a Reaction Video with EaseUS Video Editor:

Step 1. Download and Set up Program

First, you need to download, install, and run the program on your computer.

run program in your computer

Step 2. Import and Drag Videos to Timeline

Next, you need to import the reaction video and source video file and then add or drag the video to the program timeline. Here you can drag the reaction video to the first video track and drag the source video to the second video track.

import and drag videos to program timeline

Step 3. Edit Video

Now you can double-click on the second video from the second track so that you can make a picture-to-picture effect on the production video. EaseUS Video Editor will allow you to use audio and masks option for the picture-to-picture effect on the production video. You can easily resize and locate the video to make sure that your sight angle is compatible with the source video.

edit and resize video

Step 4. Export Video

Finally, you can export your reaction video and save it on your computer.

export reaction video

2. iMovie

In this part, we are going to talk about how to make a reaction video on Mac with iMovie. It's the official Mac software that you can download for free and start using tons of video editing features that are available on this tool. Though it's not a specific reaction video making tool as usual you can take the source video, record your reaction video and then edit them together to make a reaction video in total. This video editing tool also has some basic and some advanced features that you can use to edit your videos.

How to Make a Reaction Video Using iMovie:

Step 1. First, you need to launch the program on your Mac and you will get the homepage window at first. Click on Create New option and select Movie. This way you can import both your source and reaction video into the program window and then drag them both into different timelines. You can also add images, music, or other media files if needed.

create new video imovie

Step 2. Now you can check around the options of the program and split the video or trim it, add transitional effects and other effects, add music, add title, etc. and more.

edit video in imovie

Step 3. Finally, you can export your project video on your Mac or directly upload the video to YouTube or other platforms.

Best Reaction Video Maker on iPhone and Android

In this part, we are going to learn how to make a reaction video on iPhone and Android devices. We are going to introduce you with 2 different apps that you can use to make your reaction video on both devices.

1. ApowerREC

To make a reaction video on iPhone we will use an app named ApowerREC. It's a decent video recorder for iPhone devices that you can use to make your reaction videos. Though it doesn't have so many options or advanced features, it works fine with its basic features. Here is how you can use it:

apowerrec reaction video iphone

Step 1. Download and install the app on your iPhone from Apple Store.

Step 2. Then launch the app and you need to add the screen recording shortcut from under the Control Center.

Step 3. Next, you need to keep swipe up until you find the Control Center option, and then you need to long-press the screen recording shortcut. After that, you need to select the ApowerREC option. Now you need to press Start Broadcast option to start the recording.

Step 4. Then you can play the video that you are using as the source video to react on.

Step 5. Next, you need to launch the Control Center again and press the Stop button. Now the recording will be saved on the tool's library.

Step 6. If you want to add your reaction, you need to open the video and from the preview, you can tap on the Camera icon and you will find another panel appeared on the screen. In this panel, you can choose the placement of the camera while recording, and then tap on the “Record” button to start recording your reaction.

Step 7. Finally, to produce your reaction video, you need to press Stop to stop the recording and check your final reaction video.

2. PowerDirector

To make a reaction video on Android, you can use the PowerDirector app. It has a picture-in-picture option that you can use to overlay the reaction video over the source video. Also, it's a good video editing app so you can use the other video editing features to make your video look good.

powerdirector create new project

Step 1. First, download and install the app on your Android device.

Step 2. Launch the app and click on New Project to give a name to your project, then you will find options to import your videos.

Step 3. Next, you need to import media files by selecting them from the file manager and tap the Plus icon to drop them down into the app timeline. You must make sure that the primary video is added to the project video timeline.

Step 4. After that, you can tap on the Layer icon from the left-hand side and choose the video, from there you will be able to import the reaction video that you recorded before. Now you need to hit the Back button so that you can go back to the main video editing screen. There you'll see that your reaction video is added over the main video successfully.

Step 5. Finally, you can edit the reaction video as needed and then save the final reaction video file to your Android device or directly to share them to your Facebook or YouTube.

Online Reaction Video Maker

Making a reaction video online is not that easy because there are not too many online video editors available that have this kind of feature. We have researched a lot and found that Clipchamp is a good quality online video editor that you can use to make your reaction videos. It has a picture-in-picture feature that can be used to overlay your reaction video on top of the source video file. 

create clipchamp account

Step 1. Sign up and log in to your account of Clipchamp. Then import videos into the editor.

Step 2. Next, you need to click on the Create a video option from the left sidebar and import media files or videos into the program library.

Step 3. Then you need to drag and drop the source video and recorded reaction video into the program timeline.

Step 4. You need to keep the picture-in-picture effect by keeping the recorded reaction video at the first timeline. Then resize the video and adjust it as you need.

Step 5. Finally, you can review the final video and export it to your computer.

Try: https://clipchamp.com/en/features/picture-in-picture-video-editor/


Our final words for you are, use the video editing tool that can offer you more features with easy to handle interface. In that sense, you can use any of the methods or tools described in this article because all of them provide great user experience in their respective fields. But the best one will always be EaseUS Video Editor. Not only overlaying videos to make reaction videos but all the advanced features with so many effects and options, EaseUS Video Editor outmatches any tool available on the internet. So start using it from now to get the best video editing experience.

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