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2020 Best Movie Maker Download and Tutorial to Create Movie for Free

Tracy King posted on Apr 16, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

Windows Movie Maker was a free software from Microsoft which allowed everyone to create a cinematic experience from their video. It was part of the Windows Essentials 2012 and was extremely popular. It was so popular that even today, people look to download it.

That said, what people are searching for is a software that can help then make movies for free in Windows. These set of users would love to have a software which offers effects, transitions, allow to overlay multiple videos, edit audio, support various video formats, and more.

Thanks to the explosion of Social Media, everyone wants to upload a video that looks good. In today's world, we have some brilliant camera on phones. They make it possible to shoot slow-motion videos, panorama, 360-degree videos, videos with a blurry background, and portrait shots.

Answering the question, yes, you can download Windows Movie Maker for free, but not the version which Microsoft created. Instead, we recommend some of the best movie makers.

Windows Movie Maker is No Longer Available for Download

Microsoft abandoned the official Windows Movie Maker a long time ago. Some websites are, and even apps in Microsoft Store apps offer software which looks and title as Windows Movie Maker, but they are not the official ones. Those downloads may contain malware, viruses, or hidden costs. Movie Maker was a part of Windows Essentials 2012. Microsoft instead recommends the Photos App, but there are even better apps available in the market for free. Make sure to check out our recommended list.

Apart from this, Windows Movie Maker was limited in terms of features and performance.

  • The app was known to freeze and crash if you try to add to many videos and add more effects.
  • You can only edit one video track and one audio track which doesn't fit in today's world requirement
  • Undoing anything required even more effort
  • Video overlaying was not available
  • For any audio effect, a third party audio editor like audacity is needed
  • Audio detach, Voice over features was missing
  • It only had 130 effects which fall short in today's requirement
  • Only useful for beginners
  • The maximum video length was 120 Minutes. It was based on the maximum capacity of the storage device, i.e., DVD of that time.

Even if the Windows Movie Maker was available for download, Microsoft had to work hard to make it available for Windows 10. The software was built for Windows XP, 7, and Vista. It never made to Windows 8 as the operating system changes, and requirements by the world for a movie editor went far ahead.

2020 Best Movie Maker Download - EaseUS Video Editor

We have reached a point where Movie Maker Download is necessary. If there is no official software, we need an alternative that fits in today's world scenario, then let us recommend EaseUS Video Editor. It is a full-fledge video editor that allows you to create the video in a presentable and professional format. The editor offers a user interface that can be easily used by a beginner. The editor supports various video formats that can be imported into the media tab and then added to the timeline. Followed by this, you get all the necessary tools to edit videos. It includes

  • Split, Trim, Detach audio, Crop, Delete
  • Overlay videos on each other in a non-linear time zone
  • Zoom, Mosaic, Blur, Freeze Frame

Along with these, you have many advanced features to add effects to your videos to make it look lively. Let's take a look at all the Movie Effects; you can use in EaseUS Video Editor.

EaseUS Video Editor: Movie Editing Features and Supported Movie Effects 

Apart from the editing tools, we had talked about, here some special editing features that you can use to edit movies better. Do note that editing is an overall process, and it is not limited to cut, split, and joining of videos.

Speech and Text Converter: If you have audio in your video, you can create a subtitle from it. The video converter has an inbuilt speech and text converter. It can create text from the audio and automatically sync with it. You can always correct the text in the caption.

Voice Over: Assuming your video has a part where audio is not clear. You can always voice-over that part of the audio to make it clear. If the person is accessible, you can send him a written script, and he can send you back audio. That audio in the video can be replaced with the voice-over audio.

Mosaic: If a person or object in the video needs to be hidden, use the Mosaic tool to achieve it. You can mark the area, and the editor will add a blur effect.

Next, let's look at the Movie Effects available in the EaseUS Video Editor.

Text: Many viewers like if the video displays crucial information in the form of text. To add text in a movie video, it can be used to display information about people in the video, their character, and even pass on some funny comments on their actions.

Filters: If you use a phone, I am sure you have already used Filter for images. It adds special effects like Vintage, B/W effects. The same can be applied to videos as well. For example, if you want to pass a happy expression with freeze moment, you can add Glow, Rainbow. There are over 49+ such filters.

Overlays: In simple words, these are frames or effects which appear on top of the video. These are pure visual effects that count to 54.

Transitions: Instead of a sudden change in videos, you can make it smooth. These effects help you when there is a sudden change of scene or significant change in the video. Some transitions are simple, while others may add additional visuals with it.

Elements: These are small video clips that can be used to express special moments in a video. Some of these appear in between videos, while some are overlays. It's a mixed bag of effects which you need to try and find which works for you. There are over 88 such elements.

Music:  A movie without the right music, especially in a dramatic situation, is boring. EaseUS Video editor offers over 105 background music categorized into relaxing, brisk, fashion, sound effects, and festival.

EaseUS Video editor is available for all Windows versions. It includes Windows 10/8/8.1/7. If you are still on Windows 7, be aware that Windows Movie Maker is not officially supported. It is preferred to download EaseUS Video Editor.

How to Edit or Create Movie with Movie Maker - EaseUS Video Editor

The steps are straight and straightforward forward. Once you are sure which effects you want to use, all you need to is add them.

Step 1. Import videos and add them to timeline

Launch the EaseUS Video editor, select the aspect ratio. Then you can then drag and drop files into the media section. Next, add the files in the timeline.

Step 2. Edit Movie with EaseUS Movie Maker

Next is to use all the necessary editing tools like split, cut, mute, detach audio, and others to remove unnecessary clips from the movie. These tools help you to remove background noise and add music.

Edit Movie with Movie Maker

Step 3. Add Movie Effects to Movie or Videos

Now let us quickly understand how you can add movie effects to videos. Some of the effects are available right away, while others should be downloaded. The small arrow pointing downwards at the bottom right of the effects means they should be downloaded. Done that, let's add them.

Click on the plus icon next to the downloaded effects to instantly add them to the timeline. The effects will be added to the place where the playhead is set. So, make sure it is in the right position. Some of these effects act as an overlay while others appear in-between of the video. Some effects such as Elements have effects that can do both. So make sure to give it a try, and preview to see if it fits.

add customize effects movie maker

Make sure to adjust the length of the video effects. You can do that by using the mouse and dragging it outward or inwards by holding it. Some of the effects have parameters that can be changed to customize the effects. Double click on it in the timeline to reveal them, and then adjust accordingly.

Step 4. Export the video in the required format

It's a crucial step because Movies need the highest quality, both in terms of audio and video. Make sure to choose the best quality when exporting the videos.


Looking at all the features of EaseUS Video Editor, it can be your movie maker to create videos. You can skip searching for the next movie maker because it's already here. It offers a lot more features compared to Windows Movie Maker. It supports social media websites such as YouTube and Facebook, which is where most of the videos are getting uploaded.

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