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How to Mosaic Images on PC /Online/Phone

Isla updated on Sep 28, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

A photo mosaic is great popularity on the internet. More and more creative paintings and pictures are generated from the mosaic. Do you want to know to create a perfect mosaic image? Next, I will show you great photo mosaic software and a simple tutorial of how to add mosaic on video and image.

How to Mosaic Images on PC

EaseUS Video Editor is a free video editing software for PC. Expect for the basic video editing functions, such as adding text, adding effects, and more, this program also supports adding mosaic on video and image. You can use this program to mosaic any place in video and picture.


  • Support adding mosaic on image
  • Support plenty of editing tools
  • Support 300+ effects and transitions
  • Supports free download

How to mosaic images using EaseUS Video Editor

Step 1. Import video/photo and mosaic

Import your Video or image that you prepared. Hover your mouse on the file you imported and click the "+" button to add it to the EaseUS Video Editor timeline. To blur part of the video or photo, right-click it on the track and choose "Mosaic".

add mosaic to video or photo step 1

Step 2. Drag the timeline to the face

Now drag the timeline pointer to the picture where the face shows up, and click "Add".

add mosaic to video or photo step 2

Step 3. Adjust the mosaic effect to blur a face

The mosaic effect will evoke, you need to use the mouse to well adjust the mosaic box properly covered on the face you want to blur out. Once done, click "OK".

add mosaic to video or photo step 3

Step 4. Export the face blurred video or photo

If you want more faces to be anonymized, repeat step 3 to add mosaic for many times until all the faces were hidden. Finally, click "Export" and choose a location to save your final work.

add mosaic to video or photo step 4

How to Mosaic Images Online

On this part, I will introduce two online image mosaic editor, there are:

1. Mosaically

Mosaically is an online mosaic editor. This website provides a lot of mosaic editing tools that you can create your beautiful photo mosaic. Using this program, you do not need to download or install any software, and even you can free to use it without creating an account. Although this software is fast and easy, it still has some problems. If you want to export ultra-quality images or print your mosaic image,  you need to pay for it.


  • Support mosaic an image
  • Support copying, placement, privacy, and more operations to a mosaic image
  • Support printing mosaic image

How to mosaic an image using Mosaically:

Step 1. Launch this website, click the "Create My Photo Mosaic" button to upload your image.

mosaically upload image

Step 2. Click the "Add Photos" button that you can add images form Files, Folder, Facebook, and Google, and you also can select sample photos, such as flowers, cats, love, and more.

mosaically add mosaic template

Step 3. And then, you also can click the "Edit Mosaic" button to edit the image. When you finish the operation, click the "Share" button to share and export your mosaic image.

mosaically share image

2. Picmyna

Picmyna is a multifunction image editing online software. You can use this program to college, grid, and mosaic to photo. But now, we are mainly talking about the mosaic function of this software. The mosaic function is greatly powerful. You can use up 1000 tile pictures on your mosaic image. But, if you want to print the editing mosaic image, you need to pay for it and without watermark.


  • Support editing mosaic images
  • Support download high-quality images

How to mosaic images using Picmyna:

Step 1. Open this website, click the "Make a Photo Mosaic" button to enter the mosaic making page.

picmyna import image

Step 2. After selecting the image size, and then import the main picture and tile pictures.

picmyna import images

Step 3. And then setting the rows and columns. When you finished, click the "Generate Mosaic" button to generate your mosaic image.

picmyna export image

How to Mosaic Images on Phone

If you want to search a mosaic editor on the phone, Mosaic Photo Effects will be the best choice. Mosaic Photo Effects is a simple and powerful tool to create your photos. Using this app, you can convert your pictures into the mosaic photos and high-quality mosaic photo effects.


  • Support adding cute stickers
  • Support applying mosaic effects
  • Support adjusting transparency
  • Support plenty of blends effects

How to mosaic images using Mosaic Photo Effects:

Step 1. Open this app and import your image.

Step 2. Select a mosaic effect you like and apply it. And then you also can add stickers and text, and pip effects.

Mosaic Photo Effects add mosaic effects to images

Step 3. When you finish editing, save your mosaic image on your phone and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

mosaic photos effects share image


To sum up, on this page we are talking about four ways to make a mosaic image. You can choose one way according to your needs. Here, we still suggest you choose EaseUS Video Editor as your first choice. This program supports applying mosaic both on video and image and also supports plenty of editing tools. So, it is a worthy choice.

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