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How to Make a Reaction Video(Windows/Mac/iOS/Android)

Roxanne updated on May 29, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

Reaction video is a video of a person watching events and recording their reactions. It needs you to express feelings or comments that you actively mention. People like to view reaction videos because sharing  moments with net friends is a kind of popular trend in modern society.

Considering the different devices’ needs, we list four solutions that are compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.


Ideas and Copyright about How to Make a Reaction Video
Procedure 1: Record Reaction Video and Download Source Video
Procedure 2: How to Make a Reaction Video (Windows/Mac/iOS/ Android)

Ideas and Copyright about How to Make a Reaction Video

Mind your environment

1. Quiet

You need to make sure your video does not have any noise.

2. Sufficient lighting

Nobody wants to watch a reaction video with a blur effect. So when you decide to make a reaction video, you can choose a sunny day or use lightning equipment.

Best camera angle

1. Take a close-up shot to know your angle.

2. Check out your facial expression.

3. The chin slightly down, and your head turn about three-quarters to the side.

Avoid shaky footage, undesired sound, and no response.


All videos on YouTube are protected by Intellectual Property Law, which can not be used without permission of the copyright owner. Here are the four factors of fair use .

Procedure 1: Record Reaction Video and Source Video 

Choose suitable equipment for video shooting.

1. Recording equipment: Smart Phone/Webcam for PC/Digital Camera

2. Microphone: Built-in microphone in digital camera/USB microphone

Download actual videos from YouTube or other websites.

Click Share below the YouTube video and add ‘ss’ in front of the link to savefrom.net.

save from net

Procedure 2: How to Make a Reaction Video (Windows/Mac/iOS/ Android)

Windows Solution:

For Windows users, based on the two factors of software operation and price, we recommend two reaction video makers - EaseUS Video Editor and Sony Vegas Pro to you.  

How to Make a Reaction Video with EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor, a free video editing software, provides the most straightforward way about making YouTube reaction video. More features hide in it, and you will find that EaseUS Video is also a wedding video maker

Price: free

1. Install and launch EaseUS Video Editor.

EaseUS Video Editor reaction video 1

2. Import reaction video and source video and then add or drag the video to the timeline.
You can add the video you reacted to the first video track. And then drag the source video to second video pip.

EaseUS Video Editor reaction video 2

3. Double-click the second video on the track to make a picture-to-picture effect.
EaseUS Video Editor provides audio and masks function for the picture-to-picture effect. You can resize and locate the video, making sure your sight angle is consistent with the source video.

EaseUS Video Editor reaction video 3

4. Export your reaction video to YouTube or other video platforms.

EaseUS Video Editor reaction video 4

Mac and iOS Solution:

For Mac and iOS users, iMovie is a great reaction movie maker, which is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iMac, and Macbook. Many you-tubers has already produced a video tutorial. The step-by-step guide and YouTube video are as follows.

How to Make a Reaction Video on Mac

Price: free

1. Import videos on track.

2. Add the video of your reaction and the video that you are reacting to the timeline. The video contains your response should be on top of the video you have download.

3. Just drag a selection from the event onto your clip and choose picture-in-picture. You can also adjust the box location anywhere.

How to Make a Reaction Video on iOS

1. Add your video to the track.

2. Press the little plus to choose the video containing comments.

3. Click three small dots, and you can see the box on top of a video track.

4. Edit the video and drag the box to like anywhere.

YouTube Reaction Videos Tutorial

(Source: YouTube Title: How to edit a Reaction Video on iMovie  Content Creator: ARDJ)

YouTube Reaction Videos Tutorial 

(Sourece: YouTube Title: How to Make Reaction Videos For Free  Content Creator: AStarForBants)

Android Solution:

For Android users, KineMaster is an amazing YouTube reaction video maker that can produce high-quality videos for personal and professional use.

Price: free

How to Make a Reaction Video on Android

1. Open the Empty Project.

2. Media Browser > Camera.

3. Click Layer > Media > Video.

4. Minimize the actual video.

kinemaster reaction


Making reaction videos is no longer a daunting challenge. No matter what devices you use, this guide prepares the specific steps to teach how to get a perfect picture-in-picture effect.

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