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5 Ways to Trim and Join Songs on Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone

Jane Zhou updated on Mar 22, 2021 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

Often when you download a song from the Internet or somewhere else, it is a full song that you can listen to on your devices. If you like it very much, you might even want to make it your phone’s ringtone. Or if you like multiple of those songs and you want them to play one after another, you may need to combine them into a single file. That is where the methods for cut and merge songs come into the picture.

If your song is too lengthy and you want to trim it down, you can do it by cutting the song. On the other hand, if your song is too short and you would like to combine it with your other music collection, you can join songs together. This guide shows methods to split songs and join songs on all of your devices.

Part 1. How to Cut and Merge Songs with a Free Audio Joiner (Windows & Mac)

When it comes to desktop platforms like Windows and Mac, you are spoilt for choice for cutting and joining your songs. There are dozens of options available to help you do the task on your machines.

The following shows how you can cut and merge songs on both your Windows PC and Mac.

Cut and Merge Songs on a Windows PC

One of the many good things about a Windows PC is the number of apps you have for your machine. For each task that you want to do on your PC, you have a lot of apps to choose from. For cutting and merging songs, you also have excellent software available for your computer.

It is called EaseUS Video Editor, and it allows you to edit both audio and video files on your computer. Although the software name might imply that it is a video editor app, it has full capabilities to edit audio files as well. You can use it to cut and merge songs on your PC.

It offers the following features about trimming and joining songs.

App Features:

  • Import multiple songs into the software at once   
  • Split your songs into multiple parts
  • Cut your song from any starting point
  • Merge songs in any order
  • Edit songs before cutting and merging
  • Export cut and merged songs in multiple formats
  • Extremely easy to use

When you look at software like this, you probably wonder what kind of system it requires to run. In the case of EaseUS Video Editor, you only need a basic computer, and you are ready to trim and join your songs. It will render your files without long-time periods, and you will be glad you chose it to do the task.

How to Cut and Merge Songs using EaseUS Video Editor:

It is pretty easy to trim and join your songs using the software and the following shows how to do it.

Step 1. Select an Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is only for video files and so you can choose from any of the available options on your screen. It will not affect how your files are cut or merged.

choose aspect ratio

Step 2. Add Your Songs to the Software

You will need to add all of your songs that you want to cut or join the software. Click on "Import" followed by "Import file", and you should be able to import your songs into the software. Then, right-click on your songs and select "Add to Project" to add them to the timeline.

load songs

Step 3. Cut a Song

Cutting a song is extremely easy with this software. Click on the time duration where you want to cut your song in the timeline and click on the "Split" option. Your songs will now be in two parts. Delete the unwanted part, and you will have the desired file left.

cut songs

Step 4. Merge Songs

When you add your songs to the timeline, they are automatically joined one after another. You can click and drag them in the timeline to change their order. Once that is done, you can export them into a single file.

merge songs

Step 5. Export Cut/Merged Songs

Click on the "Export" option at the top and then choose "Audio" on the following screen. Select an output format for your file and hit "Export". Your cut or merged songs will be exported to your computer.

export songs

That is all there is to trimming and joining songs with the aforementioned software.

Cut and Merge Songs on a Mac

If you are a Mac user, you have a high-quality and free app available at your disposal to do the task. It is called iMovie and you can use it to cut and join your songs in addition to using it to edit your video files.

All you need to do is load your files into the app, choose how you want to cut or merge them, and iMovie will get it done for you.

Step 1. Launch the iMovie app, click on "Create New", and choose "Movie".

new project

Step 2. Click on the "File" menu at the top and choose "Import Media" to add your songs to the app. Then, drag the songs over to the timeline to edit them.

add songs

Step 3. To cut a song, drag the slider where you want to cut, right-click on the song, and choose "Trim To Playhead".

trim songs

Step 4. To join songs, simply add them in whatever order you want to the timeline.

join songs

Step 5. Click on the "File" menu, select "Share", and choose "File" to save your cut or merged songs.

save songs

Editing audio and video is easy with iMovie on a Mac.

Part 2. Cut and Merge Songs Online

If you do not wish to install an app to cut or merge your songs, you do not need to do it as there are online tools to help you do the task. There are dozens of websites out there helping people trim and join their songs, and you can use any of them on your computer and get your tasks done.

We are going to use such a free online tool to cut and join your songs.

Cut Songs Online:

Step 1. Head over to the Clideo Cut website using any of your web browsers.

Step 2. Click on "Choose file" and upload the file you want to cut.

upload songs

Step 3. Select the portion of the song you want to keep, choose the "Extract Selected" option, and click on "Cut".

cut songs

Merge Songs Online:

Step 1. Open the Clideo Join website using your browser.

Step 2. Click on "Choose files" and upload your songs.

upload music

Step 3. Change the order of the songs if you want, select an output format, and click on "Merge".

merge songs

In both methods, you will be able to immediately download the resulting file.

Part 3. Cut and Merge Songs on Android

Android users also have numerous options when it comes to cutting and merging songs on their devices. You have many amazing and free apps to choose from on the Google Play Store, and you can use just about any of them to do your task.

Here we use one of those free apps to help you cut and join songs on your device.

Step 1. Download and install the MP3 Cutter app on your device.

Step 2. Launch the app and tap on the song you wish to trim.

Step 3. Adjust the slider to where you want to cut your song and tap on the checkmark icon at the bottom-right corner.

cut songs on android

Step 4. If you want to merge songs, tap on the three dots next to your song and choose "Add to merge". Do this to all the songs you want to merge and then tap on the checkmark icon at the bottom.

merge songs on android

It will let you know where the trimmed or joined song is saved.

Part 4. Cut and Merge Songs on iPhone

The iPhone has many apps to edit audio on your device but many of those have complex interfaces and features to work with. However, there is a free app that is easy to use and gets the cut and merging job in no time on your phone.

The following shows how to download and use it to trim and join songs on your iPhone.

Step 1. Download and install the Lexis Audio Editor app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Launch the app, tap on "Open", and tap on "Import from iTunes" to load your songs into the app.

add songs to the app

Step 3. Drag the sliders to where you want to trim your song, tap on the three horizontal lines at the top-left corner, and choose "Trim (Inverse Delete)".

trim songs on iphone

Step 4. If you want to join songs, tap on the same menu and choose "Import/Mix" followed by "Mixes the current file with another file". You can then select your other files to be joined.

join songs on iphone

Step 5. Finally, tap on "Save" to save your cut or merged songs.

With several apps out there to help you cut and join songs on your iPhone, you can get the task done while on the go without accessing a computer.


If you ever find your songs to be too long or short in duration, you always have options to cut and join them. There are several ways to do it as shown in the above guide, and we hope it helps you cut or merge your songs to your desired duration.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to cutting and joining songs, it is natural to have some basic questions in your mind. Here we try to answer the most asked questions with regard to trimming and merging songs.

How do I cut and merge songs online?

There are many sites to cut and merge songs online and one of them is Clideo. It is pretty easy to use it and you can cut and merge your songs as follows:

Step 1. Visit either Cut or Join page on their site.

Step 2. Upload songs from your computer.

Step 3. Use the available options to cut or merge your songs.

Step 4. Download the resulting file to your computer.

How do you cut and merge songs on iPhone?

You can use an app like Lexis Audio Editor to cut and merge songs on an iPhone. The following are the quick steps to do it on your phone.

Step 1. Install the app and load your songs into it.

Step 2. Select either "Trim" or "Mixes the current file with another file" option to do your task.

Step 3. Choose "Save" to save your cut or merged song on your iPhone.

What app can I use to combine songs?

You can use an app like EaseUS Video Editor to combine songs on your computer. It works as follows to help you quickly merge songs on your computer.

Step 1. Launch the software and choose any aspect ratio.

Step 2. Click on "Import" followed by "Import file" to add your songs to the software.

Step 3. Right-click on your songs and select "Add to Project" to add them to the timeline.

Step 4. Place your songs in the order you want to merge them. You are free to move them from one place to another in the timeline.

Step 5. When you have decided on the order, click on "Export" to save your merged song file.

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