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How to Make a Slideshow with Music and Pictures for Free

Cedric Grantham updated on Mar 25, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

Many a time you need to create a form of presentation which you can show to your elders or in office or maybe you took some photos which will make the kids smile. So how do you make a slideshow with music and pictures for free? That's where EaseUS Video Editor comes into the picture.

List of Best Free Slideshow maker

Each of the listed slideshow makers is free to use and download. However, they may have some limitations which we have pointed out explicitly.

EaseUS Video Editor
Adobe Spark
Photo Slideshow with Music
Kapwing Slideshow Maker
Freemake Video Converter

We highly recommend you to give each of them a try and see which works for you best.

EaseUS Video Editor: Steps to make a slideshow with music

It’s a video editing software that can create perfect slideshow with choice of your music, and any number of pictures. The best part is you can create the slideshow in multiple formats, and if you want to share it on social media, this has you covered.

import image

Add Images to Slideshow

Step 1. Add images to the video track

The software offers multiple tracks, and for a slideshow, you need to drop the images on the video track. If you add multiple images to the track, it will be aligned one after the other. You can also drag and drop from file explorer to the video track, and it will automatically add to the Media Library.

add images to video track

Step 2. Set image sequence and duration

change image duration

If you have added all the images to the video track in one go, it is essential to make sure the sequence of the pictures in the slideshow is correct. To change, hover your mouse any of the images until the icon changes to double arrow. Then you can drag it to before or after any image. You can also select multiple photos and then change the position of the picture.

The second part is the duration. In the slideshow, if the image or the slide disappears too soon creates an adverse impact. You need to make sure the image stays long enough so everyone can read it.

  • Each image is assigned four seconds as the default timing. You can change it in two ways. Select the image, and click on the timer icon in the toolbar to change the duration
  • In the video track, select the image, and then hover your mouse to the edge of the image until the icon changes. Now you can drag to increase or decrease the duration. A preview of the image duration will be shown as you change it.

Step 3. Crop, Zoom, and Mosaic

crop, zoom, and mosaic

These are basic operations available for the images which you can use if there is a need. While Zoom helps you to add focus to an essential part of the photos, Crop and Mosaic are useful if you want to remove or hide part of the picture.

Next is to adjust the Color profile, image orientation, add motion effects. The video editor offers the next three into one toolbox. Select an image, and then click on the pencil icon available in the toolbar to start changing them.

Step 4. Change image orientation

change image orientation

It is the first set of tools available under the image section. You can rotate left or right, and flip the image up/down or left and right

Step 5. Adjust Image color profile 

You can change Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, Tone, Highlight, Shadow using the slider. If the image is not in full screen, the editor adds a black background. If that doesn’t go well, you can change to white or even better make it blurry, which mixes well with any image.

adjust image color profile

Make sure to view the final slideshow in different devices to understand the impact of the color changes. If it’s too dark or too bright or dull, then you may want to change it.

Step 6. Apply image (s) motion

add motion to images

The motion section helps you add some cool effects to your pictures. Instead of sudden changes when the slideshow moves from one to another, you can add effects such as Move left, so it appears coming from left. 

Similarly, you have motions for zoom in and out, move right down, rotate clock, and more.

Add Music to the Slideshow

Adding music to slide with EaseUS video editor works like a charm. The software offers a built-in music library. All you need to do is download, and then add it to the audio track in the time. You can preview by double-clicking it. You can also add your music in the slide by importing or drooping it directly from the desktop or file explorer.

Like we had so many options to manage the images for the slideshow. Similarly, you have a couple of features for audio as well.

Step 1. Set music Sequence and Duration

If you have more than one audio file as background music, then you can hold and drag to change its position or sequence. The music must remain if the images are there. If your music file is longer or shorter, you will have to adjust accordingly. Moving the mouse cursor on edge gives you the option to change the length of the music.

Step 2. Split Audio clips

Another way to change the length of the audio clip is by using the scissor icon and the context menu. If you need to mix and match different audio files, then you can right-click on the audio file, and select "Split". Make sure to move the playhead at the right place before you use this option.

Step 3. Change audio speed

change audio speed

In rare scenarios, you may need to change the playback speed of the background audio in the slideshow. Select the music track, and then click on the pencil icon. Here you can drag the slider to change the audio speed

Step 4. Adjust Audio Volume and Fade in/out Effect

adjust audio volume

Two more options come along with the edit audio option. You can choose to increase or decrease the audio volume and add a fade-in/out effect. It comes in handy when the volume of the audio file you imported is too loud, or you want it to play it low.

Add Text to Slideshow

add text to slideshow

Your slideshow is now almost ready, but there is one last tool we would like to recommend - Text. If you want to add text overlay on top of the slides, then use this feature. The software offers a built-in text template that you can download and add to images.

Once the text is added, you get to see the preview. Click on the pencil icon, and you can add custom text to it. Next is to change the style, i.e., font, gradients, color. You can also add motion effects to images for better looks.


  • Free background music
  • Set timing for each image
  • Zoom and Crop makes sure you can set the focus for individual images
  • Image Profile and Motion effects
  • Output in multiple formats


  • Easy to use interface
  • It offers a lot of background music, effects, transitions, and more.
  • Multiple ways to produce slideshow including support for social media format
  • You can also add videos to the slideshow


  • Windows Only

2. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is one of the best tools if you want software with a mobile version. It offers multiple social media formats with the option to create a video with music and transition effects. That said, if you want to use it for personal purposes, it is good enough, but professional users should by subscriptions. That enables branding, premium themes, and more.

adobe spark


  • Pre-designed layouts
  • Text on screen, theme, soundtrack, and more.
  • Create a link to social media or save as MP4 format in your computer
  • Multiple device access as all projects are stored on the cloud


  • Available for Desktop and Mobile
  • It offers free background music, effects, transitions, and more.
  • Combine multiple types of media format
  • Collage support


  • It takes time to learn all the features
  • No way to set time for each slide

Platform: Windows, Mobile, and Web

3. Photo Slideshow with Music

It is available in Microsoft Store, which offers multiple features necessary to create a slideshow using pictures. Once you create it, you can share it on social platforms or save it on the computer.

photo slideshow with music


  • Multiple device access as all projects are stored on the cloud
  • Stream to DLNA supported device to preview on the large display
  • Add music from gallery or the custom videos available in the software


  • Easy to use with all effects upfront.
  • Add filters, transition, music, frame, stickers, and duration


  • It is an ad-supported version, and there are too many ads.
  • No timeline which makes it hard to manage the images

Platform: Windows

4. Kapwing Slideshow Maker

If you are looking for an exhaustive online slideshow maker, then Kapwing is what you need. This online slideshow creator offers all kinds of features. It includes text overlays, images, timeline, screens, audio, subtitles, and shapes.

kapwing slideshow maker


  • Includes image editing tools
  • Common aspect ratios for the final output
  • Setting the images in sequence is easier
  • Duplicate slides to use the same formatting everywhere


  • It takes a little time to learn all the features
  • Supports high-quality output as GIF or MP4
  • Professional editing features


  • Importing multiple images doesn’t work well as they overlap each other.
  • Privacy concerns make it hard to use personal images

Platform: Windows

5. Freemake Video Converter

It is one of the most straightforward software to create slideshow with music. Add images, arrange them in a sequence, add background music, and you are done. It allows you to import multiple photos in one go, which is a big plus.

freemake video converter


  • Free to use without signup
  • Variety of output format supported
  • Upload slideshow directly to YouTube or transfer to DVD


  • No templates for beginners
  • Windows only

Platform: Windows


Most of the tools get the job done nicely without an issue except for those who put up advertisements. Since creating a slideshow with music is as good as creating a video filled up with images, choosing a video editor is a wise choice. Not only you get the slideshow, but EaseUS offers 300+ templates for free; it is easy to use and supports multiple outputs including social platform.

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