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[No Quality Loss] How to Increase Volume of MP3 Easily

Vanessa Chiang posted on Sep 22, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

Have you ever downloaded or recorded an audio file in mp3 format, but its volume is too low?

Low volume audio files can let people down since they are useless, especially when one cannot rerecord the original audio or get another file. Increasing the volume of mp3 audios can quickly be done with a couple of audio editing apps or online editing tools.

In this article, there are a couple of methods that you can utilize to fix the low sound level for an audio file without quality loss. If you plan to process just a single audio file, an online tool could be an easy choice. But in case you need more options or have to adjust the volume of many files, a desktop audio editing program will probably be a better choice.


How to Increase Volume of MP3 on Windows

On Windows, without any doubt, EaseUS Video Editor is the most suitable tool for audio editing.

EaseUS Video Editor is an all-in-one video and audio editing tool that can perform a variety of functions. Users can use this application to crop a video, add music to video without watermark, transcribe speech to text, increase the video or audio volume, and so on.

EaseUS Video Editor offers us dual methods to boost the mp3 audio significantly. That means using this software, you have two chances to increase the audio volume, to make your low volume video or music become more audible.

easeus video editor increase audio volume

Features of EaseUS Video Editor: 

  • The easy-to-use interface even for beginners
  • Offers extensive video effects including background music, text, transitions
  • Export configuration allows you to choose quality for audio and video formats
  • Directly upload to social media sites and online storage devices
  • Enhance audio and video properties
  • Increase speed and change duration
  • Speech and Text Converter helps create transcripts for any video
System requirement: Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10

Supported video/audio formats:

Video - mp4, WMV, Avi, MPEG, VOB, and more

Audio - m4a, mp3, aac, and more

Supported image formats: BMP, jpg, png, gif, tiff, and more
Video platform:  Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, and more

In the table above, more information about EaseUS Video Editor can be queried. 

Steps to increase the volume of mp3:

Method One:

Step 1. Import Video

Choose the desired aspect ratio to begin. Click the "Import" function to add your video to the Media area.

Import video file

Step 2. Adjust Video Volume Louder

On the right side of the main screen, you can see a Volume button, click it, then you can adjust the video volume louder.

Edit volume button

Step 3. Edit Background Volume

If you want to increase your background volume when you are editing your video. First, you need to add background music to your video, and then repeat step 1 to adjust lower video volume. In the end, select music and click “Edit” button, you can see a volume button in the top, adjusting louder or lower you want. When you finish your operation, click “OK” to save you edit.

edit audio volume

Step 4. Export Video

After editing your video, save and export your video. You can export your video to any popular video format. And you also can choose TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and many others and directly upload the ready-made vlog video to the vlogging platform.

Export video and save

Method Two:

Step 1. Open this software, import the video file, or drag the video into the timeline.

Step 2. Click the "Volume" button on the right side of the main screen to increase the video volume.

boost video volume

Step 3. When you finish editing, click the "Export" button to export and save your mp3 video.

How to Increase Volume of MP3 on Mac

#1. Audacity

Audacity is a free, cross-platform, and open-source software for multi-track recording and editing. It supports Windows, macOS X, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems. All these factors help Audacity gained a lot of welcomes all over the world.

Additionally, users can expand the usage of Audacity with plugins that add new effects. There is no limit on the size or length of your projects, and no feature is locked behind a paywall.

To increase the volume of mp3,  Audacity has an amplifying effect feature that can adjust the volume of your selected audio. You can also apply other effects such as tempo, speed, pitch, and bass to enrich the contents of your audio.

Moreover, Audacity can not only help you change the volume of audio but also equalize, decrease, and normalize the volume of tracks or recordings without restrictions.

change volume on mac using audacity


  • Support 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit audio files
  • Support for LADSPA, LV2, Nyquist, VST, and audio unit effect plugins
  • Support basic editing functions like cutting, copying, pasting, and deleting 
  • Record live audio through a microphone or mixer

Steps to increase the volume of mp3 with Audacity:

Step 1. To increase volume with Audacity, import the audio file and click and drag inside the waveform to select the portion of the audio track.

Step 2. From the top navigation pane, navigate to Effects -> Amplify.

Step 3. Here, adjust the sound level until you are satisfied. Make sure not to allow it to go beyond the edges. We do recommend you to start with small increments of amplification such as 5 or 10 dB.

Step 4. Once done, move to File -> Export and choose the file format to export it.

#2. VLC Media Player

As one of the hugely popular and utterly free applications, VLC supports almost all file formats so that users don't need to download additional codecs.

VLC can perform various functions such as optimizing video and audio playback for a device. Additionally, its features can be extended infinitely with downloadable plugins. It can even play videos during the downloading process. 

If a video or audio is too quiet, you can manually increase the film's volume up to 200% and more. The application processes file blazingly fast, and it does everything flawlessly without spyware, ads, or anything else unnecessary.

change volume using vlc for mac


  • Support a variety of formats
  • Can be used as a format conversion tool
  • Download videos from the web
  • Add effects to audio files, edit sound levels, and more

Steps to increase mp3 volume with VLC:

Step 1. Import the mp3 file into VLC and navigate to Tools -> Preferences.

Step 2. Select the "All" button under the Show Settings at the bottom of the window.

Step 3. Under Audio-> General Audio Settings, you will find an option for "Audio Gain." You can increase it up to 8 levels, set a value according to your needs. 

How to Increase Volume of MP3 Online

#1. TwistedWave

TwistedWave is a free browser-based online audio editor. It requires no initial installation, therefore, users need only a web browser with an internet connection to access it.

It can be used for recording or editing any audio file. The entire audio file is stored and processed on the server, leaving out the unnecessary hassle of downloading or saving your work when you complete your editing. TwistedWave allows users to add, remove, or record audio tracks easily. Additionally, there are unlimited undo and redo tools that work instantly.

increase volume online using twistedwave


  • The web-based tool needs no installation
  • Cloud storage - save and edit files on the cloud
  • Trim, split, edit audio files online

Steps to increase mp3 volume with TwistedWave:

Step 1.  Open the page of the online tool and upload your files.

Step 2.  TwistedWave will open the editor in a new browser window. Now, at the top under Effects -> Amplify, you'll find a volume slider. Drag the volume slider to the right to increase the volume of the audio file.

Step 3. Once done, move to the File menu and then choose the "Download" button to save the file to your device.

Website: https://twistedwave.com/online

#2. MP3Louder

Another web-based tool that allows users to adjust the volume level of mp3 audio files online is MP3Louder.

Users can tweak the volume levels of an mp3 file to make it louder. It can boost the volume of mp3 files up to 50 times the original volume directly from your web browser, without any additional installation. Unlike TwistedWave, you can not close the web page during the process of encoding the file.

mp3 louder increase volume


  • No need for installation
  • Increase/decrease volume of audio files online
  • No need for registration

Steps to increase mp3 volume with MP3Louder:

Step 1. Open the page of the online tool and upload your files.

Step 2. Under the Select Action menu, choose "Increase Volume," and under "How Many Decibels," select the amount of loudness you would like to increase.

Step 3. Under the Select Channels drop-down, choose either from Every Channel, Left or Right according to your preference, and click on Upload Now.

Step 4. Wait for the tool to complete processing. Once done, you'll find a "Download" button to download your newly edited file.

Website: https://www.mp3louder.com/


There are many specific ways to increase the mp3 volume quickly, but not all tools are so safe that they can ensure the security of your data. Additionally, not all devices can provide users with lossless audio sounds. However, EaseUS Video Editor not only offers a great variety of tools onboard but also ensures your data safety. Therefore, it is our first recommendation for anyone who wants to make an mp3 file louder.

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