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How to Edit an Instagram Post on Windows/Mac/Online

Jane Zhou updated on Dec 22, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the largest photo and video sharing websites out there. If you are on the site, you probably view hundreds, if not thousands, of photos on this site. Before you post something on the site, you must edit your Instagram post using the best tools that are out there. It is important to ensure that your Instagram post looks appealing to your audience. There are various apps available to help you edit your Instagram post, and here we will show you how to do that task on your Windows PC, Mac computer, and browser apps. When you use these apps and edit your Instagram posts, your posts look much better and enhanced when they go live on the platform.

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How to Edit an Instagram Post on Windows PC

Even though Instagram is not officially available as an app for Windows PCs, you can edit your Instagram posts on your Windows-based computer using a third-party tool. Just because the official developers have not released an editing app does not mean you cannot do any editing at all. EaseUS Video Editor is video editing software that lets you edit your videos and apply effects to them, but you can use it to modify your Instagram posts as well.

Once you have grabbed the app off of its official website, all you need to do is add your Instagram post content to it, and it will let you make it Instagram-ready for you. There are many tools that you can play with to edit and enhance your posts for the platform. The following are some of the main features concerning editing Instagram posts with this app.


  • Rotate your Instagram posts
  • Change background color for your posts
  • Perform color correction in your photos and videos
  • Make a slow-motion video
  • Crop your posts
  • Add text to your posts
  • Apply various filters to your Instagram posts
  • Make a slideshow with music

How to Edit an Instagram Post using EaseUS Video Editor:

Making changes to your Instagram post is pretty easy with EaseUS Video Editor. As said earlier, all you need to do is load your content into the app, and you can start editing the post. The following covers the steps for how you can do this on your computer.

Step 1. Open EaseUS Video Editor

You'll see there are 4:3 and 16:9 modes for your choice. Select the correct mode based on your original video aspect ratio or the websites that your video will be uploaded to.

select your mode

Step 2. Import Videos

You can import the media that you are going to edit, apply texts/filters/overlays/transitions to the video clips. If you install and run the program for the first time, you can learn how to use the basic editing functions step by step via the prompts.

import video files

Step 3. Add to Project

Add video clips to the timeline panel by dragging and dropping from the Media Library. You can also right-click the clips in the "Media" and choose "Add to Project" to load them to the timeline.

add to project

Step 4. Edit Videos

Right-click the video and select "Edit".

edit video-1

Then, you can split, trim, speed, rotate, add watermark or enhance video clips.

edit video-2

Step 5. Export Projects

Click "Export" in the Toolbar to export the project. There are four available ways to save the project.

export videos

If you are interested, you may download this program from the official download link below.

How to Edit an Instagram Post on Mac

If you use a Mac and you are looking to edit an Instagram post, you are not out of luck. There are many options for editing Instagram posts for Mac machines as well, and you can use any of these tools to edit your content before it is published on your Instagram account. One of the apps you can use to edit an Instagram post on your Mac is iMovie. It is a free video editing program by Apple that allows you to create and edit various types of media content on your iOS and Mac devices. You can use it to edit your posts by loading your content into the app and then applying various effects as you need.

If you would like to try out iMovie for editing your Instagram post, you may want to find out how exactly you can use this app for editing your posts. The steps below will walk you through the entire process of editing social media posts in iMovie on a Mac computer.

imovie edit an instagram

Step 1. Launch the iMovie app on your Mac and start a new project. This will keep the Instagram post-project aside from all other projects on your Mac.

Step 2. When you reach the main interface, click on the option that says "File" at the top and select "Import Media". This will let you add media files from your computer to the iMovie app. Add all of the files that you will be using for your post.

Step 3. Drag your files over to the timeline so they can be edited. Then, click on your file, and you will activate all the editing tools in the app. If you want to correct the colors, click on the "Color correction" icon at the top of your screen.

Step 4. If you would like to add transitions to your post, click on the "Transitions" tab at the top, and it will let you choose from several options.

Step 5. Finally, when you have completed editing your post, click on the "File" menu at the top and choose "Share". Then, choose the output format for your post, and it will be saved accordingly on your computer.


  • Support for several file formats for loading content
  • Edit both images and videos for your Instagram posts
  • Add multiple files for your Instagram posts at once
  • Add various titles and effects to your post
  • Fix shakiness in your video posts


  • Easy to use interface
  • Modern editing tools
  • Export your post in image and video formats


  • There are not many output formats
  • Lack of fancy filters and effects
  • Sometimes the app crashes unexpectedly

Download Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/imovie/id408981434?mt=12

How to Edit an Instagram Post Online

Desktop tools are ideal for editing Instagram posts when you have several posts to edit. If you are only looking to edit one or a few posts, then you might be better off using an online tool for your task. Many browser-based apps allow you to edit your post content without actually having to install anything on your computer. One of these online tools is Adobe Spark, and it allows you to create brand new Instagram posts as well as edit the existing ones right from your web browsers. If you choose to use this tool, it is highly unlikely you will need anything else to make some amazing looking posts for your Instagram followers.

Using Adobe Spark to edit your content is fairly easy, and you will rarely get stuck anywhere. However, for your convenience, we have compiled the following steps that will teach you how you can go about editing your posts with this web-based app.

adobe edit an instagram

Step 1. Open a new tab in your browser and head over to the Adobe Spark site. Log-in to your account if you have not already done so.

Step 2. Once you have logged in, it will offer several post types that you can create with the tool. Click on the option that says "Instagram post" to edit an Instagram post.

Step 3. On the following screen, you will see a blank canvas waiting for you to add content to your post. To get started, click on "Add" in the right sidebar and choose "Photo" to add a photo to your post.

Step 4. When the photo is added, click on "Colors" in the sidebar to choose and apply various color styles to your post.

Step 5. After you have finished editing your Instagram post, you may want to save it to your computer. To do this, click on the button that says "Download" at the top, and the post will be saved to your machine.


  • Predefined templates for your Instagram posts
  • Several themes to choose from for your posts
  • Change the layout for your content
  • Add various color schemes to your posts
  • Multiple size options for Instagram posts


  • Web-based and requires no installation
  • Runs on Adobe's robust infrastructure
  • Live preview of your edited posts


  • It leaves a watermark on your posts
  • Downloading files sometimes takes too long
  • It is not ideal for editing several posts as uploading and downloading will take forever


On platforms like Instagram, your posts must stand out of the crowd if you are looking to get a good number of likes and shares for your posts. One way to do this is to ensure your posts look good. Using an app like EaseUS Video Editor, you can easily and quickly edit your Instagram posts on your device. This way, your posts will look more appealing and will get more exposure. There are tools for Mac and online users as well in case you use these platforms to edit your posts. Check them out in the article.

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