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How to Brighten Video: Adjust Video Brightness in Windows, Android and iOS

Vanessa Chiang updated on Mar 22, 2021 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

When It Is Necessary to Brighten Video

You just don't need a tripod to take control of your camera and to ensure you get the best video under challenging conditions. A lot of work is required at the back-end. So, it's essential to equip yourself with an adequate editing suite. This description especially holds for videos that are shot under dark conditions (Night mode) and therefore need to be appropriately calibrated (brighten video) as you can't make significant changes to your shooting style. The role of video brightness editor comes into play here.

That said, there are plenty of options available that are suitable for a wide variety of individuals, ranging from beginner and home use to professional and studio-quality grade. EaseUS Video Editor, by far, takes the lead in this video editor domain, offers the easiest way to brighten a dark video clip by increasing the brightness and adjusting the contrast ratio. Likewise, you can lower or raise the saturation level to enhance the intensity of a color. The higher the saturation of a color, the more vivid a video appears!

Apart from the above, you can use this cool video editing software to add various filters like Grayscale, etc. to make individual sections look more vibrant and less faded without sacrificing overall quality. Fixing a video's white balance and hues will help you to set the mood. So, let's see how to exploit this capability in EaseUS Video Editor without making videos appear overexposed or granulated.

How to Brighten Video with EaseUS Video Brightness Editor

EaseUS Video Editor is suitable for anyone who wants to be a movie-maker. Its suite of editing tools can ensure you get the desired brightness that matches the brightness of other videos you are editing it with.

Features in Adjusting Video Brightness

EaseUS Video Editor offers three major options to adjust video brightness or change video brightness.

Contrast: Brightness is a measure of overall 'lightness or darkness' levels of the video. On the other hand, contrast represents the amount of difference between the lightness and darkness. Contrast adjustment remaps image intensity values to the full display range of the data type. An image with good contrast has sharp differences between black and white.

Saturation: Lowering the saturation level of a video can have a 'muting' or calming effect while increasing it can increase the feel of the vividness of the scene. In short, adjusting the Saturation level lets you balance settings to make a video appear cooler or warmer. If the footage is bluish, it has a cooler setting. If it looks like the sunset, it has a warmer setting. It is essential to maintain a delicate balance between the two, as too much adjustment can lead to over-saturation. It has an adverse effect as viewers may experience an unnatural color spill-over effect.

Brightness: While it is not easy to estimate the perceptive visual impact of brightness as different screens may have different color profiles, it is recommended to set brightness to tonal values that expand image highlights. Also, it is essential to note that when you adjust the brightness, the contrast level will also change. So, be aware that exposure is not the same as brightness.

Step 1.  Import Video clip and add to the timeline.

Launch EaseUS Video Editor, and then select the aspect ratio. The next step is to import the video using the import link or simply drag and drop the file to the video tab. Now its time to arrange the videos on the timeline, followed by basic editing to remove parts of the video, which is not required.

import file in easeus video editor

Step 2.  Brighten the video

If the video clip appears to be very dark, double-click the clip in the timeline area to open a new menu displaying various options. These options will allow you to brighten the video to the desired level. Simply move and adjust the sliding bars to a suitable point. Along with the brightness slider, you also have the option to change contrast, saturation, hue, highlight, and shadow. While they don't control brightness, they do impact the overall result. So make sure to adjust them for the best results.

easeus video editor adjust video brightness

Video Brightness Apps for Mobile Phones

Using a video brightness app seems to be the most viable solution to brighten a video on iPhone or Android. When shooting videos in low light such as beachside part, marriage nights, disco, the videos turn out to be dark. It is possible to use mobile apps to adjust video brightness right away. Also, the processing of video after changing brightness is faster, thanks to the powerful hardware specs of the phones these days.

1. Beecut

Download: https://beecut.com/

With this app in hand, you can accurately brighten or lighten the videos and merge clips with one click. You need to use the filter to brighten up the videos. Also, the app offers enough leeway for editing the video frame by frame accurately by zooming the timeline. It is one of the highly recommended apps for creating educational content, program introduction, short video ads, and so on. Use it to create a unique and stunning video instantly.

brighten video with beecut

2. VivaVideo

Download: https://www.vivavideo.tv/

This app is a professional-level video editor that can add effects, trim, split, add transitions, and more to any video. The app offers filter control that can change the brightness of the video, contrast saturation, and .temperature. Apart from brightness correction, you can also add multiple images and videos to create a mix that looks better in the final video. Once you have the video, select the clip you want to edit, and then go to Filters and then adjust. Here you can change the visual aspects of the video, including the brightness.

brighten video with vivavideo

3. InShot

Download: http://www.inshot.com/

Another excellent video brightness changer for mobiles which offers features such as split, edit, trim, add filters, create a collage, and more. To change the brightness of the video, you will need to add the video and then choose a filter. Here you will have the option to change brightness under the Adjust menu. Use the slider to change the level of brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, etc. Make sure to split the videos before changing brightness unless you want to apply it throughout the video.

brighten video with inshot


As you can see that there are mobile apps available, that can change the brightness of the videos, but the editors are not easy to use if you need to do that for many videos. If you need to edit a lot of videos, remove unnecessary parts, then its best to choose EaseUS video editor. All you will need is to download the videos on your computer, and then edit it right away. 

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