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Top 20 Cool Video Editor Apps for Your Devices

Daisy posted on Mar 31, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

When it comes to editing videos, you have dozens of options available in the market to do so. There are various types of video editing apps available to help you edit your videos. However, not all of those fall in the cool video editor apps category. A cool video editor lets you edit and retouch your videos in many cool ways that not all video editor apps can do.

If you prefer using such software or an app to edit your videos, the following listicle on some of the best video editor apps in the cool category is for you.

App 1. EaseUS Video Editor

There are many reasons why you should choose EaseUS Video Editor as the primary editing app for your videos. One of the reasons is its simplicity and ease of use. Second, the app has a clean and nice interface to help you import and edit your video files.

It is indeed a cool video editor app with a number of effects and transitions available in it. The following is a list of the features you get with this app on your computer.

Cool Video Editing Features:

  • Clutter-free video editing experience
  • Multi-track editing
  • Support for various file formats
  • Add text, effects, and transitions to your videos
  • Fix your low-res videos
  • Change color levels for your video
  • Adjust the speed of your video
  • Remove audio from your video
  • Drag and drop your files to import them

The great thing about the app is that it runs on most computer setups out there. You do not need to go out and get an ultra-expensive computer to use the app. It should run on the very computer that you are currently using to read this article.

How to Make Your Videos Look Cool with EaseUS Video Editor:

If you want to try this app out for your cool video editing tasks, you may be interested in finding out how you can use the app to do so. This section teaches you how to do just that.

Step 1. Import Target Files

Launch EaseUS Video Editor, select a desired aspect ratio on the main screen: 9:16, 16:9, or 4:3.

Import target files like GoPro shots, game screenshots, photos, music, etc. by clicking "Import" or dragging it into EaseUS Video Editor.

Import files to create a video

Step 2. Add Files to Projects

Right-click on the imported files one by one and select "Add to project".

Add imported files to project

Step 3. Add Effects and Edit Video

EaseUS Video Editor contains many visual effects, such as Text templets, Filters, Overlays, Transitions, Animation Elements, and Background Music, etc. to help you create a magic video.

To add them, you need to download these effects in advance. Then select video project, right-click downloaded effects and select "Add to Project". 

  • Text: You can input and add words to your video as Opener, Title, Subtitle.
  • Filter: Beautify your videos with up to 49 filters.
  • Overlay: Personalize your video with over 30 frames.
  • Transitions: Add visual effect to your video between clips, transiting naturally.
  • Elements: Add animated elements to video, making it more interesting.
  • Music: Over 100 background music templates, satisfy your diversified needs. 

You may use the timeline and drag them to re-place them to the desired position. Timeline with the tool menu can help you edit, split, delete, crop, zoom, freeze frame, set duration, record voice over, convert speech to text or vice versa in a video.

Step 4. Export Video

When you finish editing the video, click "Export" on the top menu bar, select the desired format for your video, rename it, browse a safe location and click "Export" to save it on your PC.

Export and save video 

You will see how much your video has improved over the unedited one once you watch it on your computer.

App 2. InShot

inshot - cool video editor

InShot is a preferred video editor for many users as it lets you easily and quickly edit your videos the way you want on your mobile devices. It is available for both Android and iOS devices, and it works pretty much the same way on both device types.

Some of the things you can do with the app include trim your video, remove certain parts from your video, merge clips, and even change the video speed. As you start using the app, you learn all the functions available in it and eventually improve your editing skills as well.

The app allows you to add stickers to your videos as well, and you can have these items sync with the contents of your video.

App 3. Splice Video Editor

splice video editor - cool video editor

Splice is not just a video editor but it is a video maker as well. It comes equipped with many powerful editing tools to help you turn your videos into cool videos and that too with ease. You can selectively add content to the app and then edit them using many of the tools available in the app.

Some of the things you may want to do with the app include merging multiple of your favorite clips, syncing your videos with the audio, adding texts and styles, and removing unwanted parts from your videos. It offers some tools as part of in-app purchases so you can purchase and get more done with the app.

Once you have edited your video, you can then share it pretty easily using the built-in share options. You can also save the video as a file in your camera roll if you want.

App 4. Adobe Premiere Pro

adobe premiere pro - cool video editor

People who usually go for the Adobe Premiere Pro are the ones who have not found the features they were looking for in other apps. It is robust editing software that helps you create stunning and professional movies out of your raw footage.

Soon as you import your video in the app, you are presented with all the powerful editing tools the app has to offer. You can choose to trim your video, split it, add numerous effects to it, and even use green-screen effects if you want.

The app supports editing video of 8K quality as well, which means you can now make your high-res videos even better by using multiple editing tools of this app on your computer.

App 5. Lightworks

lightworks - cool video editor

If you are looking to get something real done, Lightworks is the video editor app you need. Having been used in several popular Hollywood movies, the app is a complete solution and package for all of your cool video editing needs.

It comes with an easy to use a timeline that allows for quick editing and management of your files. It even connects you to some of the amazing audio and video content that you can freely use in your video files. If you want some superheroic effects, the app has you covered with its FX repository of effects.

Finally, when you have finished editing your video, you can export it to various formats using the app on your machine.

App 6. Shotcut

shotcut - cool video editor

Shotcut is a free video editing app for those of you who use multiple operating systems on daily basis. When you switch an OS, you are normally required to switch the video editing app as well. That means having to learn new tools and interfaces to edit your videos.

This app is available for all major platforms out there including Windows, Mac, and Linux. This way you get the same and seamless experience no matter what platform you use. Speaking of the features, it comes with support for wide videos, device and transport options, and an easy to use interface.

It supports dozens of file formats, lets you edit videos frame by frame, allows you to directly record from your webcam, and even has an audio editor to help edit the audio part of your videos.

App 7. VSDC Video Editor

vsdc video editor - cool video editor

VSDC has been a known name in the basic video editing field as the app lets you edit your videos with some of the basic tools that most people use. It is a non-linear video editor that does not follow sequential methods of editing your video files.

It comes preloaded with dozens of audio and video effects, and since this number is quite large, the effects have been put in various categories. It makes it easier for you to find the effects you want and add them real quickly to your videos.

Some of its features include blending of your elements, filters like Instagram, masking, and motion tracking. Once you are done editing your video, you can export it to various social networks out there, from within the app.

App 8. Avidemux

avidemux - cool video editor

Avidemux is a go-to cool video editing solution for users who are not ready to spend bucks on an app but still want something powerful. Using the app, you can perform all the basic tasks you would normally want to do on your video files.

These tasks include trimming your video, filtering your video, and mixing audio in your video files. If you are not happy with the current audio in your video, you can get it fixed with the audio filters in the app. You can also use it to convert your files from one format to another.

It is available for all three major platforms and so you should be able to use it regardless of what computer you use.

App 9. HitFilm Express

hitfilm express - cool video editor

If you are looking to make your videos look cool but you have not got a budget to do it, HitFilm Express could be a good choice for you. The reason you are recommended to use it is that it has got all the professional-grade VFX tools you need to edit your videos and make them look stunning.

It allows you to do both 2D and 3D editing, has hundreds of effects to add to your videos, has multiple tracks, and offers learning guides to help you get started with your video projects. It is a great app to edit videos for YouTube vloggers, gamers, and even filmmakers.

If you are considering using the app, make sure you have either a Windows or Mac machine.

App 10. iMovie

imovie - cool video editor

iMovie is made by Apple and since it is easy to grab and use on most Apple devices, it is a go-to video editing app for most Apple device users out there. Since it comes from the same developer as your Mac and iOS device, it integrates very well with your devices and lets you quickly get started on your video editing tasks.

With the iMovie on your Mac, you can fix your shaky videos, adjust color and contrast levels for your videos, remove audio from your video, and perform other basic tasks like trimming and splitting your video files.

It is only available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac and it does not work on Windows or Linux computers.

App 11. Clips

clips - cool video editor

Clips is for those of you who are looking to make new videos or wanting to turn your existing video clips into something really cool. With the app on your devices, you can either record a new video or select an already-available video on your device to edit it.

You can then add animoji and emojis to your videos, apply various filters including some artistic ones, add stickers, add texts, and even create 360-degree videos. The latter lets you pretend you are somewhere else and helps create a selfie-style video to share with your friends.

You can use the app to add music to your videos as well. If you have already created something in Garageband, you can import and use it in Clips pretty easily.

App 12. Quik

quik - cool video editor

Quik is one of the cool video editing apps developed by GoPro but you do not need to have a GoPro device to be able to use the app. You can install and use it on your devices without owning a GoPro device and it will work just fine.

With the app on your device, you can quickly and easily create some stunning videos by mixing your audio and video files. If you are looking to do more than that, you have several other tools as well such as panning effects, graphs, and time-lapse options.

There is an advantage if you use it with a GoPro device. You can easily import clips from your device and then edit them with the app.

App 13. LumaFusion

lumafusion - cool video editor

Each video out there tells a cool story, and if you want for the world to watch yours, you are going to have to edit it with the LumaFusion video editing app. It is one of the powerful apps to ever exist for people to make some really cool videos, and you can use it to create and edit just about any videos you want.

From the ability to have your files in multi-tracks to adding layers to your projects for precise editing, the app has it all that you would ever need to edit your videos. Your files could spread over six tracks, you can add dual music files, and you can also create both slow and fast motion videos with the app.

App 14. PowerDirector

powerdirector - cool video editor

PowerDirector has been around for quite a long time, and if you have delved into video editing in the past decade or so, you have likely heard or used this app to make some good videos on your devices. The app helps you produce professional-grade videos using its tools on your computer.

Using the app, you can add custom shapes to your videos, apply various effects related to the motion of your video, and even create title reveal masks. If you are a social media aficionado, you are going to like the app’s ability to help create square-type videos for your Instagram and Facebook accounts. It is sure to help you be a little more popular on these platforms with your cool videos.

App 15. Magisto

magisto - cool video editor

Unlike other video editing apps, Magisto is a smart app that helps create outstanding videos in a matter of a few minutes on your devices. The app aims to help you create cool and eye-catching videos for your marketing strategies.

With the app on your devices, you can be ready with your next video marketing campaign in no time. You can have your video edited with some of the amazing tools available out there, and it sure helps remove the dull parts from your video files.

If you have a video marketing project that has been stuck due to the lack of an appropriate video editing app, now is the chance to resume the project and get it done without any further delays.

App 16. Final Cut Pro

final cut pro - cool video editor

Final Cut Pro is similar to Adobe Premiere Pro when it comes to editing your videos on a professional scale. With this powerful app installed on your machine, you are never going to get disappointed due to the lack of a certain option to edit your videos.

It packs all the features that you would need in your life to make your videos look more cool and professional. With features like trim, cut, effects, and built-in templates, you can get a whole lot of things done for your videos on your machine.

It is a non-linear app and supports editing videos that have quality up to 8K. It is currently one of the best professional video apps you can get.

App 17. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

corel videostudio - cool video editor

A video only remains a video until you edit it and add things to it that make it a movie. With the Corel VideoStudio Ultimate app for your devices, you can do just that for the videos lying around on your phones and computers. This single app is sufficient to turn those boring phone-captured videos into something interesting.

Inside the app, you get features like the ability to transform your videos, apply masks to them, adjust the color levels for your footage, and use some of the newly-introduced smart video editing options. It comes with several templates and overlays in case you cannot think of something of your own and you would rather add something pre-built.

It supports 4K, HD, as well as 360 videos and it is overall a great app to have to edit your videos.

App 18. Pinnacle Studio

pinnacle studio - cool video editor

Pinnacle Studio is an all-in-one video editing app to create some cool looking videos, but it is more tailored towards those of you who upload their videos to YouTube. It is especially useful if you have several cameras recording your videos as it fully supports them.

One of the great things about the app is that it comes loaded with over 2,000 effects and templates. That pretty much covers everything you will ever want to do to your videos. You can use it to edit your 4K videos as well and it offers an unlimited number of tracks to help you do it.

It can help split-up your screen as well so you can see two things at a time. You can try out their free version and see if it meets your specific needs.

App 19. Nero Video

nero video - cool video editor

Back in the day when disc burning apps were popular, Nero was a pretty popular name. It helped you create various types of discs and use them with any of your media players. The company has now come up with an app called Nero Video to help you edit and make your videos look cool on your devices.

It now boats well over a thousand effects and themes and an option to create an interesting video with the click of a single button. It provides maximum flexibility to accommodate all the editing tools you need, such as the effects for entry and exit of your video, background music, slow-motion, titles, and various other items.

App 20. DaVinci Resolve

davinci resolve - cool video editor

Often when you want to edit a video on a professional level, you need to use multiple apps to accomplish what you desire. However, with the DaVinci Resolve app, that is no longer needed. The app is capable of handling many types of tasks so you do not need a separate app for each of your video and audio editing tasks.

You can use the app to do 8K video editing, correct colors in your videos, apply effects, and export your videos in many file formats. If you work somewhere where there is a group of people working on a single video, you can have them collaborate on your video editing task in the app.


Not all the video editors are created equal, and when you are looking to make your videos cool, you want to make sure you get some of the best video editing apps to do the task on your devices. Our handpicked list of apps above should help you narrow down your choices and get you the app that you have been looking for all this time.

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