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How to Convert AVI to MOV on Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android/Online

Tracy King updated on Dec 11, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

With the popularity of video blogs, the fast growth video social media platforms, video has become an interesting new way to expand your influence online. Video also becomes a useful media for sharing people's creative thoughts, inspirations, and fantastic moments of their life to their clients, colleagues, and friends. 

AVI and MOV as two popular file formats of videos are recently being discussed over and over for which is better. And the top concerned question is how to convert AVI to MOV or vice versa.

If you don't know to choose which format - AVI or MOV for your video, follow to find an answer on this page. Or, if you want to find an easy way to convert your video from AVI to MOV, read on to find the best AVI to MOV converter software for Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android/Online

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AVI and MOV, as two popular video formats, are widely used among video artists, movie makers, editors, bloggers, YouTubers. However, many ordinary people and beginners don't know the difference between AVI and MOV. This is what we will discuss in this part, and you may follow the comparison table to check out the difference between these two video formats:

  • AVI: Audio Video Interleave is a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft in November 1992.
  • MOV: It's a QuickTime file format that works as a multimedia container, developed by Apple in December 1991.
Comparison AVI MOV
Container For Audio, Video Audio, Video, Text
Chapters Yes (Via third-party modifications) Yes
Subtitles Yes (Via third-party modifications) Yes
Codec support Doesn't support MP4 codecs. Supports MP4 codecs like H.264
Media Player Support Playable on any computer or multimedia device. Not supported by some media players or applications.

Why Need to Convert AVI to MOV

It's essential to set the right file format for your video. According to the above comparison table, you may have a basic understanding of the difference between AVI and MOV.

It's evident that AVI is more popular but takes a bigger file size with more inferior quality than MOV. And here we have a few pieces of advice that can help you to set the right format for your videos:

  1. 1. If you want to create a highly compatible video to be played on all multimedia players or applications, AVI is the best.
  2. 2. If you need to create a high-quality video with 1080P or 4K resolution but taking a small file size, MOV is the best choice.
  3. 3. If you need to embed the latest MP4 codecs like H.264 to your video, MOV is the best.

Due to the limits of AVI file and the improvements in modern video codecs, AVI format has been superseded by more advanced formats like MOV. If you have made a decision to convert your AVI video to MOV, you can continue reading. 

In the next part, you will find seven best AVI to MOV converters with detailed guidance to switch your already created AVI video to MOV on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, or Online with ease.

How to Convert AVI to MOV (With 7 Best AVI to MOV Converter)

Choosing the right file format for your video is an essential factor that may affect your video quality, video uploading speed, and video sharing experience among your audiences online. 

Here in this part, you will uncover seven best AVI to MOV converter software and detailed guidance on how to convert AVI to MOV with these converters.

1] Convert AVI to MOV on Windows
- EaseUS Video Editor
- Windows Media Player
2] Convert AVI to MOV on Mac
- Quick Time
- iMovie
3] Convert AVI to MOV on iPhone
- Video Converter for iPhone
4] Convert AVI to MOV on Android 
- Video Converter Android
5] Convert AVI to MOV Online
- Online-Convert

Pick up any recommended converter to switch your video file format from .avi to .mov with ease now. 

(These tools recommend here also works to change MOV to MP4, MOV to AVI, etc.)

Convert AVI to MOV on Windows

If you search AVI to MOV converters, overwhelmed results may surpass your expectations. Meanwhile, you will spend time and money on testing the recommendations.

To save your precious time and energy, we will introduce two tested & proven efficient tools to you here. EaseUS Video Editor and Windows Media Player can help you switch video formats in only a few simple clicks. If you are a Windows user, check this out and follow to change your AVI video to MOV with ease now.

# 1. EaseUS Video Editor - Best AVI to MOV Converter for All Levels of Users



EaseUS Video Editor, a fresh released but contains powerful features, can be considered as the best video editing software for beginners. It catches millions of users' attention immediately with its abundant video editing features, like video rotating, clipping, trimming, combining with fully-featured visual effects. 

Its high compatibility for video and audio formats like .avi, .mov, .mp4. etc. also makes EaseUS Video Editor an excellent video converter.

With an intuitive interface and clear guidance, all levels of users can apply this software to create a masterpiece or convert videos to the desired format.

Pros & Cons: 


  • Support Windows 10/8/7
  • Support 100+ visual effects, music backgrounds, transitions, etc.
  • Fully support of video conversion - video to audio, like .mp3 to .mp4, .avi to .mov, etc.
  • Free to convert, extract videos, audios.


  • It doesn't work on Mac.

How to Use - Convert AVI to MOV with EaseUS Video Editor

Step 1. Import the source file

Launch EaseUS Video Editor. On the home screen, you can import the source file by either clicking the "Import" option or simply dragging the video to the appropriate area.

import file

Step 2. Add to project

You need to add the imported file to the track by choosing the "Add to Project" option, or you can drag and place the video to the track as you want.

add to project

Step 3. Export the source file

Now you can click "Export" on the main menu on the top.


Step 4. Save as MP4/AVI/WMV/MKV/MOV/GIF

Under the "Video" tab, choose a file format among the available options as the desired video file format. 

add to project

On the right pane, you can edit the file name, customize an output folder and settings and then click "Export".

add to project

# 2. Windows Media Player

Download: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/14209/get-windows-media-player

Windows Media Player


Windows Media Player is a Windows-based player aiming to serve Windows users to play movies, music videos on computers or laptops for free. Unlike a video converter or video editing software, it's originally designed as a multimedia player. 

Although a player, users sometimes also use this software as a converter for switching video formats, like from .mov to .mp4, etc.

Pros & Cons:


  • 100% Free
  • Support multiple video and image formats


  • Limited functions

How to Use - Convert AVI to MOV with Windows Media Player

Step 1. Open Windows Media Player, click "File" > "Open" to select the AVI video that you want to convert to MOV.

Use Windows Media Player to convert AVI video.

Step 2. After selecting the AVI file, go to "Organize" > "Options".

Open AVI file.

Step 3. Go to the Rip Music tab, click "Change" to select a safe location for saving the converted AVI file and set format as "MOV".

Step 4. Click "Apply" and "OK" to confirm all the changes.

Convert AVI to MOV in Windows Media Player.

Convert AVI to MOV on Mac

As for video converter software for Mac, you can also find uncountable tools for .avi to .mov conversion tools.

For a free solution, we would like to recommend you use two Mac-based tools developed by Apple.Inc. - QuickTime Player and iMovie.

Both two tools are free but practical in converting AVI to MOV. Let's check:

# 1. QuickTime Player

Download: https://support.apple.com/downloads/quicktime

QuickTime Player


Like Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player is also a multimedia player designed by Apple to serve users view Internet videos, HD movies, and personal media in a wide range of file formats.

Similarly, besides playing videos, audios, etc., Mac users sometimes also use this application as a video conversion tool. It means that you may also apply QuickTime Player to convert files such as from AVI to MOV.

Pros & Cons:


  • Automatically included with macOS
  • Works with iTunes files
  • Easy to use interface


  • Not compatible with Windows
  • Lack of additional features

How to Use - Convert AVI Video to MOV with QuickTime Player

Note that QuickTime only plays AVI files with M-JPEG video. If your AVI video is not with these codecs, you will need to use another video converter tool for help.

Here is the process of converting AVI (with M-JEPG) to MOV:

Step 1. Click "Finder", select "Open File" and select the AVI file.

Step 2. Right-click the AVI file and select "Open With", then select QuickTime.

Step 3. Go to File, click "Export" or "Export As" on the File menu. Set the resolution for the video.

Convert AVI to MOV in QuickTime Player

Step 4. Set or navigation a location and click "Save".

There, the video is now with .mov format.

# 2. iMovie

Download: https://www.apple.com/imovie/



Like QuickTime Player, iMovie is another free media player that allows macOS and iOS users to enjoy videos. It also contains advanced video editing features on iPhone, iPad and finishes on Mac.

Pros & Cons:


  • 100% Free
  • Support cross-platform - Mac Desktop & iOS device


  • Limited file formats

How to Use - Export AVI Video to MOV in iMovie

Step 1. Open AVI video in iMove, go to "File" > "Share" > "File".

Convert AVI to MOV in iMovie

Step 2. Set the video resolution, set Quality as "Best (ProRes)" and click "Next".

Convert  avi to mov in iMovie

Step 3. Navigate a location and click "Save". 

Usually, the highest quality of iMovie shared file is with .mov by default. Therefore, you need just wait for the sharing process to finish. 
There, your AVI file is now MOV.

Convert AVI to MOV on iPhone

There are many applications available in the App Store for iOS devices users to download for converting .avi videos to .mov for free.
You may also directly try the recommended AVI to MOV conversion application named Video converter for iPhone for help. 

Video Converter for iPhone

Video Converter iPhone

Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/video-converter-for-iPhone/id822912887?ls=1&mt=8


Video Converter for iPhone is a free application that supports uploading video, converting the video format, and playing on iPhone/iPad.

Pros & Cons:


  • Supports the latest video formats, AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4, FLV, MKV, VOB, 3GP, MPG, etc.
  • Support video quality and size customization.


  • iTunes file-sharing or WiFi connection is required.

How to Use - Convert AVI to MOV on iPhone using Video Converter

Step 1. Enable Video Converter to connect to WiFi.

Step 2. Click "IMPORT VIDEO FROM" to select a source to load your AVI video - Camera Roll, iTunes File Sharing, WiFi Upload, Microsoft SkyDrive, or Download from ULR.

Step 3. After loading the videos, select your AVI video and tap the settings icon at the right top corner.

Step 4. Set the video resolution, codec as MOV, etc., and click "Convert Now!".

When the conversion finishes, your video is with .mov format.

Convert AVI to MOV on Android 

Like iOS uses, Android phone users may also search and find many reliable free video converters on GooglePlay. You can follow and try the referred application - Video Converter Android to efficiently change the AVI video to MOV on your phone.

Video Converter Android

Video Conveter Android

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=roman10.media.converter&hl=en


Video Converter Android works efficiently in converting video formats on Android phones. Users may keep the video quality while converting AVI to MOV, or MOV to MP4 with this application.

Pros & Cons:


  • Support free video converter
  • Support extract audio from video
  • Support video size compress with high quality


  • Old interface, not compatible with some new device

How to Use - Convert AVI to MOV Using Video Convert Android

Step 1. Open the converter app on Android phones. 

Step 2. Touch the refresh icon on the top to load and add AVI videos on your device. 

Step 3. Tap the Convert tab and select MOV from the codec list. 

Converted video will be saved to /mnt/sdcard/amc/ by default.

Convert AVI to MOV on Android

Step 4. Click on the Start button to proceed with AVI to MOV conversion process.

Convert AVI to MOV Online

Besides converting videos on Windows, Mac computers, on iPhone or Android phones, some people may also want to turn their videos directly online. 

If you are one of these people, you must try Online-Convert. 



Link: https://video.online-convert.com/convert-to-mov


Online-Convert is a free AVI to MOV converter, which allows you to execute the conversion in only a few clicks efficiently.

It allows you to upload your file or select a URL to convert the file. It's fast and convenient.

Pros & Cons:


  • Supports 150+ video file formats, including AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV, etc.


  • Slow conversion speed for big files

How to Use - Convert AVI to MOV on Online-Convert

Step 1. Go to https://video.online-convert.com/convert-to-mov.

Step 2. Click "Choose Files" to upload the .avi video you want to convert by clicking on Browse to select the video file from your computer. 

Convert AVI to MOV online.

Also, you can click "Enter URL" to load an online video by adding the video file URL.

Tips: Before converting, you can adjust the audio quality, audio codec, crop the video, and more in the settings section.

Step 3. Once you finished with the settings, just click "Start the conversion, wait for some minutes, and your output video will be ready as MOV format.

Step 4. Click the "Download" button to download your video on your local drive on your computer.

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