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Best YouTube Video Editing Software for Beginners, Amateurs, and Professionals

Tracy King updated on Jul 20, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

On this page, you will find 14 YouTube video editing software for beginners, amateurs, and professionals on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Check and find the best software to create fascinating videos for your followers on YouTube and other platforms now. 

Part 1. Easiest & Advanced YouTube Video Editing Software for All Levels of Users

Applies to: all levels of Windows users, including beginners, amateurs, and even professionals.

If you are the one who prefers an easy-to-use video editing software with some advanced features including various visual and audio effects. Here, we would like to recommend you to try EaseUS Video Editor


EaseUS Video Editor is an all-in-one software that requires a pinch of effort to trim, cut, split, merge, rotate, videos, crop image size, mix video clips, add video effects including transitions, and color grading, etc. It works on all Windows operating systems and even supports users to edit and export videos for free.

It applies to create videos for teaching, business or product presentation, training material, films, marketing, etc., for all levels of people in any field. You may apply this software to edit video, convert video to MP4, convert to MP4, etc. on your own. 


  • Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7.
  • Support to import all formats of media files.
  • Support color grading with 40+ filters, 50+ transitions, and 30+ overlays.
  • Support 40+ text templates with aminations and stylish fonts.
  • Support 100+ music backgrounds, sound effects, and 60+ elements to beautify videos.
  • Support voice recording and narration for videos, converting text to speech or vice versa.
  • Support multi-track editing, up to editing three tracks of videos or images with PIP effect.
  • Support free editing and exporting (with watermark).
  • Support to upload or publish videos to YouTube and other platforms directly. 


  • It charges for exporting videos with no watermark. 
  • It doesn't support Mac OS.

Tutorial: Create YouTube Video and Upload to YouTube with EaseUS Video Editor

As a simple but the best choice for YouTube video editing, EaseUS Video Editor, with its powerful features, enables you to create a video in only a few simple clicks simply.

Here is a brief tutorial for you to follow and learn how to create, edit, and upload YouTube video to your channel with ease:

# 1. Create A YouTube Video

Install EaseUS Video Editor on your PC and prepare the video elements - shots, images, music files, etc. Now, let's start.

Step 1. Import Target Files

Launch EaseUS Video Editor, select a desired aspect ratio on the main screen: 9:16, 16:9, or 4:3.

Import target files like GoPro shots, game screenshots, photos, music, etc. by clicking "Import" or dragging it into EaseUS Video Editor.

Import files to create a video

Step 2. Add Files to Projects

Right-click on the imported files one by one and select "Add to project".

Add imported files to project

Step 3. Add Effects and Edit Video

EaseUS Video Editor contains many visual effects, such as Text templets, Filters, Overlays, Transitions, Animation Elements, and Background Music, etc. to help you create a magic video.

To add them, you need to download these effects in advance. Then select video project, right-click downloaded effects and select "Add to Project". 

  • Text: You can input and add words to your video as Opener, Title, Subtitle.
  • Filter: Beautify your videos with up to 49 filters.
  • Overlay: Personalize your video with over 30 frames.
  • Transitions: Add visual effect to your video between clips, transiting naturally.
  • Elements: Add animated elements to video, making it more interesting.
  • Music: Over 100 background music templates, satisfy your diversified needs. 

You may use the timeline and drag them to re-place them to the desired position. Timeline with the tool menu can help you edit, split, delete, crop, zoom, freeze frame, set duration, record voice over, convert speech to text or vice versa in a video.

Step 4. Export Video

When you finish editing the video, click "Export" on the top menu bar, select the desired format for your video, rename it, browse a safe location and click "Export" to save it on your PC.

Export and save video 

# 2. Upload Video to YouTube

After creating the video, you may continue with the following steps to upload the video to YouTube:

Step 1. Export Video to Video Platform

On the exporting window of EaseUS Video Editor, select "Video platform" and choose the desired platform you would like to export and upload the video to.
Browse a location on your computer to save the exported video. 

Export video

Step 2. Adjust Quality, Video, and Audio 

Click the Settings icon and you can adjust the video quality, video and audio specifications to improve the video quality, click "OK" to confirm.

Set exported video quality

Step 3. Export and Upload Video to Video Platform

Click "Export" and wait for the process to finish. 

exporting video

An upload window will pop up in your browser, click "SELECT FILE" or "UPLOAD" to upload the video to your video platform immediately.

Upload video to video platform

Part 2. Best YouTube Video Editing Software for Professionals

Applies to: Experienced users like amateurs, or professionals like directors or video editors who make a living on creating and editing videos.

Among hundreds and even thousands of video editing software around the world, we picked up two fascinating and best YouTube video editing software for professionals. One is Adobe Premiere Pro, and the other one is Apple Final Cut Pro X.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most powerful and the latest program for video editing. It's a smart tool that allows you to be a better storyteller with creative tools, integrated workflows, powerful compatibility with all formats, and platforms. It also integrates with all other Adobe products, including Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Audition, and Adobe Stock, etc. Getting started guides, tutorials and user guides are available online.

Adobe Premiere Pro


  • Support any file formats
  • Support VR video, HDR and 8K footage
  • Support dozens of transition effects, multi-cam editing
  • Support an unlimited number of video tracks
  • Support professional color grading with Illuma tree color panel
  • Support to work on both Windows and Mac computers


  • Steep learning curve
  • Subscription-based pricing for per month (US$20.99/mo) 
  • Need plugins for effects

2. Apple Final Cut Pro X

Apple Final Cut Pro X is regarded as "iMovie Pro" which provides advanced features for complex projects. It's a second to none choice for non-linear and non-destructive video editing with a large number of videos, audio, and image files.

Apple Final Cut Pro

  • Support multi-cam editing
  • Support HDR with advanced color grading
  • Support editing, audio, motion graphics, and delivery
  • Support 360-degree video editing for VR and real-time VR headset playback
  • Support 8K resolution
  • Support to work with third-party extensions 
  • Support 30-day free trial


  • Support macOS only.
  • Doesn't need a subscription but cost $ 299.99 for the full version

Part 3. YouTube Video Editing Software for Beginners

Applies to: All levels of video editing lovers, YouTube beginners, or users who need a free yet powerful tool to create videos and share to YouTube. As for beginners who know little about video editing, two of the most concerned features are free or cheap and versatility. Here are four free and featured video editing software for you to apply and produce exceptional visual content to upload to YouTube.

1. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker provides a quick and straightforward way for Windows 7 and older OS users to edit videos. Users can add titles, trim, and cut videos in this software. It doesn't require any professional skills. Note: Windows Movie Maker is no longer available for download. Websites that offer free downloads of Movie Maker are not offering the real thing. Be careful and check if you are downloading the right one.

Windows Movie Maker


  • 100% Free
  • Support multiple video and image formats
  • Support simple video editing using clips, images with simple audio tracks
  • Support making photo slideshow
  • Support Windows OS below Windows 7


  • No longer supported by Microsoft (but manually download is still available)
  • Limited Functionality: No transitions, filters or effects
  • Freezes & Crashes

2. iMovie

iMovie enables users you crop, trim, and arrange video clips in multiple ways. It also allows users to browse the video library and share beautiful moments, creating videos cross-platform (between iPhone, iPad, and Mac).



  • 100% Free
  • Support to browse and share video instantly
  • Support 29 trailer templates, customize video logs, names, etc.
  • Support creates and edits 4K and HD videos taken on the iPhone, a camera like GoPro, Ultra HD cameras, and Mac computers. 
  • Support background music
  • Also available on iPhone


  • Only for Mac OS
  • Importing formats limited
  • Lack of professional effects

3. Shotcut

Shotcut is a free, open-source, and cross-platform video editing software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Although a simple video editing software for YouTube, Shotcut is an ideal alternative software for Windows Movie Maker with its powerful features.



Support the latest audio and video format, including 4K resolution.
Suppor multiple types of image formats, such as BMP, GIF, PNG, etc.
Customizable audio features, such as audio volume control, audio filters, JACK transport sync, Tone generator, etc.
Support plenty of types of video effects and 50+ video filters.


  • Doesn't support the latest Windows 10/8 and latest macOS.

4. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is a free video editing software with VFX tools to support beginners or YouTubers to create content, films or videos. Both Windows and Mac users can use it.

HitFilm Express.


  • Free
  • Support both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • It offers free templates.


  • It doesn't support 32bit Windows system and older version below Windows 7 and macOS below 10.12.
  • Steep learning curve.

Part 4. YouTube Video Editing Software for Amateur

Applies to: Enthusiastic video editing lovers, experienced business marketers who need to create YouTube videos for sharing vlogs, fancy moments of their daily life, fascinating product presentation videos, films, and even movies.

As for amateurs who need to create professional videos to share with their friends, followers, clients, and target users on YouTube or other platforms, advanced YouTube video editing software is what they need. Here, we've collected 7 video editing software with advanced video editing features to assist you in creating amazing visual content.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro 2020

As the latest version of Adobe Premiere, Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 has inherited its professional traits. Besides, you can create a better story-telling film, movie, or video with its new excellent new features. The official website includes tutorials for helping beginners to get started with stey-by-stey guides.

Adobe Premiere Pro 2020


  • Real-time video editing and mounting.
  • New expression search technology, detecting any point in a sequence with high speed.
  • Compatible with a wide range of video formats, video, and audio effects.
  • Support real-time correction, apply effects to multiple sections simultaneously.
  • Support import work from Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer, maintaining the effects and transitions used in the project.
  • Integrate with all Adobe families, like After Effect, Photoshop, Media Encoder, Audition, Character Animator, Premiere Clop, etc.
  • Support online synchronization via Creative Cloud from iPhone, Mac, or Android devices.
  • 7 days of free trial


  • It doesn't support the latest Windows 10 OS 1909 or newer versions, old macOS versions before 10.13.
  • Requires subscription with $20.99 per month.

2. Sony Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro is a powerful video editing software for non-linear editing and producing high-quality HD videos. It supports scripting technology, assisting users with task automation, simplified workflow, greater efficiency, and productivity.

Sony Vegas


  • It covers all professional needs, including visual special effects,3D editing, etc.
  • Support to composite with balance and chroma key.
  • Support tons of audio and video effects, filters, and formats, including HD, 4K, and even 8K resolutions.
  • Support to produce professional audio and sound.


  • Complex for new beginners to start
  • Dated user interface
  • Support Windows 10 (64 bit) only.
  • Costs $299-$900

3. Corel Video Studio Ultimate

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate supports multi-cam editing, multipoint motion tracking, time remapping, video masking, audio ducking, and 4K support. It's an excellent choice for beginners and amateurs to start with full and in-depth video effects and a reasonable price.

Corel Video Studio


  • Support a wide selection of video-creation tools with a clear and brief interface.
  • Support 360-degree VR, 4K Ultra HD, and 3D media.
  • Support multipoint motion tracking.
  • Support multi-cam editing with HTML5 video page creation.
  • Support stop-motion tool with more than 2000 filters and effects.


  • Only support Windows OS (Windows 7 and newer versions).
  • Costs US $69.99

4. HitFilm Pro

HitFilm Pro is a widely used product for filmmakers, VFX artists, and YouTubers. With its all-in-one features, HitFilm Pro combines video editing, visual effects with 3D compositing in one product.

HitFilm Pro


  • Support 800+ effects for audio editing, color grading, and animations.
  • Support custom 3D models with custom lighting and shadows.
  • Support both Windows (10/8 with 64 bit) and macOS (10.12-10.14) operating system.
  • Support free version - HitFilm Express.


  • It doesn't support 32bit Windows OS.
  • Outdated interface.
  • High requirement for hardware and computer to make full use of its features.
  • Costs US $349

5. Blender

Blender is more like a 3D computer graphics software used for creating animated films, visual effects, 3D printed models and motion graphics, etc.



  • 100% free
  • Support multiple visual effects including rendering, modeling, sculpting, animation & rigging, grease pencil, simulation, VFX, etc.
  • Support all Windows OS (32bit and 64 bit), Mac OS (10.12), and Linux (Ubuntu 19.04).


  • Requires to install Microsoft Visual C++, VC2008, VC2020, and VC2013 on Windows OS.
  • Complex for beginners.

6. CyberLink PowerDirector 365

Cyberlink PowerDirector 365 is a new addition to CyberLink's stable of creative software, equipped with accessible video editing suite.

Cyberlink Power Director


  • Support 200+ editing tools, like collage designer, action camera center, etc.
  • It provides tons of video effects with regular updates.
  • Instant creation without a learning curve.
  • Support multiple types for video and audio formats, including 4K resolution.


  • Requires monthly subscriptions for $29.99.
  • Support Windows OS (64bit) only.

7. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate supports users to directly create and update videos to YouTube, Facebook, etc. With enhanced color grading and new video masks, users are allowed to create fancy videos with 2000+ filters and effects.

Pinnacle Studio


  • It contains a screen recorder.
  • Support 4K, HD, and 360-degree video editing across unlimited tracks.
  • Support 2000+ filters and effects, including motion tracking, multi-cam editing, video masks, and video overlays.
  • Support Windows 10/8.1/7 (64 bit) only.


  • It doesn't support Mac OS and 32-bit Windows OS.
  • Costs $99.95 for the full version.

Part 5. What Is the Best YouTube Video Editing Software

Most people who are looking for the best YouTube video editing software are beginners and amateurs. Some of them may also need to find the most professional video editing software for their jobs. Here are 14 top video editing software that you may refer to and find the best one to expand your business and fans on YouTube: 

For All Windows Users For Professionals For Beginners For Amateurs
EaseUS Video Editor
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Apple Final Cut Pro X
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • iMovie
  • Shotcut
  • HitFilm Express
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 2020
  • Sony Vegas Pro
  • Corel Video Studio Ultimate
  • Hitfilm Pro
  • Blender
  • CyberLink PowerDirector 365
  • Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

From the brief list, you cannot directly decide which software is the best and the most suitable one for your current case. Read on and learn more features, pros, and cons of the listed software. You will find the best one immediately.


If you are an experienced video editor or filmmaker, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X are your best choice. For beginners, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Shotcut are ideal choices. For amateurs who need powerful video editing features at a reasonable price, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is a great choice. If you prefer to share personal happy moments to YouTube with a simple filter and transition effects, EaseUS Video Editor is your best choice.

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