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How to Add Transition Effects to Video for Free

Vanessa Chiang updated on Dec 22, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

When you want to connect one shot to the next, for professional video editors, the best way is to add transition effects between two different videos.

Video transitions as a kind of post-production technique used in film or video editing to connect two part of the video and make video looks too fluently and perfect. When you have plenty of photos and videos to remind every special moment on our life, why not use different transition effects to connect these videos and images as a film?

How to Add Transitions to Your Video

If someone asks me which is the best video editing software, my answer must be EaseUS Video Editor. EaseUS Video Editor as a free multifunction video editing software, which supports plenty of video editing tools. Using this program, you can nearly do all editing operations to video. Except for the corp, slip, cut, and other basic editing functions, EaseUS Video Editor also built-in strong transitions functions. Such as fade in and fade out, dissolves, and other wonderful effects. Using this function that you can make your video awesome!

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Key Features:

  • Support 300+ effects and transitions
  • Support uploading a lot of formats, such as MP4, WMV, MOV, and more
  • Support converting plenty of flies formats, for example, you can convert WMV to MP4
  • Support free download


  • Not support Mac devices

The steps of adding transition to video using EaseUS Video Editor:

Step 1. Import Target Files

Launch EaseUS Video Editor, select a desired aspect ratio on the main screen: 9:16, 16:9, or 4:3.

Import target files like GoPro shots, game screenshots, photos, music, etc. by clicking "Import" to upload it into EaseUS Video Editor.

Import files to create a video

Step 2. Add Files to Projects

Right-click on the imported files one by one and select "Add to project", or directly drag the target files into the timeline.

Add imported files to project

Step 3. Add Transition Effects to video

EaseUS Video Editor contains many visual effects, such as Text templates, Filters, Overlays, Transitions, Animation Elements, and Background Music, etc. to help you create a magic video. If you need to add transition effects to video, at first you need to click the Transition Tab, you will see plenty of transition effects, and then select the one you need and apply it to your video.

In this step, you also can add text, filter, and other more functions to edit your video.

  • Text: You can input and add words to your video as Opener, Title, Subtitle.
  • Filter: Beautify your videos with up to 49 filters.
  • Overlay: Personalize your video with over 30 frames.
  • Transitions: Add visual effect to your video between clips, transiting naturally.
  • Elements: Add animated elements to video, making it more interesting.
  • Music: Over 100 background music templates, satisfy your diversified needs.

Step 4. Export Video

When you finish editing the video, click the "Export" button on the top menu bar, select the desired format for your video, and then rename it. And then, you also can directly share your video on YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms.

exprot and share video

Top 3 Video Transition Software

We have already learned how to add transition effects in EaseUS Video Editor, here I will recommend you another three video editors, there are:

#1. Movavi

The first software I recommend is Movavi. This software is a powerful video editor, which nearly concludes all of the video editing functions. You can use this program to create videos and presentations, make screencasts, record tutorials, convert files, and many more functions. Except for the basic edit tools, this program also has a strong transition function. Movavi provides users with a wide range of transition effects that you can add to your videos, such as Fade video transition effect, Warp or Circle, and other more transition effects. But, this software limit the free use time, if you want to continue to use this program, you have to pay for the bill.

Movavi main screen

Key Features:

  • Support numbers of transition effects
  • Support simultaneous sound recording from multiple sources
  • Support customizable scheduling and capture settings


  • Need to pay for to use
  • The price is a little expensive

#2. VideoStudio

VideoStudio is a free video editing software produced by Corel Corporation. This software built into plenty of video editing tools, including filters, music, text, and other more functions. You can use these tools to create a grateful video. In another part, this software also offers numerous transition styles, so you can add these transition effects between two videos or images instead of cut. Although this program looks so perfect, some function you need to pay for to use, and the price is so high.

Videostudio main screen

Key Features:

  • Support adding transition effects to videos
  • Support 360-degree video editing
  • Support splitting screen, trimming, cropping, merging


  • It only supports Windows OS
  • Need pay for to using

#3. iMovie (Mac)

iMovie is a free video editing software developed by Apple Inc, designed for Mac users, and macOS and iOS devices. This program provides a lot of free video editing tools that you can easily use to edit your video. And in this software, you even can browse and edit 4K-resolution videos. Except for these basic editing tools, this program also provides massive effects functions, such as filters, transitions, elements, and other more special functions. Especially the adding transition function, iMovie offers users the option to add dynamic transitions between the videos or images, which will make your video or image look more fluently and smoothly.

iMovie main screen

Key Features:

  • Support add transitions to video
  • Support adding titles, backgrounds, and transitions
  • Support adjusting color to fix skin tone, brightness, and white balance
  • Supports 4K resolution


  • Some users find licensed version quite expensive
  • Limited text style


To sum up, on this page, I will introduce to you how to add transition effects to video and list another best three video editors. You can choose the one according to your needs. But, here I still suggest you choose EaseUS Video Editor as your first choice. Maybe these programs are better than EaseUS Video Editor, but we continue to develop. At present, considering the pragmatic, price, and properties of the product, EaseUS Video Editor is a worthy choice, you do not miss it!

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