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5 Best Instagram Text Adding Editors [2020]

Vanessa Chiang updated on Dec 22, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

Instagram has become more and more popular among young people. They are favorite to share some pictures or videos about their daily life on Instagram. Sometimes they may need to add text in their video.

The texts in the video are essential for reaching an audience. Through text, the audience can quickly get the message when the video includes different languages/accents. Another function of the text is to make your video more creative. So, Instagram supports people to add text before they share. But if you want to add some special template texts, change text's size, style, color, and effect, you may need some professional tools to help you. On this page, I list four professional editing tools on PC, Online, and phone.

How to add text within the Instagram app:

Step 1. Launch this app and click the "+" button to import your videos or pictures.

Step 2. Click the "Next" button to add effects or filters, and then tap the "Write a caption" button to add text to the video.

Step 3. when you finish editing the video, click the "Share" button to share the video on Instagram.

How to Add Text to Instagram Video on PC

If you ask me which video editing software is best on PC, my answer must be EaseUS Video Editor. EaseUS Video Editor is an all-in-one video editing software. This program is easy to operate, whatever you are a beginner or a pros that you can use this software to create your video. When you launch this app, you just need to follow the guideline to click some buttons that you can finish the video editing. This program also has plenty of video editing functions, such as music, transitions, overlays, elements, and more. Especially the text adding function, using this editing function, you can change the text's content, color, style, motion, and size. 

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  • Support 300+ effects and transitions
  • Support adding text to Instagram Video
  • support uploading a lot of formats, such as MP4, MOV, WMV, and more.
  • Support free download

The steps of adding text to Instagram Video using EaseUS Video Editor:

Step 1. Import Media - Video, Audio, Pictures, etc.

Launch EaseUS Video Editor on your PC, select the desired aspect ratio. Click "Import" or drag to import video, audio, pictures, etc., media files. 

Import video

Step 2. Add to Project

Right-click the imported video files and select "Add to Project", or you can drag and place the video to the video track.

Add video to project

Step 3. Add Text to Video - Opener, Title, Subtitle

Click "Text" > Click "Opener", "Title", or "Subtile" > Right-click the desired text template and select "Add to Project". 

Move the timeline to the exact position where you need to add a Text effect. 

Add text to video

Step 4. Export Videos

After adding text and desired visual effects to your video, you can click the Export button to export the video with a wanted format. 

Export video.

When you finish editing your video, you can directly share the video on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other more platforms.

If you want to know more about adding text, you can move on to how to add text effects.

How to Add Text to Instagram Video Online

If your computer storage space has limited or does not want to download or install any software, why not try some online tools? Here I list top two online adding text editors, there are:

#1. Kapwing

Kapwing is powerful online software, which you can create images, videos, and GIFs. This website provides a lot of video editing functions, effects templates, and resources for creators to use. From beginner to professionals, this website can easily create a perfect video. Especially the adding text function. This program has plenty of text templates and text effects that you can add to your video. And you also can change the text's contents, color, size, etc. When you finish editing the video, you can directly share on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms.

Kapwing mains creen


  • Support adding text post or text effects in Instagram videos
  • Support directly online share
  • Support free to edit video
  • Support uploading or exporting plenty of video formats

The steps of adding text to Instagram video using Kapwing:

Step 1. Launch this website, and then upload a video to Kapwing, and you also can paste the video link from Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to Kapwing to edit.

Step 2. Click the "+ Add subtitle" button to add text into the video, and adjust the font size, color, content, position, and background.

Step 3. Click the "Create" button to generate and save your editing video. And then, you also can share your text video on Instagram, YouTube, and other more platforms.

#2. LightMV

LightMV is a free online video editing tool. This program provides a lot of video templates and background music that you can create an amazing video. No matter you need to create a birthday video, wedding video, festival video, or other more videos, this program has large numbers of video templates resources. Select the template you need or search in the searching box, apply it, and then edit your video. When you finish, you can share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc. But, using this program you need to create an account at first.

lightmv mainscreen


  • Support adding text post to Instagram video
  • Support plenty of video templates
  • Support directly online sharing

The steps of adding text to Instagram video using LightMV:

Step 1. Launch this software and select a video template.

Step 2. Click the "+" button to import your target files, and then tap the text area to edit the text. 

Step 3. Adding a piece of music and then click the " Try for free" button to render and save the video to your device, or you also can share it on Instagram.

Part 3. How to Add Text to Instagram Video on Phone

How to Add Text to Instagram Video on Phone

#1. Animoto (Android & iOS)

If you are a deep mobile phone user, I recommend an app - Animoto, whatever you use the Android system or iOS system that you both can download on your phone.

Animoto is a video editing software used in the phone, and you can use this app to create a perfect video without editing skills needed. Up to now, this app has got millions of downloads and counting. This software provides a lot of video editing functions that you can use to edit your video. When you finish editing, you can share through Instagram and other social media sites

animoto mainscreen


  • support adding text to Instagram video
  • Support creating videos using photos and video clips from your device's Gallery
  • Support over 50 different video styles to choose
  • Support sharing video on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms

The steps of adding text to Instagram video using Animoto:

Step 1. Download and install this app on your phone and launch it.

Step 2. Select a video template and then tap the "Arrow" button to apply it to your video.

Step 3. Click the "Text" button that you can add text to your video.

Step 4. When you finish the operation, that you just need to click the "Save & Produce Video" button to save the video on your device.


To sum up, this page we are talking about four adding text software on PC, Online, and phone. Here we still suggest you choose EaseUS Video Editor as your first choice. Although the tools online or on the phone are more convenient, the PC tool's editing functions are much better than online or phone apps. So, if you want to find a powerful text editing tool, EaseUS Video Editor is a worthy choice!

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