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How to Add Music to YouTube Video

Tracy King updated on Dec 11, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

Two Ways to Add Music to YouTube Video

Every video you must have watched on YouTube comes with background music, and they sound good, don't they? There is a reason why YouTube creators add music to their videos. It is not just about something soothing in the background, but the music can situational, can add humor or anything that helps to increase engagement.

The big question is, how do you add music to YouTube Videos? It can be achieved in two ways. The first method is to add using the YouTube Platform, also called as Creator Studio. The second method is to add music using third-party editing software to add music while editing the video.

How to Add Music to YouTube Video Using YouTube Video Manager

YouTube Video Manager, also known as Creators Studio, is a complete video solution from Google for YouTube Creators. You can upload videos, see complete analytics for the video, reply to comments. Then it also comes with an in-house editor. The editor allows you to trim videos, add music, add elements, and so on. All these features are available after you have uploaded a video to YouTube. It comes handy if there is a correction required after the videos are uploaded.

Step 1: Open YouTube Video Manager (Creator Studio) and hover your mouse over any of the uploaded videos and click on the pencil icon. Then click on Editor mode.

Step 2: In the Editor mode, notice the audio icon in the timeline. Click on the down-arrow, and it will reveal a link to add audio. Click on it to open the audio editor.

Add audio file in YouTube Video Manager

Step 3: In the audio editor, you get a list of free audios you can add to track and replace any existing audio. These are royalty-free audio, so you don’t have to worry about copyright.

Step 4: Once you hear the preview, click on Add to Video, and it will instantly replace the current audio with one choice. You also get to see a preview of how it sounds with the audio. If you don’t like it, click on Remove from the video link, and the audio will be removed.

Add audio to replace existing audio in YouTube

Step 5: Now that the audio is finalized click on save changes, and YouTube will process your entire video and replace it with the new audio. The processing takes time, depending on the length of the video.

While adding audio is an excellent option in YouTube Video Manager, it has a significant drawback. The process replaces the audio in the video. So, if you wanted to add a background video to your YouTube video, it won’t be possible. At least not without replacing the main audio. So, it is best for that and not for background music. If you wish to add background music to your video, then you need to use a video editor that works on a computer.

How to Add Music to YouTube Video Using EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor is one of the most excellent video editing software in the market right now. It offers easy to use interface and professional video editing features which also includes audio editing. You can easily add music to video without watermark along with the main audio in the final video. It makes it an excellent choice to add music to YouTube Video. Here is the list of features available in EaseUS Video Editor.

EaseUS Video Editor Features

  • Add multiple video and audio files in the timeline
  • Detach, and replace audio from the main video
  • Split, trim, crop, join, and all essential functions available to edit videos
  • Add text to video
  • Export into any of the widely supported formats or create audio from it
  • Upload to social websites including YouTube, Facebook, and similar websites

Step by Step Guide

Step 1. Open EaseUS Video Editor and select the aspect ratio for the project. The aspect ratio should be according to the video, and in case you make a mistake, it can still be changed. The next step is to import videos to the media section, which can be done either by dragging and dropping the video files or by using the import option available on the menu.

Step 2. Drag the video to the timeline, and then perform the required editing. The next step is to add music to the video. It can be done in two ways. The first way is to use audio you recorded externally, and the second is to use the built-in audio library. It offers hundreds of royalty-free music, which you can add as background or main audio for the video you plan to upload to YouTube.

Step 3. To add external audio, first, import it, and then drag and drop to the timeline. You can then adjust it according to the length of the video and mix it well. If the volume of the audio is low, then select it, and click on the pencil icon to open the editor. Here you can choose to increase the volume and add fade-in and fade-out effect.

Add external audio to YouTube Video using EaseUS Video Editor

Step 4. If you wish to use the audio library of the EaseUS Video Editor, then first move the playhead to the position where you want to add the audio. Then switch to the music section and download the audio, which fits well with the video. Then click on the plus icon next to the audio file and add it to the timeline. You can then adjust the speed and length according to the video.

Add audio from the music library to YouTube Video

Step 5. Once everything is finalized, click on the Export link, and switch to the Video Platform. Select YouTube and upload the video. You can also configure the quality of audio and video before editing the video.

You can also save the video in MP4 format and then share it at other places like WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and more. Make sure to save the project as well, so if you need to change the audio, you can do it without editing everything from scratch.

YouTube Video Library

YouTube also offers an audio library from where you can download audio files and use them in your video. It is especially useful if you are planning to use the desktop software, which we have explained above. There are two sections—Free music and Sound effects. You can download by searching or according to the category.


Now that you know both ways to add audio to YouTube videos, you must understand the difference between both the ways. The YouTube method will replace the original audio throughout the video. It is best to be used if the video has much noise, and the audio is not essential. The EaseUS Video Editor offers a better way, which not only allows you to add background audio but also keep the original audio.

The second option is better because you have more control over the final result. You can keep the original track, add additional audio, enhance the video, and then finally upload it on YouTube or any social media website. We highly recommend you use the desktop video editor as it is easy to use, works on less powerful PC, and supports multiple formats.

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