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How to Add Captions to Video Free & Online (4 Ways)

Jean updated on Jun 22, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

EaseUS Video Caption Software for Windows 10/8/7

The EaseUS video caption software lets you create freestyle texts, add open captions and closed captions to a video from the beginning to the end easily within the app itself. It's based on the Windows operating system and free-to-use. Captioning your video here only takes a few clicks! Do you know that over 85% of online streaming videos are viewed without sound nowadays? It's time to take action to grow expressiveness and popularity of your movie, YouTube video, Facebook video, Instagram video, and other social media streaming videos with appealing captions and subtitles!

As long as you're working with a Windows desktop or laptop, you can always download the all-in-one video caption maker and get ready to utilize the full-scale text options for your movie's opener, title, and subtitles.

Advantages of captioning a video with EaseUS video caption maker:

  • Upload any video format or convert the video to MP4, GIF, MOV, MKV... after adding captions to it.
  • Add captions to pictures or audio? No problem at all.
  • Time the caption and adjust the fonts, size, type, opacity, color with many attractive styles.
  • Add dynamic captions to your video as well. Text motion is so prevailing nowadays.
  • Post video editing? Go on cropping borders, making a square video for Instagramremoving sound from video, add transitions, overlays, elements and so many out-of-box movie effects.

To add captions to a video, do as follows:

Step 1. Import video files

Launch EaseUS Video Editor. On the home screen, you can import the source video files by either clicking the "Import" option or simply dragging the videos to the appropriate area.

import video files

You need to add the imported files to the video track by choosing the "Add to Project" option, or you can drag and place the video to the track as you want.

add video to timeline

Step 2. Add and customize subtitles

Click the "Text" button and go to the "Subtitle" tab to preview the provided text style. Choose the one you like and add it to the text track. You can control subtitles' display duration, set the start of the subtitles, or add closed captions.

add subtitles to video - 1

Then double click the text box to enter your words or change the font, size, and color of your texts. After you complete, click the "OK" button.

add subtitles to video - 2

Step 3. Export video with subtitles 

After adding subtitles to video clips, you can click the "Export" on the toolbar to export video with texts. Under the "Video" tab, choose a file format for the edited video. You can also edit the file name, customize an output folder and settings, and then click "Export" to finish the process.

add subtitles to video - 3

How to Add Captions to Videos Online

Open the online video caption software in a new window: https://www.kapwing.com/

Online video editors are countless and they are beyond our ability to pick up all the qualified ones. But one fact we can't deny, there are only two types of online software that boasts to be free. One is free, without a limit for accessing the full features; the other is free, full of constantly popping up ads that attempt to redirect you. Regarding the disgusting tricks, after testing around 20 websites, we recommend the Kapwing caption software a trouble-free online choice for adding captions for your videos.

If you're the risk-averse type and looking for a clean but competent online video caption maker, Kapwing will be able to guarantee a very smooth experience for you to upload your footage, type and time the caption, and let you share your video directly on social media.

Step 1. On your PC or Mac, make sure that you opened the official Kapwing website.

Step 2. Click Upload to select a local video, or paste a link to the video you want to add captions to get started.

add captions to video online step 1

Step 3. Click Add subtitle so you'll fill the area "Write your subtitle here...". You can type and time your subtitles by setting to the current time. You can also use the arrow keys to change the position of your added subtitles. You can continue with the Text Options on the left pane.

add captions to video online step 2

Step 4. With the presets ready, click Create! You'll be redirected to a new processing window. This might take a little longer for Kapwing to process the added caption effects.

Step 5. You can directly download the captioned video with a watermark. Or, register and sign in to get the finer work without watermark.

How to Add Captions to YouTube Video Automatically

Adding captions to a YouTube video can be automatic. For the video with a voiceover to it, YouTube can use speech recognition technology to automatically create captions for your videos. Thus far the automatic captions are available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Here's how you can review automatic captions and make changes if needed.

Step 1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.

Step 2. From the left menu, select Subtitles.

add captions to youtube video

Step 3. Click the video you want to add captions or subtitles to.

Step 4. Under "Subtitles", click More next to the subtitles you want to edit.

Step 5. Review automatic captions and edit or remove any parts that haven't been properly transcribed.

As the automatic captions are generated by machine learning algorithms, it's inevitable for the machine to interpret the spoken content by wrong. As a result, the quality of the captions may vary. For creators who demand professional captions effect, or the YouTube video is of silence, you still need to use specialized video caption software to create captions from scratch. The EaseUS Video Editor and the online Kapwing are still the optimal choices in this case.

How to Add Caption Tracks to Your Video with Google Drive

Google Drive is another made ready video caption maker that goes compatible with your computer and mobile devices. You're recommended to add captions to make your content available to a larger audience, particularly the deaf, hard-of-hearing viewers, or speakers of different languages.

You can use Google Drive to add caption files to your video on PC, Android, iPhone & iPad. On your computer, you can add captions to a video like this.

Step 1. Sign in to drive.google.com.

Step 2. Click the video you want to add captions to > Click More > Click Manage caption tracks.

add captions to video using google drive

Step 3. Click Add new caption tracks > click Select file and choose a caption or transcript file.

Step 4. Choose the language for the captions and a name for the track. Click Upload.

Step 5. After uploading your video, you can continue editing the caption track by going to Manage caption tracks again. Click the caption tack you want to edit and click Edit.

Step 6. Click Save.

Can You Add Captions to Video on Your Own Now?

The recommended four video caption software makers can help you add captions to a video for free and online.

  • EaseUS video caption software: A wide array of existing text templates available for an opener, title, and subtitles; full-scale text options; Windows video caption software free download.
  • Online video caption software: Applies to all operating systems; online software without downloading.
  • YouTube subtitle generator: Automatically recognize the spoken speech and show the interpretation as subtitles.
  • Google Drive video caption software: Available to both computers and mobile devices.

As you see, each video caption software can help you create simple and professional captions. Start captioning your video, adding subtitles and texts to a YouTube video, Facebook video, and Instagram video automatically and easily now.

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