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Top 3GP Converters: How to Convert Your 3GP to MP4, MP3, and More

Melissa updated on Jul 28, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

The 3GP file format is an audio, video, and text container developed by the 3rd generation partnership project. The target market for the 3GP file format is 3G enabled UMTS mobile phones through associated UMTS multimedia services. Since more and more practical video formats appear, some players have abandoned this video file. In order to play a 3GP file, sometimes people have to turn it into other formats, like MP4, MOV, WMV, etc. In this article, we will show you how to convert 3GP to other video formats with some useful file converters.

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Part 1. How to Convert 3GP to Other Formats on Windows

EaseUS Video Editor is what exactly you need in converting 3GP to other formats, like MP4, on Windows. This video editor for PC is designed for video editing. However, it can do more than just edit a video. With this software, you can convert video, audio files to the format you like. For example, convert 3GP to MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV, and GIF.

Moreover, you may use this tool to make a video specifically for you. For instance, you can make a birthday video, a wedding vlog, or a Christmas congratulation video. You can even make a slideshow with music, make a slow-motion video, make an instructional video, etc. Thus, we can say all groups of people may need it. This program is quite easy-to-use. Let's take a look at the operation steps below.

Step 1. Import the source file

Launch EaseUS Video Editor. On the home screen, you can import the source file by either clicking the "Import" option or simply dragging the video to the appropriate area.

import file

Step 2. Add to project

You need to add the imported file to the track by choosing the "Add to Project" option, or you can drag and place the file to the track as you want.

add to project

Step 3. Export the source file

Now you can click "Export" on the main menu on the top.


Step 4. Save as MP4

Under the "Video" tab, choose MP4 as the desired video file format.

add to project

On the right pane, you can edit the file name, customize an output folder and settings, and then click "Export".

add to project

In this tutorial, we take MP4 as the output format to show you how to use this program. You can also choose other formats as the destination format if you like.

Part 2. How to Convert 3GP Files with Online 3GP Converters

We have also listed five online converters to convert your 3GP to more popular video formats. If you don't want to download any software, you may have a look at these tools. However, these online converters have their own disadvantages, like instability, you may consider before you choose one.

Online Tool 1. Online-Convert

This file converter lets you easily convert 3GP files to other video formats, like the MP4 format. This high-quality 3GP conversion tool is free to use. The videos from the computer, URL, and cloud can be added to the program interface for conversion purposes. The optional settings tab of the converter allows you to customize video settings with respect to its size, frame rate, bit rate, and other parameters. If you want additional features like large file upload, ad-free pages, high conversion speed, and other features, you may need to sign-up for the paid version.


Step 1. Go to the official website of Online-Convert and choose "Video converter".

Step 2. Upload a 3GP file from your computer by clicking the blank "Choose Files". Choose a format as the output format.

Step 3. (Optional) Change the screen size, video bitrate, audio, and video codec, and more in the optional settings.

Step 4. (Optional)Rotate, cut mirror, or crop your video.

Step 5. The conversion begins after clicking on "Start conversion".

Online Tool 2. Convert Files

This commonly used program supports an array of audio, video, archive file formats. The converter needs no software downloading or installation since it operates fully online. Video quality and size can be selected based on your requirements. Once the process is complete, the converted file can be downloaded from the converter interface itself. However, sometimes you may need to wait in the queue for conversion if there are other people using it.


Step 1. Visit the official website of Convert Files and hit "Select File" to browse and add 3GP files from your PC.

Step 2. Select MP4 or any other format you like as the output format. Choose video quality and size as required.

Step 3. Click "Convert" to start the conversion process.

Online Tool 3. FreeFileConvert

This online converter allows adding five files at a time with a total maximum size of 100MB. In addition to select a 3GP file on your PC, the converter also supports adding files from URL, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Your converted file will be available for download once the conversion process is complete. All converted files are deleted from the server after 24 hours, and will no longer be accessible after that time; also, you can delete your file by clicking the "Delete" button, which will appear after a file is converted. Now, let's look at the operation steps.


Step 1. Visit the official website of FreeFileConvert and click "Choose File" to add a 3GP file from PC, URL, or Cloud.

Step 2. Select a video format like MP4 as the output format.

Step 3. Click "Convert" to start the conversion process. You can download the file right after the conversion is completed.

Online Tool 4. Online Converter

OnlineConverter.com offers free online conversion services for a wide range of file formats and units of measurement. This is a rather versatile and multipurpose converter, a handy tool for your work and personal life. You need to find the right entrance before you importing your 3GP files. If you didn't enter through the right entrance, the file might not be imported successfully. We will show you how to operate from the tutorial below.


Step 1. Open the official website of Online Converter on your computer and choose the entrance of converting 3GP to other formats. For example, you may choose "3GP to MP4".

Step 2. Click "Choose File" to browse and add a 3GP file from your PC or enter its URL.

Step 3. (Optional) Under the "Options" tab, you can cut the clip or edit its frame size.

Step 4. Hit "Convert" to start the conversion process.

Online Tool 5. Zamzar

Converting a 3GP file with Zamzar, you just need to select your file, pick a format to convert to and away you go. This file converter aims to complete all the conversions in less than 10 minutes. It supports over 1200 file formats, which means almost all the file extensions you know are supported by it. Users can type in a URL or upload one or more files (if they are all of the same formats) from their computer. Once the conversion is complete, you can immediately download the file from their web browser. Also, you can choose to receive an email with a link to download the converted file or not. Follow the steps below, and you will know how to use it.


Step 1. Choose the 3GP file that you want to convert from your computer by clicking "Add Files".

Step 2. Select a video format, for instance, MP4 as the output format.

Step 3. Click "Convert" to start converting your 3GP files.


In a nutshell, there are many tools that can convert your 3GP files to other more commonly used formats, like MP4, MOV, etc. Among them, EaseUS Video Editor is definitely the best choice for Windows users. If you want to try this software, just click the blue button below to download it to your computer.

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