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Solved: Windows 10 Stuck on Welcom Screen

Updated on Aug 09, 2018 by Brithny to Todo Backup Resource

How to fix Windows 10 get stuck on welcom screen? Read this page and fix 'Windows 10 stuck on welcome screen' issue with ease.

Windows 10 Get Stuck on Welcome Screen

Windows 10 is a great operating system, but sometimes certain bugs can occur. Many Windows 10 users are reporting that their computers get stuck on the Welcome screen. The loading circle cannot stop and the system does not respond to their actions. This can be a big problem, and today we're going to show you how to fix it.

Method 1. Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode

Since you can't access Windows normally, you'll need to use Safe Mode. Safe Mode is a special segment of Windows that runs with default drivers and applications which makes it perfect for troubleshooting. To enter Safe Mode, do the following:

  • Press F8 (for Windows 7 users) or hold Shift and click Restart (for Windows 8/10 users) on Power men.
  • Restart the computer in Safe Mode without doing anything.

Sometimes, Windows update or other problems may get Windows stuck on the welcome screen and Safe mode will help the computer to boot normally again. 

Method 2. Boot from USB on Windows 10

It's wise to have a bootable USB drive at hand, especially when the computer won't boot due to boot device not found the error or Windows gets stuck on welcome screen. Booting from USB can ease the worry when disasters come.

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Extra Methods to Fix the "Welcome Screen" Stuck

1. Disconnect from the Internet

If you're not a network administrator, you can unplug your Wi-Fi dongle and check if that solves the problem. 

2. Check your hardware

This solution might require you to open your computer case, so if your PC is still under warranty or if you don't know how to properly remove hardware, you should try a different solution.

3. Disconnect your USB devices

According to users, USB devices can sometimes cause this problem to appear.

4. Remove your laptop battery

Remove your fingerprint reader software

If you still can't fix "Windows 10 stuck on welcome screen" issue, never hesitate to contact us for help.