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How to Upgrade Xbox 360 to Xbox One Without Losing Data

Updated on Apr 12, 2019 by Jean to Todo Backup Resource

Cannot be more exciting to upgrade Xbox 360 to Xbox One without losing anything on the old console? EaseUS Todo Backup, the extremely easy-to-use drive copy and disk clone software will help you do all transfer job.

The Xbox 360 has been around for over a decade now, it's getting old undoubtedly. The majority of Xbox 360 players have upgraded or have been thinking to upgrade to Xbox One, the new generation priced higher but lighter, faster and superior, letting players stroll happily in the gaming world. The big question raised by most people is how to upgrade Xbox 360 to Xbox One without losing data? In another word, how to move account information, privacy settings, games, game saves, apps, movie and image files from old Xbox 360 console to the new Xbox One completely?

On this page, we'll tell you exactly what can you move and what can't be moved from the old to the new. If you desperately want to do the upgrade without losing anything, just jump over the first step and use EaseUS backup utility to clone Xbox 360 hard drive to Xbox One hard drive.

Step 1. Sign in to Xbox One with Your Microsoft Account

When you set up an Xbox One console and sign in with your Microsoft account, everything listed in the "What moves to Xbox One?" section is transferred from Xbox 360 to your Xbox One console. Let's see what is transferred and what is not.

Data Transferred or not
Profile No
Account information Yes
Family relationships Yes
Privacy settings Yes
Groove Yes
Movies and TV Yes
some games, game saves, and apps No

Step 2. Download Disk Cloning Software to Upgrade Xbox Console

Since Xbox 360 games are playable on Xbox One, players would not accept that some of their favorite games and the game saves cannot be migrated, although Microsoft has made it easier than ever to upgrade Xbox 360 to Xbox with most of the information.

In such a case, why not try the other possible solution? Have you ever thought about cloning Xbox 360 hard drive to Xbox One drive? It's the best way to upgrade hard disk without losing everything on the original drive. 

Download EaseUS Windows backup software, which offers the powerful disk cloning feature, and follows the guide below to copy/clone the source drive (Xbox 360) to the target drive (Xbox One) so as to upgrade Xbox 360 hard drive to Xbox One hard drive while keep everything.

Note: If you have a new disk, insert it into your computer as a second disk. 

If you have a second hard drive on your computer, empty it and follow the below steps to see how to clone hard drive disk now:

Step 1. Launch and run EaseUS disk cloning software - Todo Backup on your PC.
Click the left top corner icon and select Clone.

Clone Hard Disk Drive

Step 2. Select the HDD disk that you want to clone as the source disk.
Click Next to continue.

Choose HDD disk to clone

Then select the new disk or your second hard drive as the destination disk for saving cloned data and partitions from the original HDD.
If you prefer a sector level clone for moving all data and even blank space to your new disk, you can click Advanced options > Sector by sector clone to make this tool do the job for you.

Enable sector level clone for cloning HDD disk

Step 3. After this, click Next.
You can see and check the disk layouts of both disks, click Proceed to execute the HDD cloning task now.

Start cloning HDD disk

By cloning hard drive, you'll gain two identical hard drive with the exact same data and information. That's how EaseUS Todo Backup allows you to upgrade Xbox 360 hard drive to Xbox One hard drive with no data loss worries.