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How to Transfer Windows to New SSD without Reinstallation?

2016-11-23 16:17:49 Posted by Tracy King to Todo Backup Resource

This tutorial introduces you an easy and effective method to transfer Windows to new SSD without reinstallation. You can follow to upgrade your system disk to new SSD and optimize Windows performance with ease now. Just follow to find 100% free method to transfer Windows install to new SSD with ease now.

Are you looking for a secure way to transfer Windows system to a new SSD without reinstallation? Don’t want to lose any system and boot partition data and files by upgrading system disk to a new SSD drive? Need a 100% free method to help you transfer all Windows install to new SSD? Relax! Now all these problems can all be simply solved by professional system clone software - EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation will simply help you free clone and transfer Windows system to new SSD or HDD with ease. 

You can free download this software and follow below offered tutorial steps to transfer and migrate Windows system to new SSD without losing any data now. 

Note: It’s 100% free to apply EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation to backup data, system, clone disk or transfer system to new disk within 30 days. After 30 days, you’ll need to purchase a serial key to activate it to continue own system clone, data backup or disk upgrade functions.

Step 1. Backup important data in advance

If you are worried about losing important data for system transferring, you can just follow below tutorial guide lines to backup important data into external hard drive or storage device now:

1. Connect external hard drive with PC. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation and click New Task > Select Disk/Volume, File or other important data to backup;
2. Choose destination and click Proceed to let this software backup selected data for you then.

Step 2. Transfer Windows to new SSD without Reinstallation

Now you can apply EaseUS Todo Backup to directly transfer whole Windows system together with system and boot partition data into new SSD without reinstallation.

1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation and click Clone;
2. Click System clone and the program will automatically clone system and boot partitions for you to new disk > Select destination disk (new SSD);

Clone Windows to HDD/SSD.

You may also tab Settings to tick Sector by sector clone and Optimize for SSD to clone all system files and data to new HDD or SSD disk;

Clone system to new HDD/SSD without reinstallation.

3. Click Proceed to execute all changes.
Whole system with files will be cloned to new SSD without reinstallation.

OS clone to HDD/SSD without reinstallation.

Tip: After all system clone process, do remember to reboot PC and press F2 to enter BIOS settings and you may need to change boot order from previous hard drive disk to new SSD. 

If you need to clone all disk data to new SSD, you can click Clone to select rest partitions with data to new disk.

Now you can reboot computer from new SSD without reisntalling any programs or system. You’ll get improved computer performance with a faster running speed in Windows system on new SSD now.

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