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How to transfer OS to new hard drive without reinstalling Windows?

Posted on Jun 17, 2016 by Daisy to Todo Backup Resource

This article shows how to transfer OS to new hard drive with reliable backup and clone software - EaseUS Todo Backup, reducing the installing time and saving your troubles.

System partition out of disk space is a common problem for all computer users. It may cause the computer to run extremely slowly. The most frequent way is to extend system partition with a free partition manager software. But what if your system disk is used up?

"I want to copy my Windows 8 hard drive to a new hard drive and have my PC boot from the new hard drive. Which is the best, not necessarily, downloadable program to use for simplicity? Thanks in advance for any advice."

All computer users will have to increase the overall capacity of their computers sooner or later. After buying a new hard drive with desirable storage space you ever hoped for, how to transfer entire OS hard drive to new hard drive? I don't think you are willing to spend a lot of time reinstalling os and all applications again on the new hard disk. To transfer os to a new larger hard drive without reinstalling operating system and applications can be an ideal choice.

Unlike hard disk containing common data, hard disk with applications installed on can't move or transfer data by simply Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. Most of the time, you have to reinstall it once again otherwise it will not work.

If you plan to transfer OS to new hard drive and enable it to run effectively. You'd better download a disk clone software which has intuitive interface and simple steps. EaseUS Todo Backup is a disk clone and backup & recovery software, which enables you transfer OS to new hard drive with a few clicks.

How to transfer OS to new hard drive with EaseUS Todo Backup?

1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click Clone.

2. Select source disk you want to clone.

Select source disk

3. Select the destination disk: new hard drive. (Sector by sector clone option in Advanced options enables you to clone all sectors from source disk to destination disk.).

Select destination disk

4. Preview the disk layout after cloning.

5. Click Proceed to execute cloning.

6. After cloning, shut down the computer and remove source HDD.