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Time Machine Alternative Windows Backup Solution Free Download

Updated on Mar 28, 2018 by Jean to Todo Backup Resource

Are you looking for Mac Time Machine alternative Windows automatic backup solutions for your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 system and crucial data? EaseUS Todo Backup is the best Windows equivalence of Time Machine for automatic system backup, file backup, Outlook mail backup, Exchange backup and so on.

Is There A Windows Equivalence of Mac Time Machine Backup Solution for Free?

Like many of you, I serve as my parents' unofficial IT support. I am a Mac user while they're on Windows 7. I've just been asked to backup Windows disk/file to external hard drive, but later I found this newfangled stuff is too much for them. So is there a Mac Time Machine alternative Windows backup solution which catering to ease the worry of laypeople and offers an automatic Windows system and file backup solution as handy as possible?

The Best Time Machine Alternative for Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Mac Time Machine serves as a backup and recovery program for Mac OS system and user data , which is imperative for Mac users asking for an enhanced data security. Similarly, Windows PCs also have a built-in backup and restore tool, with which a very convenient backup behaviour can be performed by going to Windows control panel, choosing Backup and Restore, and then setting up backup.

Windows built-in backup solution can be a Time Machine backup alternative, but far from a complete and robust one. The backup features are largely restrained that the backup image can not be ideally compressed which will surely occupy a lot of hard drive space, causing a declining OS performance.

This is how third party backup and recovery software exceeds the built-in utility. EaseUS Todo Backup, as we are going to further explain, incessantly offers optimum Windows backup solutions with rich features. Being a free Time Machine alternative Windows backup solution, the software supports backup photos to local/cloud/network, and for recovery, you can extract a single file from Windows backup image free.

How Does EaseUS Alternative Work on Windows Backup?

EaseUS free backup software enables disk/partition backup, file backup, system backup and smart backup which can be done with one click.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free main window.

  • Backup file location

You may save the backup file to most of the storage device, network, cloud and the local disks. You're highly suggested save the backup image to at least two different locations.

save backup image to cloud.

  • Compress backup image

Choose Backup options and you can set backup compression, password, splitting etc.

set bakcup options.

  • Scheduling an automatic backup

The backup utility supports an automatic backup with time intervals, and there are options to do an one-time, daily, weekly, monthly and upon event backup.

schedule a timely backup.