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Start Scheduled Backup by Detecting Connection of USB Device

Aug 06, 2015 / Posted by Jean to Todo Backup Resource

EaseUS backup software offers a scheduled backup plan once it detects a connection of any removable devices. Now start an automatic file backup to USB drive and enhance data security.

Do you know what's most likely to wipe out your data?

As you puzzle over the best way to protect personal files on your PC, you have to first figure out what's most likely to wipe out data. Accidental deletion, hard drive crash and virus infection may cause severe loss but still have a chance to recover since you have a regular backup on the computer, what if the machine disappears due to loss, theft and some other calamities?

The most secure way is to backup files to USB devices

The best solution for the aforesaid disaster is to backup files to some portable devices or external hard drives. Usually, we recommend people have no less than two backup images saved in two different devices, achieving double protection. Do you know how to start a scheduled backup as soon as a USB drive is connected with a computer?

How to schedule backup by detecting a connection with USB device?

EaseUS Windows backup and recovery software offers an automatic backup once it detects a USB device and then trigger a pre-set backup plan. How does it work? Please follow the next steps.

Step 1. Install EaseUS Todo Backup on your Windows PC. Launch it, and you may choose the backup option that works best for the different backup purpose.

backup whatever you want with EaseUS Todo Backup

Step 2. Decide a backup image location. Be aware of the "Schedule" part, and go to start scheduled backup plan by setting "Upon event".

schedule automatic backup to USB drive by setting upon event

Choose start at "USB device plugged in..." and click "Save". Note the warning message, the automatic backup will only happen to the exact device on which you created the task.

start at USB device plug in and save

step3. After saving all changes, re-plug your USB drive. Then when your computer recognizes the USB drive, the automatic backup process starts.

start scheduled backup by detecting connection of USB device

Note: every new automatic backup plan requires the backup image saved at the last time, or else the backup software won't work as planned even it detects the same USB device.