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Will You Choose Lenovo OneKey Recovery or Backup And Recovery Software

Posted on Sep 15, 2015 by Jean to Todo Backup Resource

Will you choose the bundled Lenovo OneKey Recovery program or a third-party backup and recovery software to backup Lenovo computer system and data? By comparison, the backup and data recovery is a better choice for not only Lenovo users but also all Windows users with various brands of computers.

Overview on Lenovo OneKey Recovery program

Perhaps not all Lenovo users have noticed the bundled and pre-installed Lenovo OneKey Recovery program on their PCs. It is a Windows system backup and recovery program which is exclusive for Lenovo computers with most of its series, and it is usually licensed for use on the Lenovo PC on which it was pre-installed. Besides the fact that only Lenovo computers can have this program installed, such software is considered as bloatware as it is simply limited function trials or required for proper PC operation and the main program executable is OneKey Recovery.exe. The software installer includes 33 files and is usually about 510.09 KB (522,332 bytes). 

We know that it's of vital importance for people to backup system and data in the digital world, and there are many backup solutions provided by proficient IT companies. So how is Lenovo OneKey Recovery program comparing with well known third-party backup and recovery software, for example, EaseUS Todo Backup? Will Lenovo users prefer Lenovo OneKey Recovery or backup and recovery software that is mostly used by people all over the world?

Lenovo OneKey Recovery Alternative - EaseUS Todo Backup

For Lenovo computer users, both the bundled Lenovo OneKey Recovery program and EaseUS Todo Backup are good options to backup Windows system. As the aforementioned aspects in the earlier paragraphs, the former program is only designed for Lenovo computers and the setup file actually takes up large disk space that surely consumes system resources. Thus, for the other computers brands, including Lenovo, and for the purpose of having more backup options and features, we recommend use a better and free Lenovo OneKey Recovery alternative - EaseUS free backup software.

Look at the graphical main window of EaseUS Todo Backup Free and you may find that the software offers full-featured backup options containing disk/partition backup, system backup (All Windows operating system is supported including the latest Windows 10 backup and restore) and specific personal file backup.

EaseUS Todo Backup as an alternative for Lenovo onekey recovery