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How to Backup C Drive Programs And Files Before Formatting

Posted on Jul 23, 2015 by Jean to Todo Backup Resource

How to backup c drive programs and files before formatting? Use free backup software. Click"system/partition backup" - choose a backup image location - schedule backup time.

How to make a full backup of c drive data before formatting?

My computer started malfunctioning, so I have to format c drive (where the system data is kept), which is the only way to get it back to normal. However, besides system data, I saved internet downloads, documents, applications and many other files on c drive too. So backup c drive programs and files before formatting without any data loss?

Most people I know tend to transfer c drive data to other partitions, or perhaps copy all the data to an external hard drive. These behaviours of protecting data from formatting might help, but can't be said as a wise choice. Why is that?

c drive is what we called the "system drive". computer's booting problem is usually resulting from system data error or system drive error. If users just simply move the system data to other places, it is very likely that the machine can not boot properly, or some programs can not run as usual. What should be the best backup alternative then?

Free backup alternative with 100% guarantee to data security & intact stability

EaseUS free backup software, as demand, becomes the best free backup alternative. This backup program has been serving clients for over a decade, enjoying great reputation in ease of use, secure backup of hard disks, files, emails and more. Now let's take a look at how to take a full backup of c drive data.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup Free on your Windows computer, then you can see the main window as the screenshot presents.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free main window

Step 2. Since you're taking backup of c drive, you can choose the first option of "Disk/Partition Backup" or just directly go to "System Backup". We suggest the latter option since the procedure goes faster.

backup c drive or the system drive

Step 3. Choose a backup image location. Click "Proceed", the backup now starts. It may take some time according to the occupied space of c drive.