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How to Backup Very Large Files (Photos, Videos, Movie, Email)

Updated on Apr 16, 2019 by Jean to Todo Backup Resource

This post is helpful when you have no idea about how to backup very large files in an easy and quick way. Just read in details to learn the most recommended large file backup solutions.

The large files we're trying to describe in this post are mainly with file extensions in the following.

  • Audio/Videos: .AVI, .MP3, .WMA, .WMV, .MOV...
  • Program files: .EXE
  • Documents: .PDF, .BMP...
  • Compressed files: .ZIP...

Overview of Large Files Backup

Without applying any backup and recovery software, sometimes the copy-and-paste way is considered as the most frequently used way to back up a small size of data. For example, back up an Android SD card with 2 GB or 4 GB size. That's a good backup way, seriously. But when it comes to large files backup, especially those computer files or server files that take up so much disk space, you must find some assistive tools to significantly reduce the cost of time and energy, meanwhile, to hugely increase the rate of successful backup of those bulky files.

Speaking of the best way of very large files backup, it's time to introduce you EaseUS Todo Backup, one of the reputable Windows backup software for individuals, small businesses and large companies which are working with big files produced by specified applications, such as PhotoShop, Camtasia, etc. 

How to Backup Large Files Effortlessly?

EaseUS Todo Backup does not limit the size or types of files you can back up, so you don't need to worry about it being unable to fulfil your demands. Apparently, when you run this backup software, you will find it extremely easy to get started. Nevertheless, there are some hidden tricks for you to put to practical use.

1. Create a compressed backup file of large files.
2. Set up a schedule file backup on a regular basis.

Use EaseUS Todo Backup to back up large files in Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7:

Step 1: Open EaseUS Todo Backup and select "File Backup".

You may have a large amount of vital data to be protected as time goes on, such as documents, pictures, music, and videos, etc. It is always a good habit to have a backup on regular basis. File Backup is one of the best choices for you to get over unexpected data loss.

Step 2: Select the files that you want to back up.

If you just want to back up one or some specific file types from one folder, the option at top right corner can help you exclude the others files.

Step 3: Select a destination to save your backup file. 

You'd better create the backup file in some other storage media or in some other drive. If not, there may be a risk of the backup file getting corrupted or destroyed.

Step 4: Click "Proceed" to execute your operation.

click file backup to back up files