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Best Choice: How to Backup Files to NAS Automatically

Updated on Apr 11, 2019 by Brithny to Todo Backup Resource

In this post, you will learn the tried-and-true way with EaseUS Todo Backup software to backup files to NAS automatically. Read on to know more details to automatically backup files to NAS now.

Overview of NAS and Backup Data to NAS 

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to use network-attached storage (NAS) device to save their pictures, videos and other kinds of files. NAS is just like a bank vault in which you can stash digital treasure — complete with guys in Kevlar vests who carry your valuables in and out. Why do people choose NAS to save their data? Let's look at its advantages and the reason will be clear:

1. Additional storage space: you can keep increasing the size of your NAS by attaching additional hard drives instead of upgrading the whole system

2.The data stored on NAS can be shared by accessing the NAS device

Backing up data to NAS is nearly a common job for computer users. However, what if you forget to backup the changed data to NAS? To avoid this problem, you'd better set up an automatic file backup to NAS, thus, even you forget to backup after changing the data, it will automatically backup files to NAS for you.

How to Backup Files to NAS Automatically

Auto file backup to NAS is an important thing for users. But what should you do? To backup NAS automatically, using a third-party application is necessary, and EaseUS Todo Backup should be the best one for NAS automatic file backup.

It is a free and reliable backup & recovery software enables users to backup files, and restore it to the original state when a disaster happens. Follow the steps to automatically backup files to NAS right now.

Step 1. Run EaseUS Todo Backup on your PC and click the icon at the left top corner.
Then choose File Backup, Disk/Partition Backup or System Backup as your backup mode.

Select backup mode for NAS backup.

Step 2. Select the files, disk partition data or even the Windows system that you want to backup.
And then choose click Browse to choose NAS Device as your backup destination.

Backup data to NAS.

Step 3. Click Add NAS Device and enter your NAS IP, Display name, and your credentials. 
Click OK to connect EaseUS Todo Backup to NAS.

Connect NAS account and save data backups to NAS.

Step 4. Finally, click Proceed to start backing up your selected files, disk partition data and even Windows system to your NAS device now.