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Free Download Clonezilla Alternative for Incremental/Differential Backup

Posted on Nov 16, 2015 by Jean to Todo Backup Resource

EaseUS Todo Backup, as the best free Clonezilla alternative for partition and disk imaging/cloning, allows incremental backup as well as differential backup while Clonezilla does not support.

Why do you need free Clonezilla alternative?

Clonezilla disk imaging/cloning software encompasses rich features. Among the multiple products of Clonezilla, Clonezilla Live is developed for single machine backup and restore, which is very popular among home users. However, people demanding more backup features like incremental backup or differential backup cannot rely on it. Here in this page, we're going to introduce you the best free Clonezilla alternative, which provides a simple backup strategy for home computers.

EaseUS Todo Backup, the recommended Clonezilla alternative, can well solve the problem that people can't do file/partition/disk incremental or differential backups with Clonezilla Live edition. Having been serving the market for over a decade, EaseUS backup and recovery software enjoys great reputations among its customers, who recognize it as a data safeguard and migration assistant at home, even in the office.

Instruction for incremental & differential backup with EaseUS Todo Backup

Since neither incremental backup nor differential backup is implemented in Clonezilla, people are suggested to free download Clonezilla alternative - EaseUS Todo Backup Free. As we all know that doing incremental or differential backups are a good way to save disk space because the backup options only backup the latest changes that you made on the last backup and the last full backup respectively. Therefore, the backup speed is also faster.

free Clonezilla alternative - EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS free backup software allows people to have disk/partition backup, system backup (Windows 10 is supported), file backup and so on. After doing the first full backup, the backup image file will be displayed on the main window of EaseUS Todo Backup you're using. people can choose from the "Backup" option to do the exact backup as they want. Only one click can finish the job.

incremental backup and differential backup with EaseUS Todo Backup Free