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Free Clone Windows 10 to A Smaller SSD without Boot Problem

Nov 20, 2017 / Posted by Tracy King to Todo Backup Resource

Need a free and simple way to clone and migrate Windows 10 OS such as Windows 10 Creators/Fall Creators to a smaller SSD so to upgrade system disk and speed up your PC? This page will show as secure way to clone Windows 10 to smaller SSD without booting problems within 3 simple steps by using system clone software - EaseUS Todo Backup.

According to most Windows users and Google result, the major problem for upgrading system disk - clone OS to SSD/HDD is that cloned hard drive or SSD won’t boot. If you are having a similar problem or worrying about Windows won’t boot after cloning to HDD/SSD, don’t worry. You’ll find ideal solutions here to get your problem solved now.

How to clone Windows 10 like Windows 10 Fall Creators to a smaller SSD without boot issue?

Are you trying to install a new SSD drive to your computer and clone Windows 10 from bigger HDD to smaller SSD? Windows 10 fails to boot from cloned SSD? 

According to Google searching result, quite a lot of Windows users have encountered this issue that they used some software to clone and migrate Windows OS to SSD or HDD, but Windows system won’t boot from the cloned disk. Here this page will take clone Windows 10 to smaller SSD as an example to show you how to clone Windows OS to HDD/SSD without boot problem.

You can just follow here below 3 steps to improve computer performance and upgrade system disk by cloning Windows 10 (or Windows 10 Creators/Fall Creators) to SSD and make cloned SSD bootable now:

Step 1. Free download Windows 10 OS clone software for help

Professional system clone software - EaseUS Todo Backup supports you to clone both Windows system and boot partition and files together to new SSD so to avoid cloned ssd won’t boot or system fails to boot issue.

If you prefer a simple and effective way to clone Windows 10 to smaller SSD without boot problem, just free download EaseUS system clone software here and continue with Step 2 to clone Windows 10 to SSD now:

Step 2. Clone Windows 10 (Creators/Fall Creators etc) to smaller SSD

1. Connect new HDD/SSD to PC firstly and reboot PC;
2. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click System Clone;

Clone Windows 10 to SSD.

3. EaseUS system clone will automatically select your present system and boot partition files.
All you need is to select target disk - destination drive (new HDD/SSD) to clone system to;
Do remember to click Advanced options and select Sector by sector clone to clone all system files to target disk;
If your new disk is SSD, Optimize for SSD shall also be checked.

Clone Windows 10 to SSD without boot problems.

4. After this, click Next > Click Proceed to complete the process.

After this, don’t hurry to reboot your PC. You shall follow Step 3 to make cloned SSD bootable before you restart computer from newly cloned SSD drive.

Step 3. Make cloned SSD (with Windows 10 OS) bootable

1. Insert and add new SSD with Windows 10 OS to PC/laptop;
2. Reboot computer and press F2 while booting PC till BIOS window shows up;
3. Change boot order and set computer to boot from new SSD;
4. Click OK or Save to keep the settings and then reboot the computer from SSD.
After this, all you need is to wait, Windows 10 will be able to boot up from cloned SSD and you can then continue your jobs and life with Windows 10 without any problems.