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How to Fix PS4 Safe Mode Loop Without Losing Data

Updated on Apr 03, 2019 by Jean to Todo Backup Resource

Cannot get PS4 out of Safe Mode because of PS4 Safe Mode death loop? Follow the tips and learn how to fix PS4 Safe Mode loop without losing data by yourself.

Can't get PS4 out of Safe Mode, it's looping there.

"Hi, PS4 stuck on a Safe Mode loop, with several options available to proceed, such as restart, update system software, rebuild database or initialize PS4... Unfortunately, I have no idea which one I should choose to go. Would you kindly explain those functions? I need to fix PS4 Safe Mode loop without losing data."

About PS4 Safe Mode

According to the official explanation, Safe Mode built in the console is widely used when players are having trouble starting the PS4 system. With the 7 most basic functions, including restart the PS4, change resolution, update system software, restore default settings, rebuild the database, initialize PS4 and initialize PS4 (reinstall system software), booting in Safe Mode can help correct issues and make PS4 start normally. For example, you can fix corrupted data error on PS4 by rebuilding the database.

PS4 safe mode loop

About PS4 Safe Mode Loop

Here's the story. When PS4 suddenly powered off and can never be powered up again in normal mode, then you come up with the idea - why not boot into Safe Mode? So, you just start off by following the formal procedures.

  • Completely turned off the PS4 console.
  • Press and hold down the power button for approximately 8 seconds until you hear 2 beeps.
  • Now you're welcomed by the PS4 Safe Mode screen.

However, in the coming hours or so, no matter how long you expect to access PS4 system storage from the Safe Mode, it just stuck on the screen with an endless loop.

How to Fix PS4 Safe Mode Loop Without Losing Data

Troubleshooting options to fix PS4 Safe Mode loop error

Update System Software - You can download and install any new updates that are available, by which you may get rid of the Safe Mode loop if the problem resulted from outdated system software.

Restore Default Settings - It restores the PS4 to the default factory settings. After factory reset, you need to set again the time zone and a few other console settings.

Initialize PS4 - All data and settings will be lost by performing this step. It deletes all user data and restores the PS4 as if it just came out of the box. So, make sure that you backed up the PS4 data before taking the step.

Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software) - It works the same with "Initialize PS4" by which all user data will be permanently erased, afterward a reinstallation version of PS4 system software will be installed.

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How to Fix PS4 Safe Mode Loop with Error Code E-8200002E

In addition, according to some experienced users who had been suffering from Safe Mode loop, they surprisingly found out that insufficient funds in an associated card in the PS4 account would cause a Safe Mode loop within a loop! Let's see how they've finally worked the problem out.

"Here's a new one for you guys. I was stuck in the Safe Mode loop on PS4 and tried all suggestions but I couldn't update settings, initialize, etc. because when I chose any option I would then get error code E-8200002E. The error code forced me to turn off PS4. It was a loop within a loop! Looked up the error code. Insufficient funds. Didn't have money on my card so l deleted my card from my account through the website and restarted PS4, assuming it would go into Safe Mode for the 15th or so time in a row. Nope. Booted up normally. So, having a card on file with insufficient funds caused the Safe Mode loop. PlayStation, this is completely unacceptable."