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Fastest Free Disk Imaging Software

Updated on Apr 22, 2019 by Jean to Todo Backup Resource

To make the hard drive (HDD/SSD/USB pen drive/SD card) backup and restore super easy and speedy, you need this piece of fastest disk imaging software absolutely, which imaging your hard disk at a high speed, at the same time, with a small image size.

The term of disk imaging is universally known as one of the most effective backup methods to keep a backup of your whole Windows hard drives and partitions. In case that disasters strike on someday, for example, a failed system update, accidental file deletion, disk formatting and virus attack, you won't feel a sense of horror because you can easily restore the hard drive data, programs and even operating system from the backup!

What's the Fastest Disk Imaging Software

That's what we would benefit from imaging a hard disk. But the fact is that your Windows hard disk partitions hold tens or even hundreds of Gigabytes of contents in size, it's significant to find a super fast backup and recovery program that does well in imaging massive data on a hard drive without taking too long to reach the goal.

EaseUS Todo Backup comes in handy under this circumstance!

This drive imaging software mirrors the whole structure and contents of a hard disk or partition, then compresses the contents into the smallest .pbd file which you can save to any location that is available to you, like an external storage device, network drive, NAS device or even some prevalent Cloud storage! Accordingly, you don't need to spend excessive time at all to create a hard disk backup image as long as you choose this most efficient backup software, which is competitive with others in both compressing the image to a smaller size and not consuming too much time.

How to Choose the Best Hard Disk Backup Plan

By visiting the official product page, you should know EaseUS Todo Backup better with further details.

1. For business and service providers, the advanced yet commercial editions like Workstation/Server/Technician are the best solutions to imaging hard drives on multiple computers in the way of centralized backup management.

2. Whereas for home users with their own one or two computer hard drives concerned, the free edition is totally enough! That's quite true. you just download the disk imaging software for free without time limit. Why not use your valid email address to get one?

How to Back up a Hard Disk via Disk Imaging at a Lightning Speed

Step 1. To back up an entire hard disk or simply its several partitions, the best backup plan is "Disk/Partition Backup". Choose this backup mode and let's begin.

choose disk/partition backup mode

Step 2. On the popup window, choose the hard drive or partition(s) you're going to back up. A check symbol appears after you clicked the mouse.

choose the hard disk/partition you want to back up

Step 3. Click the "Browse..." button in the "Destination" area to choose a backup location. Here, you can choose any location that is available to you, such as the local hard disk, folders, Network drive, NAS device or Cloud storage, including GoogleDrive, DropBox and OneDrive. You can explore all the connected drive by clicking the icon in front of each directory.

choose a backup location

Step 4. Now edit your disk backup image by adding a "Plan name" and "Description" to it.

Do not forget the advanced backup plans in " Backup options", where you can compress the backup image, encrypt the backup for privacy protection and even enable a sector by sector backup.

choose disk/partition advanced backup options

At the same time, you can turn on the "Schedule" in order to create a hard disk/partition backup on a regular basis like daily, weekly, monthly or upon an event according to the schedule set on your own. 

set a disk/partition backup schedule

And the "Image-reserve strategy" lets you manage the increasingly growing backup images economically, you can preserve the backups in a setup time or quantity.

set a disk/partition backup image-reserve strategy

Step 5. Not all the customizable hard disk/partition backup solutions are necessary but try to make full use of the necessary ones. Finally, click "Proceed" to start at once.

For safety, disconnect the physical storage device you used as a backup drive after the backup process is over.