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Create Windows 10 Recovery/Repair Disk from Another Computer

Updated on Aug 11, 2019 by Abby Haines to Todo Backup Resource

This page tells you how to create Windows 10 recovery disk for another computer. Try it to create Windows 10 repair disk from another computer to correct the possible errors or corruptions in Windows system and make it work normally.

Since the launch of Windows 10, various problems have occurred in the system and prevent the PC from working. To fix the issue, you usually have to repair the system to correct possible errors or corruptions. But sometimes, the problem is so terrible that your computer just cannot boot properly and all the built-in recovery options are not available. In this case, a Windows 10 repair disk is required to help you manage this system recovery job.  

Can I Use a Recovery Disk on a Different Computer in Windows 10

When it comes here, many users want to ask 'Can I use a recovery disk on a different computer in Windows 10?' The answer is definitely yes. Third-Party backup software can make the solution feasible. But, if you directly use the Windows built-in feature to create Windows 10 repair disk from another computer, the disk might fail to work while being used on another computer for compatibility issues. Next, we will show you how to create a Windows 10 recovery disk for another computer with EaseUS backup software. It is also helpful when system repair disc could not be created.

Steps to Create Windows 10 Repair or Recovery Disk from Another Computer

Follow the step by step guides below to create Windows 10 backup image in an effective way. 

Step 1. To backup only Windows 10 on your computer, please directly choose the option "System Backup".

choose system backup

Step 2. Now the new window pops up, where you can customize your own Windows 10 backup by choosing a backup location(HDD, USB hard disk, network drives, Cloud drives...), adding a plan name and text description to it. 

choose a backup location to backup windows 10

Since it's about backing up OS, it's significant to turn on the "Schedule", where you can enable an automatic Windows 10 backup at a set time like daily, monthly...or upon an event, telling the Windows 10 backup to start when system startup, system shutdown, user logon or user log off.

schedule windows 10 backup

Step 3. Once all the basic settings were made, click "Proceed". Wait for a while you will create a full Windows 10 backup to protect your system from unexpected disasters.

The operation will make the software start to create a Windows recovery disk. So you can repair the corrupted or failed system on another computer by restoring it to the working state. For a detailed guide, please refer to how to restore system image to different/dissimilar hardware.