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Copy Files Without Windows

Updated on Apr 09, 2019 by Brithny to Todo Backup Resource

Windows operating system can not boot but still want copy your files to other devices? You are in the right place! EaseUS Todo Backup can help copy files without windows.

Can not Use the Operating System?

"I have an old Dell computer with a lot of important files in it. But it was broken a few days ago. I can not use the operating system and every time I open the PC, it shows a white screen to me! How can I copy files without the window? Can I get the important files back or move them to my new computer?"

Relax! You definitely can copy your files without booting Windows. Here we provide the most effective way for you to solve this problem. In this page, you can just simply follow the two steps to get your files back! Just read the details for more help.

Step 1. Create Emergency Disk 

In order to get your essential images, videos, word files, etc back, you need to create Emergency Disk with the help of Windows Backup software first, download the professional tool EaseUS Todo Backup and then follow the details!

Before you download our software and create the emergency disk, you need to know your situation clearly. Here we call your broken PC Computer A and the other one Computer B is used to helping finish this work. Here are the details:

preparation before create emergency disk

Now that you know the situations, you can follow the specific steps.

1. Prepare a USB drive which can be written and read.

connet the USB to computer to create emergency disk

2. Launch and install EaseUS Todo Backup on the Computer B 

3. Open the tool and click "Tools -> Create Emergency Disk".

create WinPE emergency disk

4. Select "Create WinPE emergency disk".

5. Select a bootable media type: here we choose USB drive.

6. Click "Proceed" to create a bootable disk.


  • The USB drive must have enough space to create WinPE emergency disk
  • the files on the Computer A should not be virus infected or broken files

As soon as the emergency disk is finished, you can proceed to the next step. If you want to read more about the steps, you can refer to how to create Emergency Disk.

Step 2. Connect Your USB to Your Old PC to Copy Files Without Windows

Read carefully and follow the directions!

1.Connect the USB that you have used to "Create WinPE emergency disk" to the old or broken PC(Computer A) that cannot open the operating system.

connect your USB to Computer A

2.Turn on your Computer  A and press F2 until the BIOS interface shows up

3.Click"Boot" and choose your USB in Boot option

click boot and choose your USB

4.Click"Exit" and save the changes

5. Then you will see the Todo Backup interface

choose EaseUS Todo Backup Windows PE

6. When you enter EaseUS Todo Backup, Click File Backup

choose file backup

7.Select the files or folders 

8. Choose the files and save them to the USB or other external devices, then click "Proceed"

9. Finally, you moved the files to your USB or other external devices!


  • If you have a lot of files, you can click "Clone" the disk.
  • The USB must have enough space to hold the files.
  • Files copied on the USB are read only you must copy it to your Computer B before you can edit them.