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Fix Clonezilla Fails to Backup Hard Drive with Bad Sector Error

Updated on Apr 12, 2019 by Tracy King to Todo Backup Resource

Are you having a similar issue that Clonezilla won’t backup your hard drive which has bad sectors? Don’t know how to fix this issue? Relax! The best free Clonezilla alternative backup software and reliable method offered here will help you fix bad sectors and effectively backup target hard drive with simple clicks.

Help! Clonezilla won't backup hard drive due to bad sector!

"It's no longer the first time that Clonezilla fails to backup or clone a hard drive which has bad sectors. And I'm now having a similar issue again on my PC. 
I tried to back up some useful files from my hard drive D: to an external hard drive with Clonezilla free version. Guess what? It won't work again. And this time, the program warned me that Clonezilla cannot backup target hard drive to a new location due to bad sectors. What can I do? The whole D: drive contains quite a lot of important and useful files and I don't want to copy them one by one to a new external hard drive. It's a waste of time! And if you have any recommendations to fix Clonezilla won't back up error, please help!

If your hard drive or external hard drive contains bad sectors, it won't be able for Windows system or other programs to read and find data on the drive. And don't worry if you cannot clone or backup hard drive with Clonezilla due to bad sectors. Just follow below two methods to get your problem fixed right now.

Step 1. Repair and Fix Bad Sectors on the Hard Drive by CHKDSK Command

Here we'd like to recommend you try CHKDSK command to repair and fix bad sectors on your hard drive. You may follow below guidelines to repair bad sectors on the hard drive and retry backup hard drive with Clonezilla now:

  1. 1. Press Win + R to open Run dialog and type: cmd to bring up Command Prompt by hitting Enter;
  2. 2. Type: diskpart and hit Enter;
  3. 3. Type: chkdsk and hit Enter;
  4. 4. Type: chkdsk E: /f and hit Enter; (Replace E with your hard drive letter.)
  5. 5. Type: exit to finish the process.

After this, bad sectors will be repaired and fixed. You can retry Clonezilla to backup hard drive data again.
If Clonezilla is still not working, don't worry. Professional and free Clonezilla alternative backup software can help! 

Step 2. Back up Hard Drive with Clonezilla Alternative Freeware

In order to simplify the hard drive backup process, we'd like to recommend you try a perfect Clonezilla alternative freeware - EaseUS Todo Backup Free which fully supports you to backup whole hard drive data within 3 simple steps. 

Just free download it and follow to see how to back up hard drive in 3 steps now:

Note: Before you start backing up disk or partition, please make sure that your target disk, partition or external storage device is empty and big enough for saving the backup images.

Step 1. If you want to backup hard drive disk or partition to an external storage device, connect the device to your PC/laptop.

Step 2. Launch and EaseUS Todo Backup on your PC and click "Disk/Partition Backup" at the left pane. 
Click the icon at the left top corner, and Disk/Partition Backup will show up on the pane. 

Select Disk/Partition backup mode to start backing up your disk

Step 3. Choose the disk or partition that you want to backup as the source disk.
And select the external storage device or a big enough disk as the destination disk to save the backup image of the selected disk/partition.

Choose the source and destination disk to backup computer to USB flash drive

Step 4. Click "Proceed" to start the disk/partition backup process.
When the process finishes, you can unplug or disconnect the external storage device.
And all the data will appear on the destination disk or storage device with a compressed form by taking small space.

Besides backing up hard drive or single files, you can also free apply this free backup software to backup Windows 10/8/7, etc systems, clone drive or create images for target hard drive partition in your PC.