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Backup Windows.old File Folder And Revert Back to Old System At Any Time

Posted on Sep 01, 2015 by Jean to Todo Backup Resource

Can I just backup Windows.old file folder so that I can revert back to the old system at any time I want? Probably you can have a try.

How Can I Backup the Windows.old Folder?

This may sound funny to you guys, but I really want to know if I can backup Windows.old file folder to somewhere, to the USB drive, for instance, after upgrading to Windows 10. The idea is that if I want to rollback I can just restore the backed up folder and put it in C:/ so that I can roll back at any time I want. So will this work out?

In fact, this idea is very understandable, so why not have a try? Since more and more people have engaged in Windows 10 upgrade, we received a commonly asked question that they wonder whether they can just delete the Windows.old file folder to free C drive space. 

Technically, deleting Windows.old file folder will do no damage to your Windows 10 experience at all. But it's critical if you want to give up Windows 10 and go back to the previous Windows version. For people who have unfortunately deleted the file folder but need to rollback, here Windows.old file recovery from Windows 10 may help.

How to Revert Back to Old System At Any Time Instead of Within One Month?

Since Microsoft only allows for a one-month guarantee of going back, and after the period of time, the Windows.old file folder will be automatically deleted. In this case, users would have no way to go back but keep using Windows 10 unless they reinstall Windows system. Here are two ways that they may have a try to realize the goal of reverting back at any time instead of within one month by using EaseUS backup and recovery software.

  • 1. For people who have not upgraded to Windows 10 yet

This method applies to a large crowd of people who have not upgraded to Windows 10 yet. Just download EaseUS Todo Backup, and have a one-click system backup first before the upgrade. Seeing from system backup and system recovery.

system backup with EaseUS Todo Backup

  • 2. For people who have upgraded to Windows 10 without a system backup beforehand

Windows.old file folder is located in the system C drive, which contains all the data and files of the old system. If users have had no system backup before Windows 10 upgrade, they can also use EaseUS Todo Backup to backup Windows.old file folder. By this means, they can probably restore the backed up image and restore the old Windows system. Learn from how to use EaseUS backup software to backup file folder in Windows 10.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup, click File backup.

Step 2. Select files to backup via User defined. There you can choose a single file or folder, or many files or folders for backup objective. So just locate the Windows.old file folder, and start to backup.

choose user defined to backup windows.old file folder

Step 3. Enter Plan name and Description for your Windows.old file folder backup.

Step 4. Click folder icon behind Destination to select backup storage location.

Step 5. Click Proceed to perform file backup.