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Automatic SSD Backup: How to Backup SSD to HDD Automatically

Posted on Apr 23, 2018 by Brithny to Todo Backup Resource

Automatic backup SSD (Solid State Drive) is necessary, especially after migrating operating system (OS) to your SSD. Follow this article, and backup SSD to HDD automatically.

This page will be divided into three parts: Tools, Attention, and Detailed Steps to tell you how to automatically backup SSD to HDD with less time and effort.


EaseUS Backup Software, a computer with your SSD, an HDD.

EaseUS Windows backup software is your best choice for its advanced & flexible backup features. No need to manually copy and paste the SSD data, as long as you set up a scheduled backup plan, it will help you automatically backup your SSD or a specified folder with important data to an HDD or an external hard drive. And the operation can be performed periodically, for example, daily, weekly, monthly or just when you plug in an external device.


1. Make sure that your HDD has enough space to hold on the SSD data

2. If your computer cannot boot you can create a bootable disk and then auto backup SSD

Detailed Steps:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup, click Disk/Partition backup.

Step 2. Select SSD to backup. 

select the SSD that you want to auto backup

Step 3. Click folder icon behind Destination to select HDD partition as the backup image storage location. Enter Plan name and Description for your disk and partition backup. By default, the name and description are given based on the backup time and backup type.

Step 4. Turn on Schedule and set schedule to backup disks and partitions later, daily, weekly, monthly or upon the event.

set a schedule to backup ssd to hdd automatically

Step 5. Click Backup options and pop up the following window, set backup compression, password, splitting etc.

you can also set a password to protect you ssd backup

Step 6. Click Image-reserve strategy, and input days to preserve images or the number of last backup files you want to preserve. To control the number of image file when you do the continuous backup with the backup schedule, you can save much disk space to store the images out of date.

set the reserve strategy of your automatic ssd backup