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Tutorial: How to Backup PC Files to Dropbox?

Posted on Feb 17, 2017 by Tracy King to Todo Backup Resource

Need a free way to free up your PC and backup PC files to Dropbox etc Cloud account? This page will introduce 2 free methods and guide you to effectively backup PC data to Dropbox by simple clicks. Try either methods to get sync and backup files from PC to Dropbox for free now.

Question: Can I backup all my computers' files to my Dropbox account? 

"So here is my question: Can I backup all my computers files into Dropbox? I have a Dropbox account and I'm trying to use the Dropbox as a backup for all my computer files. But it's too slow to upload files one by one to Dropbox. Do you have any simpler and faster way to backup all computer files into Dropbox?"

Are you having a similar problem that you don't know how to create PC file backups to Cloud account? Here in this article, we'll show you an example about how to fully backup PC to Dropbox with all Desktop files, hard disk partition files and favorite files etc with ease. 

Method 1. Free backup PC files to Dropbox with backup software

Step 1. Download Windows backup software which supports to backup files to Cloud account

In order to backup PC files including Desktop files, hard disk partition files and other important files in PC to Cloud account such as Dropbox, your very first step is to download a powerful Windows backup recovery software which supports you to backup files into Cloud account.

EaseUS Todo Backup is a powerful Windows backup software that you can simply backup all PC files with its File Backup feature into Cloud storage. And it's 100% free to backup all wanted PC files into Cloud such as Dropbox within 30 days. You can free download it right here now and follow Step 2 to see how to backup PC files into Dropbox.

Step 2. Backup all PC files to Dropbox with EaseUS Todo Backup

After download EaseUS Todo Backup in your PC, you can now install it and follow below guide likes to simply backup all PC files including Library, My Documents, Favorites, Computer (hard drive partition files), Network(Network shared files) and Desktop files into Cloud with ease now.
 EaseUS Todo Backup will backup files into Dropbox with compressed images which will not take quite a big space for you and no unexpected problems or false operations would occur.

1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup, choose backup mode - "File Backup".

Backup PC files to Dropbox.

2. Choose files that you need to backup - Desktop files, Computer (hard drive partition files and data) or other data in PC;
Select backup destination and click Cloud Storage > Add Cloud storage service

Choose Dropbox as backup destination.

Choose Dropbox as your PC files backup destination.

Backup PC files to Dropbox with ease.

3. Sign in Dropbox, Allow EaseUS Todo Backup to access to your Cloud account and then click Proceed to backup all PC files into Dropbox.

Sign in Dropbox and backup all PC files into Dropbox.

After this, all you need is to wait till this software finished the file backup process from PC to Dropbox. If you prefer to manually backup and upload all PC files into Dropbox, you may follow the below offered alternative suggestion to do the job now.

Method 2. Manually upload/backup files on PC to Dropbox

If you are quite familiar with Dropbox file upload process, you can also choose to manually upload files one by one into Dropbox. 
Here are the steps of how to manually upload files on PC to Dropbox:

1. Sign in dropbox.com and click upload icon;
2. In the popup, select Choose File and then choose the files on your computer that you want to add to Dropbox;
3. You can choose as many files as you need and then click Start Upload.

Manually upload all PC files into Dropbox.

Note: 1. The only problem is that it would take quite a long time and energy to select files and upload them. 
2. You shall be very careful while selecting files to upload to Dropbox in case of data loss error due to false operation.