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Automatically Copy Files from One Folder to Another Easily

Updated on May 30, 2018 by Brithny to Todo Backup Resource

Are you wasting too much time when you copy files from one folder to another? Download the best backup software here to automatically copy files from one folder to another easily, applying to Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP and Vista.

Can I automatically Move Files from One Folder to Another?

"I have many important files stored on D drive on my Windows 10 PC. To protect these files from unexpected data loss disaster, I want to periodically copy them to another folder. Is there any tool that allows me to do it automatically?"

The Best Tool to Automatically Transfer Files from One Folder to Another

Actually, many users have one or more folders with important files stored on their PC but few of them keep a backup in other places. It's really not a smart decision as unexpected data loss caused by system issue, disk corruptions or some other reasons can occur at any time! But they just don't remember to back up their data until the disaster attacks. 

Fortunately, EaseUS Todo Backup, a professional and easy-to-use backup tool supporting different types of backup, clone, restoration and so on, has one utility called File Backup enables you to copy files from one folder to another as long as you set a schedule. To realize this function, this tool will create an image of your file to another folder daily, weekly or even at a specific time so long as you have set a schedule.  

You can preview the image, but if you want to edit it, you must copy it to another place or recover it by using the tool. The image is a little bit different, for it takes less space but the content keeping the same.

Advantages of EaseUS Todo Backup:

  • Backup and restore complete partitions or hard drives
  • Restore single files or folders
  • Space-saving backup due to archive compression and leaving out free space
  • Easy to handle
  • Greatest flexibility

How to Copy Files from One Folder to Another

Step 1. Launch EaseUS backup software and choose "File Backup" option to copy files from one folder to another.

Step 2. Select the files or folders you want to copy. Then click "Destination" to select the storage location that you want to save your "copy". You can also enter "Plan name" and "Description" for specifying your file.

select the destination that you want to transfer files automatically

Step 3. Click "Schedule" option to open the Backup Scheme window, here you can create a scheduled backup plan to copy files later, daily, weekly, monthly or upon the event. For example, you can set at 5 pm, then it will automatically copy these files every day at 5 pm.

select schedule to decide when to copy files automatically

Step 4. Click "Proceed" to copy files from one folder to another.