Snapshot technology is becoming prevalent to perform data protection. Use of snapshot technology for data protection offers critical business value, such as zero impact backup with minimal or no application downtime, frequent backups to reduce recovery time, efficient backup of large volumes of data, reduced exposure to data loss, and instant recovery from snapshot. The goal of this article is to provide an overview of snapshot technology and the snapshot-based data protection solutions offered by EaseUS. This article enables you to make informed decisions about exploiting snapshot capabilities in the most effective way in your environment.

What is snapshot?

Not like normal backup, a snapshot backup is a virtual copy of a device or file system. it imitates the way a file or device looked at the precise time the snapshot was taken. It does not copy the data, it's only a picture in time of how the data was organized. Snapshots can be taken according to a scheduled time and provide a consistent view of a file system or device for a backup and recovery program to work from.

Snapshot Backup VS Traditional Backup

  Snapshot Backup Traditional Backup
Processing of "locked" partition Yes Yes
Backup speed Fast Slow
Restore speed Fast Slow
Storage space Little Much
Restore procedure Rollback Rollback

Benefits of snapshot backup at a glance

  • No need of interrupting Windows OS and running applications.
  • Has very fast backup and restore capabilities.
  • Reduce storage and system administration costs.
  • Provides a cheaper and more trouble-free way to manage your data backup process.
  • Easily roll back to the previous work state, save your time

EaseUS Snapshot Technologies

EaseUS Snapshot Technologes is based on copy-on-write snapshot, there are three types: System Snapshot, Restore System before Startup and Application Snapshot.

System Snapshot

System snapshot offers fast restore from software-related data disasters, like mal-ware intrusions, unknown application installation or operating system failure. With EaseUS Snapshot Technologies, system snapshot can be created much quickly, typically measured in seconds, with little or no effect. Restore system from snapshot can be also accomplished quickly. It's more convenient to do a backup of your system than normal backup which will backup every file on your system.

System-Snapshot-Based Solution: EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation

Restore System before Startup

When the computers are used frequently by the different users, for example, in Internet cafes, it is hard to predict the system damage caused by the users. However, EaseUS Snapshot Technologies is good at protecting your system against the damage, it will restore your system to the previous state before every startup, save your system maintenance costs.

Application Snapshot

When the applications are damaged and then they cannot work normally, it is a time-consuming job to reinstall the applications and hard to roll back to the previous state. With EaseUS Snapshot Technologies, it becomes easy to roll back to the previous work state when the applications are damaged by upgrade failure, etc., especially the database. You just need to take a snapshot of the application you want to protect, save your time and minimize your losses.

You can now have the option to use EaseUS Snapshot Technologies to build your own backup and disaster recovery solutions.

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