RAID 5 Volume Repair Technologies

As one type of dynamic volumes, RAID-5 volume is featured by dedicating the equivalent of the space of one disk in the RAID-5 volume for storing the parity stripes and these parity stripes are distributed across all the disks in the group. A RAID 5 volume provides faster data access and fault tolerance. Establishing a RAID 5 volume requires 3 disk drives as a minimum requirement.

Using a RAID 5 volume, you may encounter into a situation that a disk containing part of a RAID 5 volume has been disconnected and this part can't be normally used to be read and written. Usually, you just need to reconnect and reactive the disk in order to make it work well. What if the reconnection and reactivation can't work out and that part refuses to return to the healthy status?

If one of the hard drives in the array becomes corrupted, drops out of a ready state or otherwise fails, how to make it work?


With EaseUS Partition Master Server, the failed drive can be replaced in the array with one of equal or larger capacity, and reconstruct the data for the failed part using the parity data contained on the other drives.

It-based solution: EaseUS Partition Master Server

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