Partition management Technologies

For better administration of the hard disk, computer users usually divide their hard disk into several partitions. One is for the Operating System, others are for data storage. Once partitioning the hard disk, you will face the problems of disk partitions management sooner or latter. Although you may give a careful consideration of the size of each partition while creating them, things change and you may find out that the scheduled size of your system partition is not sufficient to store software while the size allocated for another partition which is supposed to keep personal files is too big.

With EaseUS' technologies, you can easily re-structure your hard disk partitions for better system performance and effective data storage.

My C drive of Windows Server 2003 is low disk space, the other partitions have enough space. The Windows Server 2003 is running very slowly. How to improve its system performance and ensure the business continuity without downtime?

Solution: EaseUS Partition Master Server, it can extend C drive without rebooting to ensure your Server running efficiently and the business continuity.

EaseUS Partition Master provides powerful partition and hard disk management features to ensure your computers are running efficiently, such as dynamically merge, resize, copy and move partitions, etc.

You can now have the option to use EaseUS technologies (Source code, SDK or OEM) to build your own partition management solutions.

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