When you are moving to new hardware, consolidating, relocating or optimizing storage - you have to move data and system. But migrating data and system is often complex, risky & costly and can impact application availability & performance.

EaseUS system and data migration technologies can help reduce the costs and risks of these IT initiatives by accelerating data & system migrations, lowering labor expenses, and virtually eliminating application outages.

EaseUS System and Data Migration Technologies

Disk & Partition Clone

In computer age, data accumulates day by day. One day, you find that the space of hard drive is out of space. The capacity of hard drive is growing continuously. you may replace a small hard drive with a larger one.

EaseUS provides clone technologies which can clone partition/disk to another for data backup and disk upgrade via file- and sector-level.

Benefits at a glance

  • No need of interrupting Windows OS and running application
  • Easily upgrade a small hard drive to a larger one
  • Sector-level clone ensures a 100% identical copy to the original.
  • Automatically change the size of the partition to the best fit for the new device.

It-based Solution: Todo Backup, Partition Master, Disk Copy

Migrate system to dissimilar hardware

When replacing dated hardware with new hardware or migrating the system to the new machine, you may encounter hardware compatibility issues when booting the Windows OS. It is because some Windows components only work on the hardware it was initially installed on and may have missing drivers.

If you simply clone your Windows OS and applications from one hard drive to another, Windows is unlikely to boot at all or it operates unstably. However, EaseUS Universal Restore technologies can help you migrate system to dissimilar hardware and then boot well from the new hardware.

It-based Solution: Todo Backup

Migrate OS to SSD

Due to the advantages of SSD over traditional hard drive: better access time and read/write speed parameters, immunity to physical shock and smaller dimensions, you may want to migrate the system and applications to the SSD for the better system performance.

For example, your notebook has a 250 GB hard drive with two 120 GB partitions and you want to migrate system to 150GB SSD.

By using EaseUS technologies, you can copy the system partition to the SSD and perform some adjustments during the migration, such as sector alignment.

It-based Solution: Todo Backup

Migrate to UEFI/GPT

You try to migrate the 64 bit Windows system from the MBR/BIOS configuration to the GPT/UEFI configuration and then find that you can't change the partitioning scheme and enable UEFI without reinstalling OS from scratch. The problem is that you cannot convert the system drive to GPT without data loss by Windows Disk Management. Besides Windows doesn't provide the feature to adjust boot files for UEFI, so it is impossible to transfer the established data or system within a single computer directly from a BIOS mode to a UEFI mode.

EaseUS technologies provides a simple way to transfer a 64 bit Windows system initially installed on an MBR disk in the BIOS mode to a GPT disk in the UEFI mode, including support 2TB+ hard drive as the primary system HDD.

System Deployment

There are 40 new computers with the same configurations which need to be installed the same operating system (Windows 7) and applications in your company. You may install Windows 7 and applications on them one by one, however, it is a time-consuming job. But with EaseUS technologies, you can make a batch deployment of the operating system and applications on the 40 computers, save your time and minimize your work.

You can now have the option to use EaseUS technologies to build your data and system migration solutions.

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