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Export Project(s)

Export as a Project File

Save the file as a project file if you think it needs further editing. The next time you want to adjust it, you can directly open it in the software to edit it again. Note that the project file is not a real media file.

Export as a Video File

This software supports five available video formats to export the project file into MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, and MOV. After you have set the preferred format, you can rename the file, choose the output folder, and configure the parameters of the file, for example, quality, video codec, bitrate, framerate, etc. When all are well set, click "Export" in the lower right corner to save the file on your computer.

Export to Video Platform(s)

Under the "Video platform" tab, you are able to select a type of video platform according to your requirements.

Export as an Audio File

Under the "Audio" tab, there are MP3 and AAC format to export your file to. As well, you can edit the quality and its parameters.